Gaming and trading have a lot of similarities that don’t just revolve around a 6 monitor setup. With everything online being increasingly gamified, even the investment app Robinhood that pioneered commission-free trading has a game-like interface. The app goes so far as to use fun features to make it look like you’re winning when you place a trade.

Having said that, it’s not just about the fun factor because both gamers and traders need certain specifications when they run their equipment. Without reliable equipment such as this one, gamers and traders alike could risk losing substantial sums of money.

Why do Gamers and Traders Have a 6 Monitor Setup?


Depending on how new you are to gaming or trading then you can simply start with two or three monitors before you go all the way to 6 monitors. This gives you the chance to check how you want to use your multi-monitor setup. Everyone has a different style and approach which is very personal so don’t be afraid to start with small steps. Regardless, here are some common advantages you can expect:

  • Speed and reliability
  • Extra digital deck space
  • Immersive experience
  • Improved ergonomics

Speed and Reliability

If you’re a gamer who specializes in competitive and fast-paced games then you’ll want high refresh rates. Essentially, this means that your screen can keep up with your fast movements within the game. Similarly, traders need their graphs to update quickly and effectively otherwise they could miss changes within the markets. This could mean the difference between losing or making money.

Extra digital deck space

This might sound obvious but it’s worth appreciating how much a 6 monitor setup can help you spread out all your different programs. For example, traders can spread out their graphs, news information, and chat systems for their brokers. Some of the more experienced traders out there also like to write algorithms that they can more easily do on a separate monitor. Even gamers can take advantage of a multi-monitor setup. For example, they could have their games on one-half of their screens and email, chat, or other programs on the other monitors.

Immersive experience

Gamers love widescreen effects. Depending on the type of game you play, you might even appreciate a curved widescreen to make it seem like you’re literally inside the game. You can also explore a 6 monitor setup with screens that don’t have a bezel. This refers to the strip around the screen that creates a space in your multi-monitor setup. Of course, all of this is a personal choice but it’s all about making your experience that much more effective and enjoyable.

Improved ergonomics

The extra space and wider images of multiple monitors are better for your eyes. With adjustable mounts, you can also arrange your 6 monitor setup so that it works perfectly for your chair and desk setup. Traders and gamers tend to sit in front of their multi-monitor setup for hours on end, so it’s important to make sure that you don’t develop repetitive strain injuries.

What Ideal Specifications do you Need for a 6 Monitor Setup?


You’ll need to make sure you have the right technical specifications in order to benefit from all the advantages listed above. Here are the main criteria you need to bear in mind:

Memory and processing power

The first step is making sure that your computer can actually power your two, three, or 6 monitors. This is regardless of whether you have a laptop or desktop. These days, you can find powerful laptops that more than compare to desktops. A good rule of thumb is to check that your RAM is at least 16GB and even 32GB if possible.

In terms of processing power, most computers use Intel or AMD chips. These days, you’ll see that processors often have several cores that allow them to process work simultaneously. Essentially, this makes your device faster and more efficient. Either way, you should lookout for a CPU of around 3.6GHz or higher.

Graphics Cards

Your computer’s integrated graphics card is what allows it to update your images and charts quickly and effectively. In fact, without a good graphics card, you wouldn’t even be able to support your 6 monitor setup. This video card is so critical that many gamers even choose to build their own computer so that they can install external graphics cards.

Radeon or NVIDIA are key brand names for high-quality graphics cards. These are usually specified as GDDR4 or 6 and have about 8GB of Graphics-RAM. Some even go up to 12GB although this would probably be more sought after by gamers.


Monitors tend to have an option of three different LCD panels: TN, VA, IPS, in increasing resolution quality. You might think you need the top-of-the-range IPS panels but actually, most gamers and traders tend to go for the more affordable TN panels. Their quality is more than good enough for what they need. Of course, this is a personal choice though and so you might want to test a few out when you go to your local computer shop. This is also the opportunity to check your DisplayPort connections and whether you need HDMI, VGA, or USB cables to connect your monitors to your computer.

Final Recommendations for your 6 Monitor Setup


With technology’s progress, gaming and trading at home have never been so easy and fun. Of course, you should plan ahead and think about what type of games or trades you might want to work with. This will help you specify exactly what you need. Although, don’t forget you can build up from two or three monitors before going all out with a 6 monitor setup. Either way, you won’t regret your improved digital experience.