Today, the stigma once associated with marijuana has all but vanished. People that never considered even trying it when it was illegal are now smoking regularly and many of those that were relegated to sneaking off to the garage, basement, or backyard can light up in the open a lot more often.

The first major changes in acceptance and the birth of the weed “industry” happened in 1996 when California legalized the medical use of marijuana. Then, in 2012, Colorado and Washington passed legislation on recreational use and the rest, as they say, is history.

Estimates currently indicate that marijuana jobs and cannabis careers are now responsible for the employment of upwards of 500,000 U.S. workers by the end of 2024. And with more states legalizing medicinal and recreational use each and every year, the interest in cannabis careers continues to grow. Visit site if you could indeed be starting your dream job.

If that’s you, or you just want to know a little bit more about what it takes to enter the marijuana industry, you can use this handy guide to learn more.

Some Basic Info on Marijuana Jobs


While there has been explosive growth with cannabis careers recently, that doesn’t mean that it’s super easy to obtain employment. Competition is fierce and as it stands right now, there are more marijuana jobseekers than cannabis careers available.

This means that you need to stand above the crowd in order to get noticed and we’ve got the tips to help you do just that.

First, if you have any or all of the following skills, you’re already a step ahead:

  • Management experience
  • Accounting
  • High-volume retail experience
  • A background in chemistry or the sciences
  • Tourism industry experience – marijuana tourism is booming in many cities across the country
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • IT

If you don’t have any of the above skills, don’t worry. You can still start your cannabis career, but you may have to work a little harder. However, whether you have those skills or not, the next step is to start building a strong network within the marijuana industry.

Get in touch with people already working the positions you are interested in, pick their brains, and try to learn all that you can. Though many are currently on hold for in-person gatherings, once local and regional events relative to the industry are back up and rolling, you should definitely attend. Especially any job fairs. Sharpen your resume, take and give out business cards, and show everyone how interested you are.

No matter what you’ve done with your career thus far, building a stellar reputation in the marijuana community can go a long way toward getting your foot in the right door.

What Cannabis Careers are Available?


If you’re thinking that there’s only a small handful of positions available in the industry, you couldn’t be more off-base. From entry-level opportunities to careers that require specific specialized training and knowledge, there are actually a rather wide variety of employment options to be had.

Whether you’re looking for a completely new career or simply want to leverage your experience and skills to jump in on this growing industry, you have plenty to choose from.

On the cultivating and manufacturing end of things, the following careers are available:

  • Trimmer
  • Site worker
  • Site manager
  • Field technician
  • Harvesters
  • Master grower
  • Cannabis chef – make edibles such as baked goods, candy, and tea infused with cannabis and CBD
  • Distribution clerk
  • Laboratory technician
  • Extractor

Even on the retail and dispensary portion of the industry, there are quite a few positions that you can consider:

  • Front desk staff
  • Budtender
  • Grow assistant
  • Store management
  • Packaging
  • Dispatcher
  • Delivery driver
  • Security
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

Furthermore, there are several careers related to the cannabis industry that doesn’t necessarily require you to be located at the physical location of the operation. These include:

  • Sales reps
  • Compliance managers
  • Production managers – monitor, analyze, and manage the entire “seed to sale” cycle of the product
  • Web developers / webmasters / managers
  • IT managers
  • Tour guides

As you can see, there is indeed a virtual multitude of cannabis careers available today, and more being added all the time. So, with that being said, what is the best way to get your dream marijuana job?

Lucky for you, we know exactly how to help you stand above the ever-growing crowd.

One way to stand out in the cannabis industry is by ensuring your products are packaged professionally and attractively. For top-notch cannabis packaging solutions, including wax containers, check out the packaging at GreenShield. In the burgeoning cannabis industry, where competition is fierce and the market is flooded with a myriad of products, presentation is paramount.

Just as with any other product, the first impression is often the lasting one. Packaging plays a pivotal role in creating that impression. It’s not just about containing the product; it’s about communicating its essence, its quality, and its value proposition to the consumer.

Professional and attractive packaging can elevate a brand, distinguishing it from the multitude of others on the shelves. It’s an embodiment of the brand’s identity, ethos, and commitment to quality. When consumers are faced with a plethora of choices, they’re likely to gravitate towards products that catch their eye and convey a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism.

Furthermore, as the cannabis industry continues to evolve and mature, regulations surrounding product packaging are becoming increasingly stringent. It’s essential for businesses to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring their packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also compliant with all current standards and regulations.

Incorporating elements like wax containers and other specialized packaging solutions can also enhance the user experience. These containers are designed to preserve the product’s freshness, potency, and flavor, ensuring consumers get the best possible experience from their purchase.

Time for Cannabis College


While you’re likely quite excited about your potential career change, as we mentioned at the start of this little guide, competition is fierce out there. Especially these days with so many seeking employment. That means that in order to be hired for the best marijuana jobs on the market, you need to be on your toes and well-equipped.

That’s where Learn Sativa University comes in and if you’re accepted into the program, you’ll have your choice between online or hands-on cannabis training. The live classroom takes place at their great campus located in downtown Orlando, Florida, and once there, you’ll use the most up-to-date facilities and cultivation equipment to learn hands-on on everything you desire.

Practicing it in a real environment that includes hours of real-world based exercises, challenges, and questions are all but certain to help you stand out. When you attend LSU, you’ll gain the skills you need to succeed in a single incredible certification program where you’ll learn:

  • Professional budtending
  • Legal aspects of the industry
  • Organics
  • Hydro techniques
  • Extracts
  • Business management
  • Medical
  • And more

They even have a tissue culture section coming soon!


The cannabis college curriculum includes:

  • Marijuana History — includes learning about the true benefits of marijuana and why it really remained illegal for so long
  • Marijuana Cookbook — learn how to create marijuana-based culinary delights
  • Marijuana Laws — learn and completely understand the laws in your area
  • Marijuana Careers — they’ll teach you exactly how to stand out in the marijuana job market
  • Marijuana Growing — a simple step-by-step video guide on the best growing practices
  • Dispensary Management — learn from the mistakes of others and what it really takes to operate a truly successful dispensary.

You can click to visit a site or sign up for the next semester and before you know it, you could indeed be starting your dream job.