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All of the things you can experience in college can significantly affect your life long-term. According to Omnia Space, your living arrangement as a college student can affect your ability to study and excel in your classes. The same also applies to the friends you surround yourself with. But most importantly, college can be stressful because the major you pick can affect your financial stability and quality of life in the future.

Choosing a major that suits your passion or one that is currently in demand will make it very easy for you to find a stable job when you graduate from college. Over time, this job can improve your life, ward off stress, and allow you to start a family on your own.

However, choosing a major for your degree program can be a challenge. While most students know what they want to major in, you might find it hard to make a decision. While you have some time allowance, you can find the entire process stressful. You can find yourself getting behind on your studies and might have to do a few extra classes for you to catch up on.

If you are not sure about the career path you want, you can go for general majors. A general major will give you the chance to get exposed to a number of careers which can help you decide the way to go. Have a look at this article to get a list of general majors you can take while you make your decision.

1. Biology

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Biology degree programs expose you to things related to plants, humans, and animals and how they exist in the ecosystem. You can discover the specific areas of study during the classes. If you want something hands-on, you are in the right field as you need to have natural problem-solving skills.

You can choose biology majors if you want to go into genetic engineering, medicine, and agricultural sciences. There are a number of vacant positions being created as the world leans to that direction. A good biology degree will put one foot into medical and graduate school.

2. Business

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The coursework of a business or business administration course is surprisingly interesting. With a business degree, you can understand the fundamentals of finance, accounting, and help organizations develop better management structures.

Contrary to popular belief, having a business degree does not put you in a “cubicle.” Instead, there are several employment opportunities in non-profit work, pre-law, hospital administration, and several professional environments. With so many organizations opening, the need for business majors has never been higher.

Since a business major will cover a wide variety of subjects, expect that pursuing this degree will also open countless opportunities for you. With a business degree, you can work in a private organization, government agency, or start a business on your own. Having the option to choose from any of these careers will surely make it very easy for you to pursue your career path and earn a lot of money from it.

With business majors, you can start your career as a real estate agent, business operations specialist, sales manager, financial analyst, benefits, and compensation manager. And if you choose to make money as an entrepreneur, you can become your own boss!

3. Chemistry

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Chemistry degrees open you up to a wide range of opportunities. You have a wide range of graduate and career options to choose from. By going for a chemistry or biochemistry degree, you make yourself open for future success.

In most cases, those looking for people with chemistry backgrounds look for advanced degrees as well. If you can get an MBA, you will be more marketable as the demand is more in industries. Employers are looking for people with a background in sciences, so having a chemistry degree will put you somehow in the lead.

4. Computer

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With people using technology at an increasing rate, you will always find someone who needs a computer guy. Choosing a computer or information science degree will require you to put in a lot of programming hours. If you have a genuine interest in computer technology and how it can be integrated into our lives, this is the major for you.

Gone are the days where computer geeks would sit around their parents’ basements crunching code. Now, they get opportunities in gaming technology, software development, and other areas where computer technology is needed, which is everywhere.

Also, with an increase in online sites, many website owners fall short at technicalities. They have a tough time fixing small issues as they are unaware of the background code. You can take hands-on these issues and follow the gig to enhance your career.

5. Economics

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If you are interested in law, government policy, education, international relations, or politics in your future, you can get an economics degree. It will introduce you to basic social, commercial, and political processes.

An economics degree is for you if you want to use your knowledge to get a law degree, business, or get a job in the government. The degree is demanding, but it will guide you, and you will be able to connect better in the job market.

6. Engineering

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Without engineering specialties, the world would barely function. Engineering specialties can be studied at undergraduate levels enabling you to begin your career immediately after you leave college. If you are not sure about the type of engineering you want to venture in, you can choose a general engineering or engineering management degree. That way, you will be exposed to all kinds of engineering as you decide your area of specialty.

7. Psychology

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If you are interested in analyzing people’s behavior and their thinking process, you can opt for a degree in psychology. With this, you will develop both of your quantitative and qualitative skills. You will be able to research people, analyze the data as well as enhance your thinking and writing skills. Most of the psychology majors find their careers as social workers, research assistants, caseworkers, mental health counselors, human resource generalists, etc.

The things you can learn from a psychology major can also help you get through your own life easier. Through psychology, you will learn to understand how other people behave and be more patient in understanding everyone’s diversity. With these skills, you won’t have any trouble getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people in the community, school, and workplace in the future.

8. English

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Many people find it difficult to major in a particular language. But if you have an immense interest in English, it can incredibly take you to high levels of knowledge and skills. A degree in English will prepare you for a wide range of contexts. You will be able to think differently, analyze the texts, and write precisely. These skills can help you in starting your own side hustle at an early stage. Your critical thinking and clear writing skills will land you for any high-level job in the industry.

With English majors, you can start your career as an editor, copywriter, teacher, lawyer, or marketing associate. You can even opt to write your own book and start your career as a successful writer. Individuals and businesses use the English language every single day, so expect that an English major will allow you to choose from countless career opportunities in the future!

9. Communications

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If you have a good command over your communication skills, then majors in communication will take your career to a whole new level. It is another broad field and offers you a number of career roles such as marketing and advertising, government and politics, business and industrial relations, public relations, media and broadcasting, and journalism.

Online Tools for Future and Seasoned Professionals

Whatever career you want to choose, online tools are now available to enhance your skills and kickstart your professional career. Also, because of the threatening coronavirus pandemic, seeking career options is better online.

Check out these online tools you can use to help improve your knowledge and skills and find the best career for you.

1. Salary and Job Hunt Websites

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You’ll find dedicated tools to find salary ranges and jobs for various fields and industries. Using such resources, you can find relevant job offers and vacant positions that you can easily apply online without leaving home. For example, you can click here to find out the best careers for bioengineering.

Here are the advantages of using salary and job hunt websites:

  • Easy and convenient job application.
  • There’s no need to be exposed outdoors and run the risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Get interviewed and land a job online without leaving home.

2. Marketing Tools

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Online marketing tools allow marketing major graduates and professionals to take tutorials online and provide organizations and professionals to bring all the tools used in supporting their marketing. It includes all tools that a marketer or advertiser needs to improve website traffic, convert visitors into leads, and deliver a measurable return on investment ROI by closing more sales.

Here are the advantages of using marketing tools:

  • Promote your business online anywhere and anytime.
  • Boost your traffic, leads, and sales using online marketing strategies.
  • Marketing your products and services online is faster and cheaper than traditional means.
  • With digital marketing strategies, you’re able to reach more audiences.

3. Social Media

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Social media channels are now beyond chatting or connecting with your loved ones and families. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are now being used to promote products and services, as well as find jobs.

In Conclusion

Making a decision on your major can be stressful. However, with these 9 general majors, you can keep your options open until you decide the path for you. Sometimes you need to be in the field for you to make a decision, and these majors are giving you that opportunity.