It’s all ending. The comfort and protection as a high school student are all about to come to a halt. It’s a tough year with so much to look forward which makes it imperative for students to enjoy the most. It’s the end of an era and letting it pass by while handing in assignments and cramping before finals, is not at all how it’s supposed to be. It’s an important year not only academically but also socially and needless to say, emotionally. It’s time to bid farewell to the people you’ve spent all your life with, teachers you absolutely adore and the place you call home – you shouldn’t waste it. Make every moment count without compromising the big goal you have ahead.

Here are a few tips for you to totally enjoy your senior year while maintaining or rather improving the GPA:

1. Get the important things out of your way


Now, this one’s a no-brainer. Get all the important things including your SAT/ACT exam, college application, etc. out of the way during junior year. By doing so you’re not only lessening your workout during senior year, but you are also aiming to do so much more. Start preparing for your college exam earlier on and by that we mean, sophomore and/or junior year as you’ll have much easier courses during that time. Also, if you don’t do so well you always can retake it as of the ample time you’ll be left with before applying for colleges. Further, the best time to fill in college applications is during the summer before senior year. You might not want to sit down and think about important stuff but trust me when I say, it’s the best time to do so as you don’t have too much to think about and can fill them without getting distracted by deadlines.

Moreover, another thing you must learn before heading in the senior year is the skill to plan and prioritize accordingly. You’ll have too much on your plate during the academic year which is why planning is imperative. Go through the syllabus once you get them and mark important dates so that you don’t miss out on any quizzes or underperform on an assignment. With that said, marking your calendar will help put things into perspective. As already mentioned, you will be occupied by not only academics, planning ahead would make your life so much easier and would lend you so much more time to spend with your friends during this bittersweet year.

2. Explore


The world is out there waiting for you! High school is the time in a student’s life where he can think and be anyone he/she wants to be. The sky is the limit which is why you must not be headstrong about one field or a college for that matter – explore! Explore the majors you might be interested in as well as be good at and subsequently, explore the college you would want to go to.

It is pertinent to ask questions to yourself while choosing the right college. They are rather difficult as that place will be where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life. To give you a head start we have a few frequently asked/ thought of questions that can help you clear out the picture for you. They are:

  • What are you good at?

Opting for Accounting or Finance as your major is not a great option if you’re not too strong at math or going for History as your major is not ideal if you’re not into reading too much. Try to discuss it with your friends and family and realistically assess your own self.

  • Budget

The most important question before choosing a college is the budget you have. Sit down with your parents and decide on a budget. If you’re planning on getting a student loan, hit up the relevant department and ask about the amount you can easily secure. Further, if you want to get a scholarship, try to read about the scholarships the college offers or any external scholarships that you might be eligible for.

  • Location and size

Now, this one might come as a surprise but location alongside the size of the college matters too. If you’re the kind who enjoys being in smaller classes and learns better, a smaller college would be better suited for you and vice versa. Further, location is another factor. Are you willing to relocate? What are the living arrangements you wish to have? Do you have the budget for it? All of these are questions you must answer yourself and discuss with your family as well.

3. Enjoy!


The most important part of this time is to truly enjoy it. These carefree moments will not return which is why you must live up to every second you have of it. Sure, handing in your assignment on time is important but there are times you must sit back and blow off the steam with your friends. For the aforementioned times, you can rely a hundred percent on online help websites like PaperHelp. Such online platforms provide incredible help with your assignments and even college essays. The help comes at a meager cost and is completely authentic meaning no plagiarism whatsoever. With that, the website consists of writers from top-notch universities who are totally anonymous and help you even when the deadlines are inflexible. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy every minute you have with your friends and family because you will neither be this young nor be together in the same way, again!