CSGO has become an incredibly famous video game in the esports industry over the last decade. Millions of views guarantee great coverage by Bookmakers. Due to the busy schedule of CSGO events, there are plenty of betting options.

What are the best CSGO tournaments? Can you make a solid profit betting on CSGO? Winning esports competitions can bring huge amounts of money to players. The prize pools of the top CS:GO tournaments amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in fact, not only professional cybersportsmen, but also ordinary spectators can make money on Counter-Strike tournaments.

For this, there are betting sites that accept bets on eSports competitions. Of course, it is worth understanding that bets are always associated with the risk of losing your money. This is important to remember. Make things clear to yourself while reading the information below.

CSGO Tournaments: One Major Concept


ESL, a top tournament organizer, introduced the first roadmap that revealed the whole ecosystem of CSGO. Afterward, there have been many more tournaments unfolding. CSGO players formed teams that started playing against each other. The prize pools are growing drastically. The variety of CSGO tournaments is also getting more diverse. Thus, betting opportunities won’t be disappointing even to the pickiest gamblers.

The best teams on the planet will fight for the title of the strongest in the world and a prize pool of one million dollars. For spectators, in addition to directly watching the matches, several activities are provided.

As you can see, the CS GO tournament schedule is heavily populated, with the line being full of the hottest teams around. Almost every esports bookmaker tries to cover extensive markets and bring the most competitive odds.

Best 2024 CSGO Tournaments for Betting


The variety of CSGO events is immense. This makes the choice of the most profitable events more complicated. As a professional bettor, you can focus on several events at once. As a beginner, you’d better pick the center of attention and stick to it until the end.

Pay attention to odds and betting options. Experts recommend giving preference to promising events, which are more likely to win well. For example, your favorite team can play. But there are no worthy offers in this event. Therefore, it is not necessary to bet on such a match.

Be sure to evaluate the strength of the playing teams. And pay attention not only to the rating, but also to the current form. Refer to the statistics and see how the team played in the last 5 matches. You also need to know if there are any changes in the commands. Perhaps the leader in one of them fell ill and therefore does not participate in the match.

It is best for a bettor to start with simple bets. Choose options with the victory of any team. Then you can move on to handicap or total. Secondary types of bets can also be used. Here it is better to move gradually, when you are already a little accustomed.

While looking around for the best tournament, consider one of the classic options. Here they are:

Intel Extreme Masters


Intel Extreme Masters is known as a series of international esports events which take place around the world. Katowice, Dallas, Cologne, and Rio are only some of the cities which have hosted these events recently. Teams had a chance to fight for the prize of almost $1,000,000.

Intel Extreme Masters are run by the ESL, which belongs to Turtle Entertainment GmbH. The protection of the industry monster guarantees high quality and a pure reputation for the whole event. Whether you are a player, viewer, or bettor, you will have an equally smooth gaming experience.

ESL Pro League


ESL Pro League is a CSGO league that involves 34 teams from around the world. The season starts on August 31st and lasts until October 2nd. The top teams are fighting for the biggest reward of $900,000. The teams from the bottom of the list have around $175,000 to fight for.

Due to its great organization and a high number of participants, this tournament serves as a perfect spot for betting activities. No wonder it has become dramatically popular among esports fans across the world.

BLAST Pro Series


BLAST Pro Series is an international CSGO tournament with a limited number of competitors. Approximately eight teams face each other in a two-day tournament format. Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and G2 Esports are some of the most frequent participants in the given event.

The BLAST Premier: Fall Finals has a solid reward that exceeds $425,000. The total prize pool of the tournament has already reached $1,000,000.

If you’re interested in betting on the best CSGO tournaments, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity. You can earn a solid amount of money while playing or watching your favorite game. By picking one of the above options, you will get to the place where fun meets explosive combat.

Tips for Finding the Best CSGO Events in 2024

If you are hunting for the best CS:GO tournaments, you should monitor the market all the time. This is the best way to catch a great event with juicy odds. For more productivity, you can do the following:

  • Start a Google search for “CSGO tournaments” and keep track of the latest news on the bookmaker’s website.
  • Consider the classic CSGO tournaments, including IEM, ESL, and BLAST.
  • Make up some of the most popular CSGO tournaments in the esports betting market.
  • Find an esports bookmaker that covers the best CSGO events.
  • Enhance your knowledge of esports betting overall so you know how to read odds and how to place bets.

Don’t forget social media resources. These happen to be great sources of information about CSGO and everything surrounding it. By being plugged in, you won’t miss out on anything the next time there is a nice CSGO tournament.

By betting on Counter-Strike, you can either experience luck or face defeat. Don’t dive too deep into this area. Treat this as a kind of game. A light touch of “well-thought-out frivolity” will save you from the sad consequences.