The newest popular trend in the cannabis industry is cannabis concentrates or dabs.

This article will help you understand dabs by defining them, outlining the process of dabbing, and educating you on the amazing world of concentrates.

Cannabis aficionados now have access to a whole new universe of flavors, as well as textures and scents that are very different from what you are probably used to when smoking cannabis, thanks to this relatively recent phenomenon.

The Definition of Dabbing


The process of consuming or vaping cannabis concentrates, also known as “dabs,” while utilizing a dab rig is referred to as “dabbing.”

Dabbing has grown in popularity in legal cannabis markets, particularly in the United States, where dabs for sale are offered through dispensaries in most states where cannabis is legal. Dabs are marketed under various brands and come in various forms.

Today, some of the most popular dabs include:

  • Butane Hash Oil: also known as BHO, is available in many forms, including wax, shatter, budder, live resin, and more.
  • Rosin cannabis: PHO, also known as propane hash oil, is a substance similar to butane hash oil (BHO) but employs propane as a solvent.

Can Dabbing Harm Your Lungs?

Dabs can be ingested in various methods, but as we mentioned, the most common one is to smoke them using a dab rig, which is a specially-made water pipe. They can also be vaporized using a vaporizer that takes concentrates or is used with joints, bongs, and blunts.

Numerous devotees of dabbing pitch it as a healthy substitute for cigarettes. This is because, at least theoretically, dab users think their concentrates “vaporize” rather than burn, enabling a cleaner inhalation with significantly fewer contaminants than standard cannabis smoke.

Similar to bongs, dab rigs cleanse and chill the vapor before it is ingested; this is thought to aid in removing contaminants and lessen lung damage.

Do Not Overheat the Dab


When dabbing, the nail of the dab rig, which resembles the bowl of a standard bong, is heated to extremely high temperatures using a blowtorch. When a concentrate comes in contact with the nail, it rapidly evaporates.

Due to the near-impossibility of correctly controlling the rig’s temperature, most users most likely overheat their dabs, turning the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other extract constituents into toxic substances.

According to studies, when heated over 480°C, terpenes and other BHO constituents can break down into lung irritants like benzene and methacrolein.

What Does One Need For a Successful Dabbing?

Cannabis concentrates are among the specialized equipment and materials needed for dabbing. Although there are a huge variety of dabs available, they all essentially come from the same place.

In order to make an extract with high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, trichomes—the gooey crystals that cover cannabis buds—are separated from the plant and compressed. The production process utilized determines the kind of concentrate.

To achieve a successful dabbing experience, it’s important to have the right tools and accessories. Dab machines are essential for heating concentrates to the perfect temperature, ensuring smooth and flavorful vaporization.

The most widely used types of dabs are:

  • A kind of BHO called wax has a waxy feel that is thick, sticky, and resembles crystallized honey. This could be shattered, a form of BHO that is transparent, flaky, and breaks quickly, or budder, a BHO variety that is swirled throughout the extraction process to produce a thick, creamy extract with a consistency similar to butter.
  • Terp sauce is a liquid, terpene-rich extract that typically contains butane and is studded with large, flavor-enhancing terpene crystals. Instead of dried and cured cannabis buds, which are rapidly frozen after harvest to preserve the various terpenes and cannabinoids, live resin is a distinctive extract made with still-fresh cannabis buds.

Rosin is a solvent-free extract made by hydraulically pressing dried flowers. This method is probably preferable by people seeking the purest and cleanest version because butane is not used.

It makes sense that dabbing has become the newest and one of the most popular trends in the cannabis industry. Few things have influenced how we use and appreciate cannabis as much as this. If dabbing is a new process to you, try using it starting with smaller doses so you can feel its benefits and enjoy using cannabis to the fullest.