There are a wide range of reasons why you may want to set up your own fitness Instagram account, but if you’re not an expert on how this social media platform works, you may find yourself hitting some roadblocks when it comes to getting started.

Are you one of the many individuals out there with an idea, but you just don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need to get you up and running in no time at all.

Why start your own fitness Instagram?

Using an Instagram account for your fitness journey can certainly be a worthwhile idea. For one, it could be the perfect way to track your growth and have a photo diary of your progress as the weeks and months go by. This alone can be an excellent motivator for those who are unsure if they’ll actually keep up with things like a diet or going to the gym. Another thing that can help with motivation is having an audience to keep you accountable.

Having an Instagram dedicated to your experiences with fitness will allow you to meet other people in the fitness community, which in turn, will help you to have a higher sense of commitment to your goals. Many people use Instagram as a way to share their progress and find inspiration, so you can often rest assured knowing that this platform is one of the best places to share your story.

You can also build your audience over time, and potentally get endorsements and sponsorships too, which could be a nice incentive to push on and reach your goals.


Finally, it’s also worth noting that Instagram is a great place to find workout ideas and recipes for meals – perfect if you’re looking for inspiration in both departments!

Before you begin

Now that we’ve established some of the reasons why starting a fitness Instagram account can be beneficial, it’s time to give you some tips on how to make sure your page is successful. If you want to achieve any sort of online presence or notoriety, it’s important to consider these things before you start posting away.

Pick a niche

Before you start sharing content on your account, it’s important to determine what kind of content you actually want to share. This will help you in a few different ways; firstly, it will make sure that your page has a focus, which is always a good idea when it comes to social media. Secondly, it will help you to determine who your target audience is.

You don’t want to try and be all things to all people, as this will only lead to a diluted and unfocused account that won’t make much of an impact. Figure out what you’re passionate about when it comes to fitness and health, and use that as the basis for your page.

Create a strategy


Now that you know what kind of content you want to share, it’s time to start thinking about how often you want to share it. If you’re someone who likes to work out every day, then you may want to post on a daily basis. However, if you only work out a few times a week, then you may want to space your posts out accordingly.

The key here is not to post for the sake of posting; make sure that each post has a purpose and offers something of value to your followers. If you start filling up your feed with irrelevant or uninspiring content, your followers are likely to lose interest quite quickly.

Top 5 tips for those who are just starting out

1. Fill out all the fields on your page

If you want your account to be as successful as possible, you want to make sure that nothing is left blank. You need to make sure that you have a good profile picture (the ideal size is 180 x 180 pixels), a bio to tell everyone what you’re about, and links to your blog, website, and other social media accounts (if you have any). If not, you could always share other content that you think will be useful to those visiting your account.

2. Take advantage of the business account features


Of course, if you’re considering earning from sponsorships and endorsements down the road, you’re going to want to set yourself up with a business account. One of the benefits of this is that a business account comes with a range of features that you won’t find on a personal account, such as Instagram ads, analytics, insights, and more.

3. Consider your objectives early on

It’s going to be worth considering your goals before you start creating content. Think about what you want from your endeavors in the long run, and how you can achieve these aspirations. This can often go hand-in-hand with your personal fitness journey, so keep that in mind too.

4. Know your audience

It’s estimated that in 2024, there were 1.386 billion Instagram users. You may not get quite that high a following, and because of this, it’s essential that you consider what type of person you want following you. Knowing this could be the first step to finding your niche and how to attract the right kind of people to your page.

5. Always ensure that your posts are of the highest quality you can manage

For the best results, you should always aim to create beautiful, engaging posts that fit a theme. It sounds simple, but as it’s one of the most important aspects of Instagram success, it can be relatively easy to miss the mark.

The better your imagery and captions, the more people will be inclined to follow. Take some time to improve your photography skills, do some research on what your audience wants to see, and be sure to respond to messages to get the most out of your posts as possible.

Final thoughts


We hope that these few tips for starting your own fitness Instagram have helped you to get a better idea of what to do at the beginning of your journey. For an in-depth guide on how to start a fitness Insta, pay ContentBASE a visit. Over at ContentBASE, you’ll find a wide range of high-quality social media templates to use on your page, which might be worth taking into consideration if you’re not planning on creating visually appealing and engaging posts on your own. With these templates, you’ll find that making great content will be much easier.