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Many people are searching for Chinese goods. Their purchasing journey begins and ends with Alibaba, but there are actually plenty of very good alternatives. Our advice to customers is to cast their net wider and try to find information on many China purchasing websites before settling on their chosen supplier. So the same Chinese suppliers show up in different results, more important information such as contact details, factory pictures, product types, certifications etc. can usually be gleaned. We want our visitors to get the best results when they buy in China, so here’s the Top China Sourcing Websites list of China Checkup.

Finding wholesale suppliers to China and importing direct from Chinese factories is in your best interests. Find Wholesale Suppliers in China Expect Importing from China. When it comes to selecting goods that can be sold online your profit margins are compounded by how small you can bring down the cost of your sourcing. You can buy wholesale products from Dhstore.

Quality Check & Quality Inspection:

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It’s the process that matters most. Dhstore has good quality products. All manufacturing products will be rechecked and inspected to ensure they are of good quality and we will remove all factory tags. These repackaging products with nice packaging all quality issues will be fixed in China before shipping out the items. We also offer private labeling, repackaging, white labeling, packing gift boxes etc.

 Good Product:

The most critical step in discovering a niche is to conduct proper research into products. What you want to do is search for your local area for missing products or market gaps. You can do this effectively by visiting shops, walking around malls and taking notes about what you’re doing and not finding. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have some ideas about what your community needs, but it’s missing. Nowadays, sales sourcing is mostly done online. Log in to your source of Chinese bulk goods and start searching for the product you’re looking for. Dhstore is an online and wholesale business resource. This website is an incredible source that’s well-recognized and well-reviewed around the world.

Quality& Value Service:

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Quality Check & Quality Inspection is one of the most important processes. All manufacturing products will be checked and inspected to ensure good quality. We remove all factories. The tags repack goods with nice packaging and all quality issues will be fixed in China before the shipping out of the product. Dhstore also offers private labeling, repackaging, white labeling, packing gift boxes etc.

Purchasing Products:

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Every independent distributor aims to buy quality products. For these distributors, Dhstore is the best place. Top-notch products can give a strong reputation to your company, and help you win loyal customers. Besides building great brand loyalty and quality products will cause customers to serve on your behalf as brand ambassadors. Finding the perfect products will only be your first battle. You’ll have to make lots of other critical decisions.

An independent Chinese wholesale product distributor knows where you need to buy your goods. Distributors usually spend a great deal of money in buying stock. So losing money on goods of low quality can be a dreaded nightmare. There’s one excellent website that has taken the time to get standard and certified wholesale suppliers from China such as Dhstore. They’ve done the legwork for you in aggregating quality businesses.

Indeed on the Dhstore website, you can find anything and any kind of product in the world. For your convenience, all of the products offered are grouped into different categories. Additionally, each of the different categories has a wide choice of different suppliers and options.

Finding Retailers to Sell Your Product:

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If you wish to be an independent distributor successful, hard work will be a priority. It will be relatively easy to find the retailers to sell your Chinese wholesale products. If you can afford to follow a consignment model, many retailers will find you willing to take on your exclusive goods.

Opening a retail store

Opening a department store can be a great way to do away with your extra surplus. You may not be able to sell it all to your customers often. If you sell goods that can be retailed as well then this can be a perfect choice for you. Indeed on this website, you can find anything and any kind of product in the world. For your convenience, all of the products offered are grouped into different categories. Additionally, each of the different categories has a wide choice of different suppliers and options.

Global suppliers:

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Suppliers will normally inquire about your company background and volumes of purchases. It’s just fair they want to see if you’re the right fit. There are middlemen and trading companies on Global Sources, but they prefer to label themselves that way because it feels more straightforward than on Alibaba. Sourcing from Global Sources may take more initial research to create confidence and get detailed answers from suppliers.

Business resources of China:


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Now eBay does not function in this instance as an actual manufacturer of the goods. But it does offer a platform for the eCommerce giant. And it helps companies find products and supplies on the wholesale. You can then browse industry by industry. And compare options from various providers. Dobra’s focus is on connecting eCommerce suppliers to qualified producers. And all of the shipping and logistics they handle for you. But they include inventory, too. And directly incorporate the sales data into your app.


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In fact AliExpress is owned by the Alibaba Group. So, it’s China-based. And it’s offering international buyers a range of products.In 2010 Alibaba Group unveiled Ali Express as a forum for Chinese companies to sell to international consumers. Unlike on, sellers on Ali Express can either be corporations or individuals who find it difficult to verify suppliers and lead to certain scams. These days there is not much manufacturing in Hong Kong, but many Hong Kong companies operate factories in Mainland China and this is a good route to sourcing goods.

DH gate:

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This is Beijing, China. Slogan website headquarters buys internationally and sells internationally. DHgate is an online wholesale marketplace where consumers can find competitively priced quality made from goods manufactured in China, typically at lower MOQs than other platforms.

Their payment management mechanism is a standout feature, which only transfers payments to the seller when the buyer acknowledges receipt of products.

Worldwide Brands:

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Worldwide Brands is a directory of the worldwide wholesale distributors. With more than 20 years in business. They are one of the more popular outdoor marketplaces. And either wholesalers or drop shippers can be found using it.