All people say their college days is something they will remember forever. This is really a great time for studying, making new friends, having fun, interacting with teachers and other students, feeling nervous before exams. Needless to say that young people always want to look great and bright to make an impression on others. Good clothes are the right way to look fabulous and stylish in college. Of course, for young people, it’s not always easy to understand which clothes are better to combine and wear to college. They read a lot of fashion magazines and try to copy ideas from there. Needless to say, not every fashionable look is appropriate for wearing in college, so it’s important to count on this too.

Fancy clothes can make a young person feel more confident as well as attract attention from others. But as everyone knows, students usually live on a tough budget. In this article, we have gathered some hints on how to look great on a budget.

Hints for students how to look fashionable in college

Go ahead and find our great hints to look fancy and attractive in college! You can use just several from our tips or just all of them. We guarantee your friends, teachers, and other students will notice changes for the better in your image.

1. Try to define your style


You may think it’s impossible to look good without expensive brand clothes, but first of all, we suggest thinking about your style of clothes. Most students may think they should have dresses and accessories from well-known brands only to look fashionable. This is not true, you can still look great without these extraordinary things. Define your style and think about what clothes you’d like to wear every day without making accents on any brand.

2. Allocate your budget for clothes

All students manage their finances to buy food, cosmetics, and other stuff they need. Think about how to develop your budget for your fashion. Plan what things you’d like to buy and think if you are able to make this purchase. Maybe you will realize it’s better to save some money to renew your wardrobe. Try to be wise and think if you really need to buy those jeans when you already have three other pairs.

3. The brand is not the only way to look fabulous


Of course, brand clothes can make you look great and make an impression on others. But you also can find some companies that produce quality and fancy clothes at more reliable prices. It’s not necessary to wear brands when you can buy nice and good-looking unbranded clothing.

4. Surf the Internet

Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy clothes online than in a local store, so don’t miss your chance and try to search for online stores where you can get great stuff without draining your wallet. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the last news and deals!

5. Always look for discounts and offers


All stores offer seasonal discounts, and this is a great chance for you to buy quality clothes without wasting a lot of money! You can stay informed about your local stores or subscribe and get special offers from online stores. Sometimes you can get a wonderful chance to buy brand clothing with a huge discount (usually this may happen when a new collection arrives and stores set discounts and sales for the production of the previous season).

6. Plan your shopping days

Try to not buy anything too expensive spontaneously because later you may regret it. Schedule shopping time and visit all local stores just to see if they have something interesting. We suggest going to stores about twice a month. But it doesn’t mean you should buy something every time you go there.

7. Don’t buy too much


Some people are really crazy about clothes, they buy a lot of stuff they don’t need, and then complain they have nothing to wear. Think twice before you buy something. Define if you really need another tie when you already have a dozen in your drawer? That red dress looks awesome, but do you really feel like you need it when you already have two other dresses of the same color? Don’t spend all your money on clothes, especially if you plan other expenses for this month, for example, buying a dissertation.

8. Use loyalty cards and coupons

Some people forget about coupons and cards, but it’s your chance to save up to 50% or even more! You can find much more information about coupons and how to use them on the Internet. It’s never late to learn how to be fashionable even on a tough budget!

9. Take care of clothes


Learn how to take care of all your clothes, so they will serve you longer. The washing machine has various programs for different types of stuff, so use it properly and wash clothes of dark and light colors separately.

10. Borrow a dress for a party


What to do if you are invited to the party, but you don’t have a good outfit to look amazing? Plus, you didn’t plan your budget for buying a new dress this month, so does it mean you should decline the invitation? There is still a decision – you can borrow a dress from your best friend or cousin. Of course, this is possible if you have the same size and you two are that close to borrowing stuff.

Please do not be afraid to make various experiments with your look but of course, you should remember about dress code in college. Follow our tips and change your outfits without draining your wallet! You can get more interesting ideas about choosing your wardrobe at We assure you it’s possible to stay beautiful and attractive even without spending a lot of money buying expensive and luxury brand clothes from fashionable magazines.