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If this is the first time you need correction to your vision and want to try contact lenses or you wear glasses and want to change to contacts, you’ll need a prescription from an optometrist first. It usually takes a little longer for a contact lens exam than it does with glasses. Before the exam begins, if you have decided you want contact lenses, tell your optometrist so the correct exam can be performed.

Your optometrist will first check the overall health of your eyes. You will be asked why do you want to wear contacts, have you been having any problems with your eyes and if you understand that contacts require maintenance. Your information will help your optometrist to evaluate if contacts are the best choice for you. Whether you are interested to wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes such as from or for the purpose of correcting your vision, having an eye exam is important.

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Several tests will be performed during the exam to evaluate your vision and eye health. Once all this information is gathered and your doctor looks it over, your prescription will be written. Before you can buy contact lenses, you’ll have to have that prescription. Afterward, you can buy contact lenses online and save money.

Measuring the shape of your eyes is just one of the measurements your optometrist will use to determine the best fit. The dryness of your eyes has to be taken into consideration. There are different degrees of dryness and different contacts to be used for that. Your cornea will be examined for any problems that may prevent you from wearing contacts.

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Once you have passed the eye exam, your first pair of contacts will usually be a temporary pair. This is done to see how well you can tolerate contacts and see how well they settle on your eyes. Finding the right style to fit you perfectly may take trying out several types. The perfect fit will improve your vision, fit so comfortably that you don’t even know you have them on and, of course, not damage your cornea.

You never want to use a contact lens that has been scratched or torn. Get into the habit of inspecting your contacts each and every time before you put them on. You will be shown how to inspect your lenses when you are given the temporary pair. Before you receive your final pair of contacts, you will go through a test period of time with the temporary pair and be evaluated of how well they performed on you.

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When you are being fitted for your contacts, the doctor will explain all the different brands available and which ones are best for you. During the time you’re wearing temporary lenses, you will also try out different cleaning solutions too. Some people have a mild reaction with the solutions available but most have no trouble finding one that works fine for them. In general, you will be given the contact lens solution that has worked best and given the least amount of irritation first and goes from there if needed.

It is very important to go to all of your follow up visits once your exam and fitting have been done. You can expect your first follow up visit to be in just a few weeks. Your eyes and contacts will need to be inspected to see how they are adjusting to each other and to see if any problems are forming. Just because you don’t think anything is wrong and the contacts are feeling good, don’t neglect the follow-up visits. Any unforeseen problems can be avoided with this one simple action.


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