ChatGPT in Poker: Is It Advisable to Use It in Games?

ChatGPT is currently in fashion because it can be used for almost everything. AI is becoming more and more important in our lives and that makes the use of this tool touch almost all areas.

Currently ChatGPT is increasingly used for betting or even for playing poker. But this is where the question arises: is it really interesting to use ChatGPT to play online poker?

Is ChatGPT Safe when Playing Poker Online?

Is ChatGPT Safe when Playing Poker Online

More and more players are using this tool, but it does not always give the expected results. We have to think that if we use the tool, but another player also uses it, then one of the two parties is going to lose.

Taking into account opinions like Mayank Kejriwal, we can see how ChatGPT is not always good. Moreover, that professional does not recommend using this tool because sometimes we can make decisions that really do not benefit us thinking that AI is infallible.

According to that AI expert, it has been shown that there are many players who use the tool thinking that the intelligence is the same as human intelligence, but it is not so. It is true that the latest updates have greatly evolved ChatGPT, but it is still far from thinking like a real human being.

When using AI we have to keep in mind that AI can reason taking into account its experience, but that experience it only gets through data. This means that AI is still very limited and can cause errors that can result in significant losses.

With this information we can be clear that the AI can be of help, but the final decision must always be made by us. The ChatGPT is not able to know everything we know, so it is important not to rely 100% and to make our own decisions. If you make the mistake of relying solely on their decisions, you can be certain that you will ultimately end up losing.

In addition, some professionals have tested ChatGPT in some of the best poker clubs you can find at

After testing it has been proven that even when the tool is trained, there is always a margin of error that can cause you to lose the game.

All this is due to the fact that at all times there is a margin of error, that is to say, at present there is no such thing as universal efficiency. It is important to be clear about one thing: AI is like human beings.

There are things that it is better at than others, i.e. it will never achieve universal efficiency. We may have the feeling that AI is perfect, but it is not. In fact, a human will always be ahead, even if it takes a little more effort to achieve what artificial intelligence does with agility.

Is ChatGPT Good at Playing Online Poker?

Is ChatGPT Good at Playing Online Poker

If we take into account Kejriwal’s opinion, we can be sure that ChatGPT is not very good when it comes to betting or playing poker. And despite the fact that at first we may think that it is infallible, it is not really so.

If we analyze the languages used by the main artificial intelligences we realize that they are not good bettors. That means that it is not one of the best options when it comes to playing poker.

All that is because the AI still has a lot of problems when it comes to understanding chance and especially the difference between losing and winning. Not having that information, it is always easy for it to make the right decisions.

Of course, depending on how the tool is used it can offer more or less benefits. While some people claim that since using ChatGPT they have seen how their profits have increased, others have seen how the results have not been so good.


The fact is that ChatGPT should be used as a tool to help and not as a final decision tool. What is clear is that the tests carried out by experts such as Kerjriwal have always obtained negative results. This shows that for the moment AI is not recommended when playing poker.

When the AI has to choose between a decision that has a 50% chance, it does not always get it right. As with human intelligence, it always makes a decision and may or may not get it right.

An example given by the expert is with currency. But the probability of taking a losing position would be even higher if it opted for dice or even cards. This shows that it has a margin of error and must be taken into account if we do not want the position to become a losing one.

The AI has always been designed to seek maximum profits. That makes that in many occasions it skips some things because it tends to think that X things are going to happen yes or yes when it is not really like that. Therefore, we can conclude that AI still has a long way to go to improve the results within the concepts and games of chance.

Can ChatGPT Help to Play Poker?

Can ChatGPT Help to Play Poker

Yes, in this case the answer is yes. Thanks to artificial intelligence we can analyze a large amount of data and thus see if we have more or less options to win the game.

But we have to see it as an informative and orientative tool, not as a tool that knows everything. With the information it offers us, we have to make our own analysis and then reach our own conclusions.

As has always been said, it is better to lose by our own decisions than by those of others. If you take this information into account, it will be easier for you to achieve success playing poker.