Are you planning to buy a new mattress? Perhaps your old one may have been causing you aches and pains, or you have outgrown it. Maybe you find that it has been causing you health concerns, as it has been shown that mattresses harbor allergens and mites that may cause allergic flare-ups over the years.

It might be the best decision to trust your gut, telling you to let go of your mattress finally. You might feel a bit overwhelmed, or you do not know how to start your hand for a new one. Fret not, however, as here’s a guide to help you consider what the things you should think about when buying a new mattress are. These are questions you should ask yourself before picking out the right one for you:

“What type of mattress should I buy?”


One primordial factor that you should consider when getting a new mattress is the type and quality. There are various types and brands in the market – both in your local physical mattress stores and online. To give an overview of what kinds of mattresses are out there, here are some of the basic categories:

  1. Innerspring. This type has been around for a long-time. Perhaps you may even go to your parents’ or grandparents’ home and find that they may still be using an innerspring foam. Talk about durability! This type has springs and coils inside the mattress itself from the name itself to provide adequate support and comfort.
  2. Specialty foam. This is also known as the “memory foam” type. In other instances, you can also include latex foam in this category. Specialty foam has become more popular nowadays and rates high in customer satisfaction. Memory foam, mainly, is known for its slow-response feature, which allows the mattress to mold into the contours of the sleeper. Its distinct elasticity makes the mattress return to its original shape after use. Thus, the sleeper’s weight is distributed evenly, and there is less pressure in areas of the body such as the shoulder and hips.
  3. Hybrid. Brands have also released “hybrid” types for those who want to have the durability innerspring mattresses offer while retaining the comfort and support provided by a memory foam one. However, this type may still be more similar to specialty foam, as the technology used for manufacturing can be the same.

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“How much am I willing to cash out for a new mattress?”


Now that you have an idea what type of mattress you prefer, it’s time to consider the cost of getting a new one. At this point, you might not have any idea at all how much mattresses cost now, since the last time you purchased your old one seems like eons ago.

It is important to note that mattress costs vary according to different factors: material, brand, mode of delivery, etc. In an overview, specialty foam mattresses, which are the most popular today, are the priciest. Meanwhile, innerspring mattresses, on average, are cheaper compared to their other counterparts.

Here is an average pricelist of mattresses according to their type, from the lowest to the highest cost:

  • Innerspring – $300 to $3,000
  • Specialty Foam – $250 to $4,000
  • Latex – $300 t0 $4,000
  • Hybrid – $250 to $2,000

Remember that when shopping for “the right one,” the cost doesn’t end with the one indicated on its price tag. Other things to consider are shipping and handling (purchasing through an online store or from another state), set-up fees, etc.

You might even need to set aside some cash to extend the warranty of your mattress, notwithstanding that mattress companies give the customer a trial period to check the item for defects or other concerns. Nevertheless, to ensure that you have your mattress secured upon delivery, perhaps adjusting your budget will be most appropriate.

“What mattress should match the way I sleep?”


Another factor to think about when mattress hunting is your typical sleeping habits, including your sleeping positions at night.

It is crucial to consider your sleeping position as this will also determine what kind of support you need while sleeping and what type of mattress will best assist in this aspect. Without adequate support and comfort, chances are you might feel uncomfortable lying down. Worse, it can aggravate pains and conditions that are attributable to the way you sleep at night.

Here are the types of sleeping positions and the corresponding types of mattress fit for the kind of sleeper you are:

1. Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, a firmer foam type such as innerspring or hybrid is ideal as it gives proper support for your spine.

2. Side Sleepers

Side sleepers usually have concerns regarding shoulder and hip pains, as these areas of the body are where the pressure in contact with the bed is mostly centralized. A softer mattress would be the more appropriate mattress to consider as a cushion to your body and relieve stress from the body areas mentioned earlier.

3. Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on one’s stomach is another position that puts pressure upon the spine and leads to neck pain. To help alleviate the pain of an aching back with this position, you need a firm yet comfortable mattress to provide support when sleeping. A hybrid type or specialty mattress would be perfect for the job.

“When is the right time to go mattress hunting?”


If you have been experiencing uncomfortable, sleepless nights attributable to sleeping, the correct answer is as soon as possible. However, in consideration of some restraints like budget, you also need to time your mattress hunting. This is to ensure that you can get the best deal – that is, snatch a quality mattress for a relatively reasonable price.

Although posters brightly and boldly printed across mattress shops say “SALE” right across the windows or online stores flash deals for visitors, it does not always mean that availing these promos will give you your bang for your buck. You can watch out for the most significant events of the year, such as Black Friday, and compare prices across different platforms.

This way, not only are you being an alert and knowledgeable consumer, but you may also get a quality mattress for a lesser price. You can use the excess of your budget to buy other add-ons, such as pillows, bed sheets, duvet, etc. for maximum sleeping comfort.

“Where is the ideal place to buy?”



There are dozens of mattress stores online that carry numerous brands and offer promos to save you some bucks. However, some people also prefer to check out mattress stores within their vicinity. In the US alone, there are over 13,008 mattress stores as of 2024.

Still, it is your choice whether to check online or in an actual mattress store. The pros of going to your local store are that you can pick your ideal mattress in person, and you can even touch the item to see if it fits your needs and preferences. Meanwhile, online stores present a wider variety of choices and often have the latest mattress technology on hand. For more details, you can pay a visit to where you can find all types of beds including the daybeds, queen matrasses and similar.


Now that we’ve covered all the points and questions you can consider when shopping for your new mattress, it’s finally time to step off the bed (literally) and say goodbye to your old sleeping companion. With this decision comes renewed comfort and support for the sleep that you deserve.