Do you want to make the most out of your football experience? If so then you have come to the right place. Italy truly is one of the most passionate countries in the world when it comes to soccer, and when you pay the country a visit for yourself, you will soon see why.

The club teams are always trying to evoke feelings of love, and when you see them play you will soon realise that sport does bring people together. If you want to find out more about soccer then take a look below, so you can begin planning your trip to italy.



Bologna have won 10 huge trophies. Their success tends to be deep-rooted in the past. They have regulated to the Serie B a total of four times and they have also spent the last 12 seasons within the second tier when you look at the last 34 years. Time and time again, they have shown that they are the dominant team in Italy and they have also won six out of the seven Scudettos within that time frame. They have also managed to win the Coppa Italia titles, with the last trophy that they won being in 1974.


Parma are within Serie B and any kind of football list would not be complete if you did not include this list. While the team have never been able to win a Scudetto, it is important to know that the eight trophies do show how successful they have been. They happen to be the 1th-most winning team in Italian history and they also have a total of two UEFA Cup trophies. They also have a UEFA Super Cup. When you look at the years 1992 and 2002, you will soon see that they were one of the top clubs in the whole of Europe.

They have come a long way over the years but at the end of the day, they have experienced issues. They have experienced bankruptcy and this saw them regulated just a few years later. Then, in 2015, they were in the fourth division within Italy. They managed to return to Serie A around 2018 but then they were regulated last year. They are trying to do everything they can to keep up the good fight but it’s not likely that they are going to be a top-ranking team any time soon.



One thing you need to know about Torino is that they have managed to win a total of 12 major trophies within their time. All of them have come domestically. In the earlier years, they were seen as being a huge team but then it seems that disaster struck. The whole team was killed in the Superga disaster. They have the fifth-mos Serie A titles and they have also managed to raise the Coppa Italia title a number of times. When you look at the last five years, you will soon see that they have bounced between Serie B and Serie A. That being said, lately they have experienced quite a lot of success. They are working hard to avoid regulation again and it seems that they are currently playing one of the oldest derbies within the Italian football sphere.


Napoli have a total of 10 trophies to their name. They have experienced a lot of success during the 1980s and they were also fortunate enough to have Diego Maradona leading their fully-launched attack During this time they managed to come out with a total of two Serie A titles and they also managed to lift the UEFA Cup. They then suffered hard times and they were sent to Serie B around 1998. Since then they have risen to the ranks again but it didn’t last long. They filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and have struggled to get a good track record going ever since.



Even though success has evaded them quite a lot in history, it seems that Fiorentina was a soccer power. This happened around the 1950s and when the 1960s came along, it seems that they finished in the top two of every season for a period of four years. This spanned between 1956 and 1960. The club was then forced to declare bankruptcy in the year 2002 and they were then regulated two levels, right down to Serie C. With that in mind, they only took two years to come back to Serie A. They have remained there ever since. The biggest rivals are currently Juventus and they are just two of the clubs who have been able to reach the final.


As the name indicates, Roma plays in Rome and overall they are the fifth most-supported team in the league. Of course, overall, they have won a total of 15 trophies but they have not won any since they lifted the trophy in 2008. They have won the Coppa Italia trophy nine times and behind Juventus, they are the second-biggest team. The Wolves of Rome have managed to win the Scudetto a total of three times and they also won one in the year 2000. They have not achieved this level of European success ever since.

It seems that the fans are very passionate but when you look at the things they have achieved, you will soon see that they have been involved with a lot of different stabbing incidents. This is the case when you look at the opposing fan bases over the last decade and a half.

Of course, if you have never given much thought to following football teams across Italy then now is the time for you to change that. There are some top teams out there and when you give it a go for yourself, you will soon find that you are able to enjoy football on a whole new level. You can even travel to Italy if you want, so you can see the teams play in person while also taking in everything.