Many people cannot imagine their day passing without playing their favorite games. It is a time of comfort and relaxation that feeds our brains with happy hormones. Besides that, during the pandemic gaming was the only way to let time pass and have regular conversations with our friends.

As one of the most developed industries, video games have many things to offer to their players. From meeting people and social gatherings such as the tournaments to maximum comfort and enjoying your time alone.

With various upcoming trends that will develop the gaming industry, even more, there is a bright future for all gamers. We made this article to explore some of the things we should expect, and how that makes this industry exciting.

Quicker internet connection

Recently, we were introduced to the 5g technology that offers significantly higher speeds both in download and upload. That allows the developers to create more demanding games that will have no problems running on data. How large the game files are will not be an issue since the download speed will compensate for that.

Besides computer and console players, this will impact all the mobile players as well. With the faster internet, they will be able to play better games, especially multiplayer ones. It can also increase the number of players that are connected to a certain server at the moment.

Gaming on the cloud


The improved internet connection offers a variety of possible applications. For example, many companies have already made efforts to cleating cloud gaming platforms. For regular players, there is a variety of games that can be explored that do not require overpriced stations.

This is highly beneficial for every gaming enthusiast since there is a lack of computer parts on the market. Even the parts that are available, are overpriced and it is not worth purchasing them.

For that reason, people can subscribe to a platform, and play all the games there without the need to upgrade their systems. All you will need is a streaming device or a smart television that we already have at home. This makes gaming more accessible for people, which is beneficial for everyone involved.

VR machines

The constant upgrade of equipment and tools we use to improve our gaming experience does not stop. While the games began with square characters and two-dimensional movements, we now have the chance to experience real-life sensations.

Virtual reality machines have become favorite pieces of equipment for many gaming enthusiasts. By converting the traditional playing method, you can now be more active and feel like you are the main character.

This is especially important for the promotion of healthier lifestyles since it makes people more physically active.

With major titles announcing VR content, we can only expect this platform to grow and offer a real-life experience to its users. The content is fun, and it can attract more people to try it out and become recreational gamers.

Improved sensations

In addition to the virtual reality machines, there is a novelty in equipment and gadgets that improve our sensations during the games. For example, check out this review of the Woojer gaming vest.

It’s basically a vest that creates tactile sensations throughout our body using vibrating motors. This creates an unusual effect and makes us feel like we are part of the game. Quite innovative!

Besides gaming, this gadget can be used to enjoy live stream events better, and for movie watching purposes.

Online worlds

The metaverse or the project that was announced at the beginning of this year brings fresh air to the gaming industry. While some people enjoy high-action shooting games, others prefer games with lots of socializing and slow-tempo gameplay. With all the possible things that can be done in this online world, we can only imagine the games that follow.

Not only for gaming, but this online world creates a great climate for businesses and advertisers. As many people get involved in the metaverse, the marketing purposes will gradually increase. In addition, there can be concerts held and various other entertainment projects.

Implementation of non-fungible tokens


Non-fungible tokens have grown in popularity recently, so we cannot exclude them from the gaming field.

Many developers will consider including NTFS in their games both as collectibles as well as rewarding mechanisms that the players can exchange for profit. This will surely increase the number of active players for a chance to earn such a valuable item.

In addition, some games use cryptocurrencies as a rewarding mechanism just for playing. For example, for the daily tasks, instead of getting items that can be traded later, the game rewards you with crypto. This is a great way to acquire a side profit while using for free time for games.


Although the gaming community constantly grows, parallelly, grows the community that only watches the games without engaging in playing on their own. With entertaining streamers that show up great skill, people enjoy watching them which grants great revenue for the creators.

Better competitions

Esports are great competition events where the best players get the chance to clash against each other. Besides the competitiveness, there is a lot of money involved in these events, so people get to earn a lot. This is highly entertaining for the audience which creates a win-win situation.


With more people showing interest in these events, many companies are willing to sponsor them. When the finances from the companies and the ticket sales are combined, the prize pools show stagnant growth over the past few years.

The financial aspect helps the players to determine themselves to go pro and get in a position to earn more. With many game tournaments, you should not be discouraged, and try your best in showing your skills and gaming knowledge.

Besides entertainment, many people visit these events to meet new people with the same interests. They can later get connected and play the game together which shows how great the gaming community has become.