Music has always been a part of our lives. It has been a passion for many, and that’s why we have these many genres today. Can you imagine a world without music? It would feel different, and it might feel like something is missing. Music makes us feel different as well, and we use it in many different ways.

For many people, music brings color to their day. It helps them through their activities, whether it would be grocery, shopping, going to the gym, and many others. Not only does it bring colors, but it also gives us energy in whatever we need to accomplish. For others, they find music as a way to relax their minds from everyday stress.

Now that we have many ways to access any music, there’s nothing that can stop us from listening to them. Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, music is still there to keep us away from boredom. If music has saved your day many times and has become part of you, here some fun music facts that you should know about.

Fender Could Not Play the Guitar


To start the list of these crazy fun facts about music, we’ll talk about one of the well-known instruments manufacturers. When you hear the word Fender, you would instantly think about musical instruments, particularly, a guitar. But did you know the founder, Leo Fender never actually learned to play guitar? His real work was in crafts.

Back in the days, Fender only started as a radio repair service. They would repair different types of electronics, such as radios, home audio amplifiers, phonographs, and many more. In the early 1940s, Fender started to manufacture different types of instruments, and later on, they released the first mass-produced electric guitar, the 1950 Telecaster.

Your Heartbeat Syncs to the Rhythm of the Music


Music has been said to be linked with the unconscious responses all over your body, and one of those responses has something to do with your cardiovascular system. Previous studies have been done before wherein it was found that there were some changes in the cardiovascular system that mirrored the musical tempo of a song they were listening to.

Not only that music syncs with the cardiac rhythms of your body, but it also shows that different types of music also affect the heart rate and blood pressure of an individual. It might have something to do with the emotions that are attached to that specific song, and that’s amazing.

Underwater Concert


On October 10, 2006, British singer Katie Malua was the first and only record holder for performing a concert 303 meters underwater. Katie and her band performed on Statoil’s Troll off the coast of Bergen, Norway. She performed two 30-minute concerts to an audience of oilrig workers. These oil rig workers are the ones who won the ticket to the performance.

The Queen


The British rock band Queen, which was formed in London back in 1970, was given a commemorative. The Queen’s four members appeared on the British £5 coin that was issued in January 2024. The band ventured into the world of rock music back in the days, and they have accomplished a lot of achievements.

The One album of the Queen by the name of News of the World contained one of the most famous songs like We Are the Champions and We will rock you, which became an anthem to many of the sporting events around the globe. The estimate of the record sales of the Queen is totally unbelievable, and because of that, it made them one of the best-selling music artists around the world.

Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody


The Queen’s hit song Bohemian Rhapsody is the most-streamed song from the 20th century, which overtook Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. The songs reached number 1 in the UK back in 1975, and it hit the number 1 spot again back in 1991 following the death of Queen’s lead vocalist,  Freddie Mercury.

Through many generations, the song’s popularity seems to have been increasing. Following the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, it has made over $600m at the global box office since the song was released. The song was streamed 1.6billion times across different streaming services such as Spotify and Youtube.

Eminem’s Rap God


Eminem’s hit song holds the world record for having the greatest number of words contained in a song. His song, Rap God, has an unbelievable number of 1560 words at an average of 4.28 words per second. The song was originally released back in October 2013 from his album, The Marshal Matters.

35,000-year-old Bone Flute


The 35,000-year-old vulture bone flute discovered in a European cave is most likely the world’s oldest instrument. The pieces were found back in 2008 at a stone age cave in the southern part of Germany. The flute has been said to have five fingers holes and a V-shaped mouthpiece.

The flute was made from the natural hollow wing bone of a vulture. Discovers have stated that music may have already been part of our lives ever since. It has been one of the cultural accomplishments that gave an advantage over to our now existing generation.

The World Most Oldest Song


The Hurrian Hymn No. 6 is the world’s oldest song, which is about was sang about 3,400 years ago, making it the oldest song in the history of the world. The song has been said to be the rhyme of an ancient goddess Nikkai. It was produced around the 14th century in cuneiform by the Hurrians. The tune of this song was found in the clay tablets. And it was excavated around the years of 1950s from the city of ruins in Syria called Ugarit.

The song is also considered to be one of the earliest melodies of the world. And It is also the oldest musical composition to have survived its integrity to be known as the first-century tune as, Seikilos Epitaph. It was found in a post that also contained a short set of lyrics.


The trace of the music, which goes way beyond back in time, proves that it has always been a part of us. It can also be perceived that all of us have the same purpose for music. The facts about music are not only limited to specifically the ones discussed above, but there are also many other facts you can search on the internet.