4 Best Lesbian Movies on Netflix 2020

Find a decent lesbian movie is like looking for a proverbial needle in a haystack. You know there are some...

6 Best Dystopian Movies on Netflix 2020

One of the most popular genres on Netflix lately is dystopian movies. Our obsession with them is interesting, some would...

4 Best Vampire Movies on Netflix 2020

Ever since the vampire legend began, these supernatural beings have been a constant inspiration to humans first and foremost when...

5 Best Teen Romance Movies on Netflix 2020

Whether it is Valentine, a regular Thursday, or an opportunity of Netflix and chill, teen romance movies are a perfect...

5 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix 2020

There is no doubt that in the last 22 years of its existence, Netflix has crossed a very interesting path...

Bogus New OA Publisher Association Attempts to Compete with OASPA

Many have heard of OASPA (pronounced oh-ASS-puh), the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association. It’s an industry association that brings together some...

Guest Editing a Special Issue with MDPI: Evidences of Questionable Actions by the Publisher

Note: I received the message below from a scientist who served as a guest editor for a so-called special issue...

Most Popular Sports to Bet On in the UK

People around the world will tell you different opinions about Internet technology. Some people claim it brought only bad things to the worldwide population....

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