Cryptocurrencies are still the talk of financial markets. They have been for some time now. This is not an overstatement. Since the inception of Bitcoin, they have taken the world by storm. At this point in time we can easily say they have been there in the past, at least for a decade or so, they’re quite present today, and of course, they will be there in the future. The technologic continues to evolve, and thanks to it crypto is going to remain relevant.

Are you invested in crypto? Everyone who is in the world of trading has added digital currencies to their portfolio. This is how things are done today. These volatile assets need to be taken advantage of them. Even if you’re not a player in the financial markets, you should get acquainted with the world of digital currencies. Knowing a thing or two about crypto is becoming common knowledge these days. You do not want to be left behind in this domain. The future of finances and currencies is probably lying in the hands of crypto.

The situation has been like this for a while now. Things are changing, and they’re shifting for the better. Not even the high volatility of the biggest crypto players isn’t keeping traders away. Of course, it isn’t. That’s where the money lies. As we said, some crypto such as BTC has been around for more than a decade. That’s quite some time to create a good reputation. BTC did it. Others just followed suit. In the future, we’re only going to have more of it. If you don’t trust us just ask and you’ll get the same answer.

Now, if we have your attention, the time is right not to talk about the past, and not even about the present. No, we should already shift our focus towards the future. This is not always easy, but in the world of digital currencies, it’s wise to do so. As we mentioned, crypto is walking hand to hand with recent technological developments. What this means is that we’re going to have more and more of it. Not only in the form of new creations, but in the domain of their presence in everyday life. By now, you must be wondering which cryptocurrency is best for the future. Let us answer this one for you.



Some things never change. BTC is still topping every crypto-list. Why? It’s easy. It is the eldest, the most powerful, the most valuable, and the most precious digital currency out there. In the world of Malazan’s Book of The Fallen, it would be an Elder God. In the world of LOTR, you can see it as the ring of power. The previous one. Bitcoin was created more than a decade ago by Satoshi Nakamoto and the rest is history. It gave birth to blockchain and all other cryptos that followed. It’s your best bet if you’re looking to associate yourself with the crypt in the future. It brought millions to thousands in the past and it’s the route you should follow into the year 2024.



Yes, BTC is the top dog. We can’t argue that. But as we said, others followed suit, and some are not too far behind. The biggest competitor to BTC for a while now is Ethereum. Its market hit stands at a staggering $361 billion which speaks volumes for itself. Are you impressed? You should be. The reasoning is simple. It’s not only valuable it is also a blockchain platform and crypto at the same time. Ethereum is breaking some boundaries and we love it. you should too, both today and tomorrow.



We’re not going to be smart here. After Bitcoin and Ethereum the market gets a little bit diluted. But you need to diversify your portfolio if you’re serious about digital currencies. The market hit of Tether is only $70 billion. We say only as it pales compared to $361 of Ethereum and $846 billion of BTC. As a rookie in this department and someone who’s looking to build for the future, you’re going to love the fact that tether is a stablecoin. What this means is that it is closely tied to fiat currencies. In this case, it is backed by the likes of the Euro and the US dollar. What more could one ask for? This is what makes it less volatile compared to the competition and some investors love it like that.

Binance Coin


The growth of crypto gave birth to various forms of exchanges. One of the most powerful ones is Binance. While they’ve been a platform for crypto traders to find their safe house, it was only a matter of time before they’ll become a player. It happened and they launched the Binance Coin. BNB has a market hit of $46 billion but we expect that this number is only going to grow in the future. Binance knows what it’s doing considering how long they’ve been on the market. While at first, since its creation in 2017, it was used only on Binance platforms, it has expanded in the mid-time. Now, it’s almost reaching the levels that some of the best on the market, Ethereum, and BTC, have achieved.



Yes, this might sound funny, but Dogecoin has our backing. Why shouldn’t it? After all, one of the most powerful men in the world, Elon Musk backed it up some time ago. Yes, the Tesla founder has bigger issues right now, but this coin has a bright future. Yes, it requires a little risk, but we’re all for it. If you’re not taking risks, you should stay away from the crypto markets. Its market value is close to $8 billion, which makes it quite less valuable than some of the competitors above, but this number is going to grow. What started as a meme became quite a strong crypto thanks to its internet presence and dedicated community following it. What might scare you is that there is no limit set on the amount of this coin that can be created. This might lead to devaluation, but don’t let hats care for you. Its imminent future is safe.