Gaming is a hobby that’s enjoyed by millions all across the world. Some enjoy platform gaming, have expensive gaming rigs, and devote a good chunk of their income to their hobby, others prefer mobile gaming apps that can often allow them to game free of charge and wherever they happen to be at that moment. Whichever kind of gaming you prefer, we’ve got some tips on how you can squeeze even more enjoyment out of your hobby without spending a dime more.

Rediscover Retro Titles


There’s been a big boom in retro gaming recently. People love the pixelated aesthetic, the simple and catchy theme tunes as well as the iconic characters. Whilst many of the classic games are being reworked into new and therefore expensive versions of their previous selves, the original versions of the games are gathering dust on the shelves. Dig through your old collection of video games and see if there are any you’d love to play through again.

Most gaming consoles are built with reverse compatibility, meaning that your old titles will likely work on your new machine. If you’ve lost, sold, or thrown out your old games then take a look through eBay and Amazon for people who are selling theirs. These games will be a fraction of the cost of new ones and will bring back many nostalgic memories. You can also sometimes snag a bargain at a garage sale or even pop down to your local goodwill. Often games will be just a couple of dollars a piece so you can really fill up your shelves with some cool retro titles.

Make Use Of Bonuses


If you’re the kind of gamer who enjoys casino games then you probably already know all about bonuses. However, if you don’t then it really pays to learn. Lots of casinos offer bonuses to new sign-ups, which enable players to try out new casinos for a reduced rate.

Slot players often tend to look for free casino spins, which they can compare on sites like PokerNews and which will allow them to play their favorite slot games for free. Of course, it is not only bonuses for casino games that can be found.

If you enjoy playing Freemium games then you too might be able to benefit from a bonus. Freemium games will usually have discounts on depending on the time of year and any special in-game events that might be taking place. Taking advantage of these can get you some great items at big discounts, so it’s always worth a search before making a purchase.

Search For Sales


This tip sounds like an obvious one, but the biggest way that you can squeeze a little extra enjoyment from that same gaming budget is by always buying in the sale.

Companies like Steam will even send you notifications if a game on your wishlist is put on sale, so spending an afternoon filling up your wishlist isn’t just an enjoyable way to discover some new games, it can save you a good chunk of change too. These retailers sometimes slash prices by as much as 70% meaning you could get two titles for the same amount of money and have a little left over. Whilst it’s not always possible to buy in the sale immediately, if you’ve got enough patience to hold out for a couple of months then you’ll be surprised how quickly new releases find their way into the bargain bin.

Become a Games Tester


This tip is one for those who are in love with gaming and not only can it save you money, but if you really take it to the ultimate level then it can make you money too. If you just want to devote a little of your time to game testing then you’ll usually be able to find beta versions of games. These versions are free for anybody to download and play but they’re missing some features from the final release. It might be that you can only play one chapter of a story, you might have simplified graphics, or there might still be some glitches. While this might not be everybody’s cup of tea, it can give you a great feel for what a game is going to be like when it’s finally released, meaning that if you don’t enjoy the beta version, you can save your money for a different purchase instead.

The other option is to become a fully-fledged games tester. These guys will play the same chapter of a game over and over searching for glitches, workarounds, and anything else that the developer would need to know about. They’ll get early access to big releases and be remunerated for their time. However, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting paid for your standard style of gaming, this is a lot more like hard work!

Learn a Little About Your Machines


Having an expensive gaming rig is a dream for many gamers but buying everything brand new can cost a whole load of money. Instead of forking out for brand new equipment, get to learn a little more about what you already have. PC gamers in particular will find this tip really helpful, as PCs are almost endlessly customizable. The obvious switches like headphones and a gaming mouse aren’t so well suited to this tip, but upgrading your hard drive, giving yourself a little extra RAM, revamping your motherboard, and options like this are perfect. Plus, as well as having a PC that’s running big games better than you ever thought possible, you’ll have taught yourself a new skill too.

Learning about how computers and electronics in general work is a genuinely useful life skill that you can apply in all kinds of other areas. Learning how to wire, solder, and upgrade your PC can set you up for attaching new plugs to your appliances and troubleshooting problems yourself when things go wrong. So, as well as saving money on your shiny new gaming setup, you’ll also be able to save money on calling out electricians when you need to fix a light switch or replace a blown fuse.