In case you enjoy talking about local politics, international affairs, and analyze how the government was successful in some works, you should think about studying political sciences. A certain part of this education will revolve around history, which will help you with analyzing the historical events in a much more thorough way.

If you take a look at some statistics and surveys, you will see that this kind of education is quite popular among young people. You will certainly agree that this is great news because the younger generation is there to lead us into the future. Since this is a really popular field of study, many people are uncertain if they should enroll in it. It needs to be said that its popularity means that you can find the proper job position if you have the knowledge and quality.

Studying political science has its rewards in better understanding our governing body and political structure better. It’s part of living as a good and informed citizen. Even though it may look like this kind of education narrows down the option for future employment to a low number, it offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Certainly, the choice relies completely on your needs and preferences. Naturally, meeting certain requirements is a must.

If you are among the people researching graduate programs and are wondering what jobs are available with this degree, you’ll find these major serves as the foundation for several career paths and advanced study tracts. Since there are a plethora of different job positions you can think about after these studies, it can be hard to find the one that will suit your needs the best.

Therefore, we would like to present you with some of the most popular ones. Here are four career possibilities for people with a political science degree.

1. Attorney

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While many different majors offer a solid foundation, attorneys with a background in political science will likely steer more toward professions with a civic or social justice angle, such as working as a human rights attorney or public defender. We are not talking about the attorney in the traditional way, we are talking about a specific type of attorneys who have different fields of work.

Of course, you can steer towards being the traditional attorney, but possibilities are much wider with these. You might also work in the political arena, working for lobbying or special interest groups or a political figure, which is an interesting position and the one you should definitely consider. We are talking about people whose job is to research legislative and policy issues.

2. Campaign Manager

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If you take politics seriously and want to work to actively support candidates who represent your values, as well as your community’s interests, political science provides you with invaluable knowledge, tools, and roadmaps to navigate the political landscape as a campaign manager. A manager is a person that coordinates all the activities inside the campaign itself. We are talking about a position that brings a lot of responsibilities. So, you will need to be capable and efficient at the same time.

Tasks associated with this career path involve managing volunteers, polling, media requests, fundraising, and developing strategies to ensure your candidate is seen in the public eye. Professionals entering this field often start as assistants on a campaign under someone else’s management to learn the ropes. Additional positions you might hold early in your career include aide, administrator, or coordinator. Be sure to check out these as well.

3. Urban Planner

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We are pretty certain that many people weren’t aware of the fact that a person with this major could find a job as an urban planner. As an urban planner, you will use your political science or public administration degree to develop land use plans and programs to create and improve city communities, such as cities or countries that are underdeveloped, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Definitely, this is one of the most sought-after positions for a variety of reasons.

Urban planners coordinate and collaborate with non-profits organizations, government agencies, construction companies, civil engineers and involved public members in revitalizing these crucial areas to spur growth and prosperity for the community members. At the same time, we would like to say that this is one of the highest-paying jobs you can get with this kind of education, which is pretty unknown to the generation interested in it.

4. Social Justice Advocate

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People with political science degrees often have an interest in social justice issues. We are talking about an interesting position that provides you with a chance to help people claim some of their rights. Especially if they were cheated out of them for some reason. Let’s take a look at some ways to use your degree to work for social justice as an advocate:
● Community Organizer
● Grant Writer
● Youth Worker
● City Council Member
● Victim Advocate
● Lobbyist

When striking out on this career path, you can search for these jobs and others at the local, regional, national or international level, depending on where you feel you can best serve the respective community’s needs. So, there are many options for employment than with some other positions. Your skills and knowledge will prove invaluable in any circumstance where marginalized populations need someone to speak and work on their behalf. Click here to learn more.

The Many Career Possibilities in Political Science Offer Benefits to You and the Public

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As a political science major, your degree can lead you to work in numerous fields, including law, politics, urban planning or to help people as a social justice advocate on various levels. When it comes to social justice, there is a world out there that needs you and the knowledge you gain with your political science and public administration degree. We are talking about a field of education that offers you many possibilities. It will provide you with a foundation, which you will need to build on by adding some courses and exams. In this article of ours, you saw how exciting these positions can be and that they can provide you with a high salary.