We’ve seen it all before: every once in a while, an app appears on the market and gets advertised by influencers on Instagram and TikTok as one of the best ways of making money by doing literally nothing. But is it just another trend that is too good to be true, or a legit way of making money? We talked to Anna Rosak, a digital marketing expert from Poland, with great experience in gaming and online projects, including apps.

So, is there really a way of making money by doing nothing, we wanted to know. “Not really. The truth is, there are certain apps that require you to watch ads and reward you with points, but you still have to do it. The money doesn’t grow on trees”, jokes Anna.

Still, she admits that there are legit apps that can lead to profit, albeit nothing is guaranteed. Greedy as we are, we immediately asked her to share her favorites with us.

iLucki Casino


The app that landed at the very top of Anna’s list is an online casino (more details here: How come?

“Well, you probably can’t get enough of mobile games, so why not try to win some real cash. As long as you keep it all reasonable, online gaming can be a great way to pass time, and perhaps even win a buck or two”, she explains.

iLucki is a renowned online gaming brand, licensed in many jurisdictions. It features an endless list of games of all sorts and has neat bonuses that can help you boost the gaming balance. The digital expert describes it as the most fun way to make money online but reminds us that we have to make a deposit to eventually achieve real money wins. Tempting no deposit bonuses will require us to invest also real money in order to later on cash out your winnings.

Also, it’s worth remembering that playing slots and generally casino games, as entertaining as it is, can also be addictive. It can for sure be a great way to earn some extra cash, but as we all know, there are two sides to every story: if you can’t control yourself then you can loose your moneymoney just as easily. Does your future great success story start with downloading a casino app? Sounds great! A key to success here is to know all the games’ rules and to play responsibly. Fun and excitement guaranteed.



“Ah Rakuten, a wet dream of every mom influencer”, laughs Anna, and adds, “Not that I have anything against the app, but it is so hyped up, you have to be living under the rock if you haven’t heard of it!”

Rakuten is a cashback platform. It collaborates with many famous online stores and allows you to get special discounts by collecting points. Founded in Japan, it has a simple premise: every time you shop, the app will add some points, but only if you open it via Rakuten. Seems like an easy way of earning, right?



Foap is a small online platform that allows you to sell your amateur pictures to big companies. Although it is not the only such platform on the market, it quickly managed to become a fan favorite, thanks to the interface that is incredibly user-friendly.

“On average, you get $5 for every photo you manage to see, but keep in mind that you are competing against artists from all over the world, even professional photographs. Getting some experience in advance would be a wise thing to do. Think perspective, movement, colors, and in the end – usability. I already have a bazillion of sunset pictures online for cheap, thank you very much!”



Slidejoy is as close as “do nothing-make money” as it gets”, claims Anna. The app rewards you for watching ads. You can roll them on the home screen, or lock screen, and don’t even have to pay attention. Once you collect enough coins, you can transfer them to your PayPal.

“For now, this app is available only for Android phones, but before you think you’ll be a millionaire by tomorrow morning, I advise you to keep your expectations low. This app can easily get pretty annoying and drain both your battery and data plan. It is a nice option to have, but the money you’ll earn will probably be enough for a cup of coffee, nothing more”, claims Anna.



Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance platforms out there, albeit one that has the worst reputation. Unlike Upwork and TopTal, its reputation has declined due to an influx of mediocre content makers and designers. However, Anna still hasn’t given up on it.

“It is not what it used to be, but you can easily build a solid portfolio by accepting tasks that take no longer than an hour to complete. If you have some wiggle room throughout the day, consider applying for some of the jobs listed, and you can make $100 in a very short time”, reveals Anna.

In the end, our digital expert explained it is more obvious how even in the world of online apps, and great promises, “no gain no game” still rings true: “Some apps ask for more money, others for more time, and there are also those that require a certain level of expertise. They are a nice addition to our lives, but I can hardly imagine anyone making real money on them, at least not without a serious time investment.”