Of course, this is a question many of you asked upon facing the first obstacle in growing your Instagram business.

While there are many people who advise against it, there is equally the same number of people who advise for it.

Sure there the number of against-s far outweigh the number of for-s.

However, I will reveal some of the secrets that only a few know. That if you apply, you can grow your business even when you buy Instagram followers from

What Type of Followers You Can Possibly Buy?


The most commonly asked question is whether the followers you buy are real or not.

There is no need for me to say that those are real people.

From my experience, the followers are accounts of those people who opened and left them inactive or accounts that have been specifically opened for commercial purposes only. The million-dollar question is, is it safe to buy Instagram followers in 2024?

It is no secret anymore that those accounts are not active.

But that doesn’t mean they are not real accounts. Those are real Instagram accounts whose likes and follows and views count just as much as the next person. And are reflected in the Analytics.

So, when you buy Instagram followers, you are basically paying for those accounts to drop a follow. Due to their inactive nature, many people who bought the services complain, and write negative reviews.

From here, you can figure out that real accounts following other accounts are not against Instagram’s Terms. You should not expect much activity though.

What Are the Main Reasons to Buy Followers?


Because buying Instagram followers is not the key to stardom, it is if you know to make use of those accounts.

You shouldn’t only rely on the bought accounts and stop working on your content or stop promoting your page on other social media pages.

Many businesses buy Instagram followers when they want to grow their business and reach more people.

But imagine you have real followers and you keep asking them to buy your product, they probably think that the product you are promoting is not good enough which is why you have only 100 followers.

Now imagine the same situation except you have 1000 followers, although many of them are inactive, those active ones, seeing the video, ad, post, whatever it is, will think differently.

Why? because 1000 people following you give your profile some credibility and reputation.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers – Questionable Safety


The average engagement rate on IG is 1.22%. Even if you had 100 % real people following, only 1.22% would engage with you according to FeedPixel.

In fact, this average is true for other social media platforms as well. Thus, even if you were to not just buy Instagram followers but say buy Tiktok fans. The number of those engaged will still be the same.

The biggest claim many of those against buying followers make is that these are bots. The very existence of this sentence feels obnoxious. Because bots couldn’t possibly like and follow without getting noticed by Instagram virtual police.

There is but a little truth to that sentence in the sense that those profiles which like or follow your profile do it with a command by a real human. And only that part is what makes it an organism that follows the order of humans bot-like.

But now imagine what you would only order followers that are indifferent to real people.

Wouldn’t the algorithm skip them?.

Not only will the algorithm read them as real accounts but even show the stats in the Analytics section for your future analysis.

So, if you ever wondered is it safe to buy Instagram followers in 2024, they are not only safe but helpful to move your business forward. Much like the answer for “is it safe to buy Instagram followers in 2024” or 2019.

Of course, you should never stop working on the quality of your post and relentlessly entertain your audience.

How Legal is Paying For Followers?


By now you may have less questioned is it safe to buy Instagram followers in 2024, but is it legal, you might wonder.

Well, it is not.

But just like I explained how to safely buy Instagram followers.

Even though the majority on the Internet recommend against it, they do it without fully understanding that they themselves have done quite a number on this legal balderdash. In fact, almost everyone has questioned is it safe to buy Instagram followers in 2024, or is it legit.

Weed wasn’t legal for a long time, yet many people kept smoking it. And still is not legal in many countries around the world. As is buying Instagram followers online.

If this helps your account grow and your business too, a little bit of balderdash and the opinions of people on the internet shouldn’t matter. As should not mine as well.

So, you should decide whether to buy Instagram followers or not, while I inform you the truth, revealing what buying IG followers mean, and how safe it is to buy Instagram followers is.

When it comes to safety, it is quite safe as even the algorithm considers those accounts as real. However, in terms of legality, it is not.

Can You Increase Engagement By Buying Instagram Followers?


Now we got to the point of most importance.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers in 2024 and if it helps increase engagement?

To increase engagement on Instagram a number of things exist, but can you do it when you buy Instagram followers?

Of course, those many things contain methods and approaches to increase it organically. And some of those methods do work.

You can follow those methods and approaches and increase the engagement organically. But you can also accelerate the process by buying Instagram followers who will not actually engage with your posts but will still give you those sweat benefits of credibility and reputation.

However, you can also buy Instagram likes and comments and views anything that exists on the platform. The safety measures that are applied when someone tries to buy Instagram followers are applied to buying Instagram likes or comments.

One of the best things you can do with your social media promotion services is to buy auto likes, or perhaps some amount of views when buying followers for your Instagram profile.

Not only will they arrive automatically on your posts, but also, make it seem so organic that not only the algorithm will not detect but also the fellows that follow you.

Which again, gives you more credibility and reputation.

Apart from intangible benefits, there are some real benefits to buy Instagram followers. The real benefit it gives is steady organic growth.

Because more followers bring even more followers. While this might not be always true for all Instagram pages, when it comes to business pages many people seem to follow if the page already has a certain audience.

To Sum Up


If you are having a heated discussion on whether it is safe to buy Instagram followers in 2024 or not, the answer has been revealed here.

If you think we might have missed something or didn’t reveal enough secrets. Feel free to reveal them yourself by commenting down below.

Plus, remember even though it is safe to buy Instagram followers, you should not stop working on your content.

You might wonder why to buy Instagram followers then if I still have to work?

Because buying followers from a trusted source is safe, why not buy them if it makes that profile look credible and reputable?

To increase the engagement first try all you can, then turn to buy social media products.

Because buying will not solve all your problems but still is safe to buy Instagram followers in 2024.