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Hair loss is an incredibly common problem that guys of all ages often have to deal with on their own. There are many factors that can contribute to a man losing his luscious locks. Some of these factors involve genetics, and there’s not much you can do to stop the problem. If your dad or grandfather was bald at an early age or went bald later on in life, there’s a good chance that it’ll happen to you. Another key factor that can contribute to hair loss involves hormones. Men with uneven levels of testosterone or who have hormonal imbalances may find that they begin to lose more of their natural tresses over time.

The problem with male baldness is that it can wreak havoc on a guy’s self-esteem and confidence. You might find that you just don’t like the way that you look because of the fact that you’re missing some, a lot or even all of your own natural hair. In a way, when a guy goes bald, it can also age him significantly. This will cause him to look a lot older than he actually is, which can play a role with self-esteem as well. Thankfully, there are several things that you can try to help regrow what’s lost for a fuller, thicker head of hair.


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Hair transplants are often used to treat male pattern baldness. The way that these transplants work is by removing from follicles from a donor part of the body and then transplanting to the head in areas where the tresses are missing. This process is an out-patient procedure and is more tedious than it is painful. However, the goal of this particular procedure is to essentially fill in areas that are currently sparse.

Transplants can be considered permanent since they help with regrowth and follicle stimulation. In some cases, the hair is removed from the back of the head where it is most plentiful and put towards the front. You may need some type of anesthetic while the procedure is being done, since there may be a small amount of skin removed along with the follicle.


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There are plenty of helpful medications that aim to stimulate regrowth in a natural, easy manner. Many have found that medications, like Finasteride, are easy to take and have minimal side effects. You can visit this site to learn more about the medication and how it can work to treat male pattern baldness. Some medications are only available with a prescription from a doctor, so you’ll want to talk to a healthcare professional if you’re interested.

For pills and medications, it is crucial that you follow all instructions to ensure you’re not taking too much. Some of these medications may have mild side effects, but they are minimal when compared to the benefits of taking them. In general, most of these drugs work by stimulating regrowth naturally within the body. You can also opt for treatments such as PRP which have no internal side effects at

Topical Treatments

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There are dozens of topical treatments that you can find when browsing the local drugstore. These may include shampoos, creams, foams and serums. The idea of these particular products is to stimulate growth so that your hair comes in thicker and stronger. Unfortunately, most of these topical treatments will only work if they’re continually used. If you stop using them, the regrowth may fall out again and not come back. A proven and effective hair growth serum that you can try is Nulastin.

It is important to familiarize yourself with what is available and to read reviews before purchasing anything. Most of these creams and serums are available without a prescription and should be used consistently in order to see results. Always read labels before simply slapping some cream on your head and hoping for the best. It’s not uncommon for many of these products to take months before you will begin to see any type of result from using them.

Wigs and Toupees

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If you’d rather avoid the heavy creams, medications or surgical procedures to have a head full of beautiful, healthy hair, it’s time to consider wearing either a wig or a toupee. The beauty about these products is that they’ve gotten better with time. Years ago, wearing a wig was pretty obvious and most people would know that you had one on.

However, wigs and toupees are now made using special techniques and materials that really make it look like they’re natural. It is important to familiarize yourself with the techniques necessary to apply either the wig or toupee. If you simply slap the wig on your head and call it a day, it probably won’t look as natural when compared to taking your time and using special glue to keep it in place. Don’t be afraid to pay more for a higher-quality wig, since it’ll look nicer and last longer.

Lifestyle Changes

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Unfortunately, the way that you live can contribute to overall balding without even being aware of it. For example, habits like smoking and drinking too much alcohol can both cause issues with your appearance. They can both stunt overall hair regrowth, which means that once you lose it, it won’t come back. It’s a good idea to quit smoking if you haven’t already and to consider limiting the amount of alcohol that you drink on a regular basis. Another important factor that is often overlooked by guys who are losing their natural tresses is to take a high-quality multivitamin.

Vitamins play an enormous role when it comes to skin and hair health. If your diet isn’t the best and you’re not getting enough vitamins and nutrients, you can replace what you’re missing with the right supplements. Likewise, making some changes to your overall diet can help to bridge the gap in what you’re lacking. Many men have also found that it’s beneficial to perform a scalp massage every day. This massage can help to stimulate the underlying follicles and help to encourage regrowth. You may want to make it a habit to perform a scalp massage every night before bed. Some men find it helpful to use oils and creams while doing this for enhanced results.