Another Article about Plagiarism — That Contains Plagiarism

February 16, 2016
International Journal of Health Sciences and Research 1

A torturous read.

Here is another example of an article in an open-access journal about plagiarism that itself contains plagiarism. The 2016 article, classified as a “short communication” in the predatory International Journal of Health Sciences and Research, has only two pages of text and is barely readable, except for the plagiarized parts.

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More Apparent Template-Plagiarism from BioMed Central

November 3, 2015
microRNA Dong

The original article, published in April, 2015.

microRNA Ali

This later article, published in September, 2015, apparently uses the earlier article as a template.

Another apparent case of “template-plagiarism” in a BioMed Central (BMC) journal has come to light following my blog post on a similar case recently. It appears that the later article was created using the earlier one as a template, as in the earlier case. Both papers appear in the same journal, Diagnostic Pathology.

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BioMed Central Accepts and Quickly Publishes an Obvious Junk Paper

October 20, 2015
BioMed Central

BioMed Central, anyone home?

Biomed Central has published an obviously bogus scholarly article that apparently uses the “template-plagiarism” technique, crafting a new article from an earlier one, changing the data and some of the text.

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New Open-Access Publisher Launches with Fake Scholarly Articles

June 2, 2015
Sanford Inter Science Press

Another one to avoid.

A new open-access scholarly publisher — Sanford Inter Science Press — launched recently with three journals. The journals use an old predatory publisher trick — they lift old articles from the internet and re-publish them using fake author names and affiliations.

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Iran-Based Paper Mill Seeks Collaborations with Scholarly Journals

January 22, 2015
Aria Farnoos Isatis

Also called “ART Group.”

Iran-based Aria Farnoos Isatis Co., Ltd publicly presents itself as an author services company, providing translation and copy editing services to scholarly authors, but a close analysis of the spam email it is sending to journal editors and publishers reveals a questionable motive. The spam email bears this title: “Collaboration proposal in journal publishing/ impact factor increasing.”

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The OMICS Publishing Group’s Empire is Expanding

December 18, 2014

Accelerating profits

OMICS Group, the Hyderabad, India-based group of scholarly publishing-related companies, is expanding and now operates at least twelve publishing imprints (brands), as well as a scholarly conferences division.

It is headed by a dubious character who seems intent on conquering all of scholarly publishing and who may be a megalomaniac. Here I present an update on OMICS Group’s highly questionable business practices and describe the man behind them, Srinubabu Gedela.

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Meta-analyses and the Problems of Duplicate Publication and Plagiarism

July 29, 2014
A chart showing happiness levels by country, generated from a meta-analysis (public domain).

A chart showing happiness levels by country, generated from a meta-analysis (public domain).

“Meta-analysis refers to the application of quantitative methods to the problem of combining results from different analytic studies” [1].

But what happens when some misconduct occurs, and the same study is published twice?

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