The customer is always right! This is a sentence that has great significance for any manufacturing or service business. This sentence is a guide through work and a motive to offer the best possible product or service to customers. The business world today is completely focused on consumers and their habits, desires, and needs and tries to satisfy them to the maximum. The best solutions for the customers are found, the needs they have always been taken into account when designing the product, the service, and even in the design of the sales, ie service facilities of the company that is the provider of the production solution, ie service.

The products contain all the requirements that buyers and users have. For that reason, once a year, the specifications of all products change their appearance changes, the colors and variations in which they come out change, the additional services that go with the product, the price, and the warranty period for the product change. The same applies to the services and their speed, where the service is provided, how long the service lasts, how long it takes to receive it, and how much it costs. Businesses are targeting customers and consumers, and they see it. But not always. Occasionally there are concessions and they express dissatisfaction and resentment.

These remarks about concessions sometimes occur unexpectedly and without making a mistake, which means that the company must improve even more, and sometimes they occur as expected because the company and its employees do not invest enough in the work, the performance of tasks, and customer service. If all goes well, there will be no complaints, the grievance boxes will be empty, and the commendation boxes will be filled with praise and congratulations for the successful work. Do you want this to become part of the reality of your business? Do you want satisfied customers who will boast about your service? In that case, pay attention to the following most common reasons why customer satisfaction is low.

1. The weakness of customer support service


Strong customer support means a strong company, strong product, and satisfied customers who talk everywhere about the company whose customers they are to their friends about how great your company is. But is this the case with you? This may not be the case with your company. this is not the case, so it’s time to dump her and move on.
The experienced employees of Zoe Traning and Consulting have been helping companies that have bad user experience for years through their tips and programs that have great results. Listen to this advice and act, now is the time to fix the image of your company in the eyes of customers. Change the narrative around your company start hearing only good things about the company and customer support staff.

2. Poor training and insufficient information on the employees about the company and the services


Something that irritates the users of a product or services the most is when they come to the store and ask something, and they will get the answer “I do not know” or ‚ ‚Best to call the information number ”. No, this is not a good attitude towards customers! This needs to change! Companies need to start investing in training and courses for their employees which will then improve service and customer service. Do not leave it to any coincidence, start changing things and the situation with the employees today, because the employees are the face of the company in front of the customers, and the customers can see what kind of company it is. Give customer satisfaction, let them bring smiles to their faces with every good service you do to them!

3. Bad showrooms means bad business


Improve the functionality of showrooms, give a better user feeling to your customers – have you noticed how important the feeling is when entering a showroom? Have you felt how much it affects your mood from the moment you enter it? Of course, you have noticed, and if you have not noticed it on yourself, you have noticed it on someone else who was with you in the store at the same time. Start analyzing the space in which you sell products or provide service, it is very important. Make sure it looks clear, gives a sense of comfort, gives only positive feelings and vibrations to the users, and creates only positive experiences for them. Take a detailed look and if something is not right, make sure to fix it in time, because buyers are always right, and they do not always have a lot of nerves to wait.

4. Terrible commercials means the wrong message


Reconsider promotional activities and give it new energy, let it provide the most important information to customers – marketing is a very important part of a business. It is an inseparable part, even of the small local shops that if they do not use it, they will not be able to attract customers well enough in that small shop. It is always necessary to timely review and revise the plan of marketers and determine whether it is given enough importance to consumers, whether it is given enough space and information that they require. If there are concessions, they need to be corrected on time in the right way, to increase the flow of information from outside to the company, and more importantly to improve the output of information that goes to consumers.

5. Do not forget about public relations because customers come to you through them


Orderly and measured public relations means an accountable and open company. When public relations is managed according to the situation then it is great for the company, and if the company is late in its reactions, there are no reactions at all or there are complaints about the statements of the press service then it is time to change radically. Public relations is a mirror of what is happening inside and is being presented outside, so be careful. If something is wrong the users feel and run away, if everything is fine they stay and bring even new users. Improve your satisfaction in this regard ad watch your business grow.

A caring company means careful employees, and when they pass it on to customers, things change for the better. Satisfied customers also mean a company that ranks well and grows rapidly. Improving the user experience is very important especially if we want to be successful because once the user is dissatisfied the bad voice is hard to stop. That is why it takes a lot of work, constant effort, and investment to be only among the best and with satisfied customers.