Men have been restricted to boring pants for far too long. Yes! The statement might seem absurd initially but that is only because men’s pants have failed to show any kind of evolution towards what can be considered hip or fun. By focusing on functionality and comfort, the entire idea of fashionable has left the realm of men’s pants. However, all hope is not lost. Matador Meggings is here to change your perspective about pants and how one wears them. Functional, comfortable, and sexy, meggings are the best replacement for boring pants.

Here is how!

Meggings? They simply look like leggings

The utter agony behind wearing leggings as regular pants can only be expressed by men who have gone through the torture. Everyday leggings for men are uncomfortable, boring, and not meant to be worn when you’re not working out.

LGBTQ entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and visionary, Valentine Aseyo identified this problem and came up with the right solution. A solution that would make leggings for men, hot and a reality.

Meggings are simply, men’s leggings, as you have figured out by now. But what makes them special and why are they a big deal to begin with?

Why do you need Meggings?

The world has evolved beyond age-old gender biases where men in suits stole the show. Times have changed and men need functional clothing, which are high performance, and sexy at the same time. The modern male is expressive, conscious, aware of himself, and immersed in self-care, love, and improvement. If all of this sounds like too much, then you need to wake up and get along with the times you’re living in. Gone are the days when men shied away from colors or tights when it came to pants. The need to express, excel, and exhibit yourself is why leggings are your mandatory choice when it comes to everyday pants.

Hold Up! Let’s Explain Meggings

What are meggings?

They might look like leggings for men but they constitute the category of high-performance athleisure wear for men. So the question arises

Are they gym wear?

Yes, you can wear meggings to the gym but restricting them as only gym wear is using your Jordans only as running shoes.

If you had a slick-ass suit? Would you restrict wearing it only to board meetings? Is it formal wear? Are you getting where we are going with this?

So, where can you wear meggings?

Meggings are extremely comfortable, highly functional, and amazing-looking leggings for men that you can wear for long periods. They are meant to be worn indoors, outdoors, at the gym, at festivals, at parties, at home, at the beach… wherever you feel like wearing’em. If you have a business meeting, pair your blazer with your favorite pair of leggings to make an impression unlike anyone else. Got a date? Meggings all the way. Your date will love the view.

How can meggings replace jeans?

Ok, Boomer, have you laid your eyes on the vast variety of options that meggings provide? There is a color for every mood, and if you want to keep things simple, slap on the solid color meggings. There will be no compromise on the sexy quotient.

Are they functional?

The most popular question. Every pair of meggings comes with the following

  • A modesty cup (more on that in a few lines)
  • A zipper pocket for your valuables.
  • An Open pocket for your phone
  • A T-shirt/ Towel loop at the back
  • Nonslip waistband
  • Inner drawstring

When it comes to functionality, meggings are your best bet.

What about the VPL?

VPL refers to the visible penis line that can pose a problem for a lot of men. Meggings are equipped with a soft crotch cup that conceals that visible penis line. This crotch cup is removable, in case one wants to show off their goods.

How comfortable are Meggings?

Made using sweat-wicking performance fabric that keeps things odor-free, dry, and comfortable on the inside while exuding the right kind of sexy on the outside. Meggings are made out of 80% polyester and 20% lycra. They are crafted with multiple layers of flatlock stitching. This not only makes them highly durable but also perfect to withstand differing conditions, such as extreme heat or extreme cold, pool water, seawater, etc.

How are Meggings essentially Masculine?

Inspired by the masculinity and the grace of the Spanish matadors, meggings are made for the modern matadors of today. Showcasing a blend of masculine elegance, leggings exude raw masculinity with poise, much like the OG bullfighters. Well, this brand is here to redefine the parameters of hyper-masculinity by amalgamating the rugged and the ravishing with the nimble and graceful.

How do you style Meggings?

Browse through the unique range of meggings. They are featured in different patterns, styles, and colors. You’re bound to find one that suits your style and personality. Meggings go with everything. It’s a brand new vibe. Pair your Arrow meggings with the matching Arrow top or choose to mix it with the Camo one. If you’re willing to keep things simple and subtle for once, choose Black/blue meggings or any other dual-colored meggings.

Wear it with a shirt or without it, leggings make sure you stand out in the sexiest way possible. Highlighting the right cuts and curves, meggings guarantee the right kind of oomph that you’ve been looking for in pants.

Pair them with anything, A blazer (oh yeah), t-shirts, tank tops, jackets, formal shirts,etc… the world is your oyster!

Meggings for the Win

Meggings have introduced the world to high-performance leggings that are comfortable. Express yourself freely and fully in your favorite pair of meggings. Experience the highest quality athleisure wear today that brings out the right kind of sexy in you without compromising on functionality or comfort. Visit their website and check out the wide range and choices that the brand has to offer. You never have to wear boring pants again.