Thinking about investing in different cryptos? How about Bitcoin in particular? There are loads of different reasons why you might want to invest in these cryptocurrencies in the upcoming period. At the moment BTC stands at $64,493.27, or 6.02%. Wondering if it is worth your time or if it is a good thing to invest in? Keep on reading and understand all of your options, and see whether if it is a high-risk investment, or not.

Top 3 key facts

  • Regulatory

Bitcoin has been around for 12 years, which means that the entire concept will not be going anywhere any time soon. Regulations on how it is used & converted, as well as if it is even legal, are not the same around the globe. This means that different surroundings and different places will have their own system, while the US has probably the best system around cryptos.

  • Technological

The risk of a bug in BTC software is quite low, which makes mining practical & trustworthy. If you are someone who doesn’t want to do a lot of work & you want the computer to do it for you, this is it! The most talked-about concept is hash power that is used to measure computational energy. Once you have everything set up all you have to worry about is your electricity bills.

  • Competitive

Bitcoin and Ethereum are always going hand in hand trying to battle it out when it comes to their assets. This is due to their volatile creation and origin. Nowadays there are loads of different virtual currencies on the market, and yours has to stand out in order to get recognized, as well as used. If you are someone who loves to try out different methods & tactics you shouldn’t strive away from BTC.

So, what is Bitcoin?


Digital money has become a thing of the future, and digital transactions are something that suits most people. Cryptos use a way of sending data in cyberspace while making them decentralized, which means that they are not regulated by anyone, and no one can own them or have access to them such as banks or governments. Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that is quite unique & mystical, it doesn’t have its creator, and it has been around the longest.

Bitcoin price changes


BTC has had a lot of changes ever since coming out on the market, but also back in September 2024. It had a huge shift the moment when Tesla announced that they would start accepting BTC as payment for their vehicles. Elon Musk has made a shift in BTC usage also after admitting that he is a fan of. However, since the currency is so volatile you can never know what to expect. That’s why, for instance, back in 2024, you would be sitting on a 300% profit by the end of the year if you were to invest in BTC. People who were to invest in Bitcoin in 2018 would have lost 73% of their money since this crypto had collapsed. This is the beauty of it – you never know what you can expect.

So, how risky is it to invest?


If you want to invest in crypto it is vital for you to do your research and stay committed to it on a daily. Make sure that you are well aware of the fact that it is volatile. In India, for instance, this crypto is banned, and you can’t make purchases, while in China & America, it is a whole different story.

How can you buy BTC


There are different ways that you can choose from when it comes to making a purchase. Coinbase & Binance are some of your most popular & talked-about options. You should also have a crypto wallet if you are trying to save & invest your money, also known as the e-wallet.

However, if you plan on buying & purchasing other cryptos again & again, know that there are loads of fees and transaction fees that may stop you in your long-term plan.

Different BTC options

Bitcoin options are a form of financial derivative that allows you to sell or buy bitcoin during a certain period of time. You can speculate if it will go up or down and make your purchase based on that. Predictions are hard to do on your own, which is why you should do everyday research, check your resources, as well as different podcasts.

Should you make an investment right now?


Overall & in conclusion – yes, now is a good time to give this value some thought. Here are the top four reasons why you should do it right away:

  1. Bitcoin’s security – you won’t have to worry about your e-wallet or your crypto management & use. Enjoy its high-level security and safety since this currency is decentralized.
  1. Easy to use & access – there are loads of different options and apps, as well as software options that will make your use easy & convenient. You can make trades, enjoy different profits, as well as select the right solution for your preference.
  1. Availability – all you need is a good internet connection in order to access your e-wallet. Enjoy mining from the comfort of your home and start making a change & a difference.
  1. No limitations on your transactions – this means that you can make a transfer of any amount of money. You are free to make transactions or payments anywhere in the world without paying tax. The process is quick & easy, as well as convenient.

Do you want to give it a go?


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