The National Hockey League (NHL) has never disappointed its viewers across the globe and in the North American region especially. Be it McDavid or all-time goal leader Wayne Gretzky, NHL fans have always supported a suitable contender in the all-star fan voting. If you don’t know, the all-star fan voting is conducted to nominate captains for upcoming seasons, and then the other roosters are finalized every year. NHL has gained significant popularity over the last 3-5 decades. More young and determined teenagers turn their TV screens to follow the latest news and scorecards of their favorite teams and players. Seeing professional hockey players in action in person is thrilling in and of itself; if you want the whole experience, invest in tickets for your favorite team, such as the Lightning tickets.

According to statistics of 2019, the National Hockey League (NHL) was watched by over 5.53 TV viewers. To make NHL more popular and among the leading North American sporting event, stakeholders have signed a $1million deal with ESPN and Turner Sports to stream live matches throughout the season. In any sport, fans play a pivotal role in defining the overall quality and standard of the game. Without any doubt, NHL is among the most-watched sports in the North American region, but it would take years to dominate European trends and fan following.

Like every year, before this year ends, fans across the globe would be taking part in all important all-star fan voting which makes the fans feel valued and honored. This event is no different than the general elections, in which people vote for their favorite and recommended candidate.

How Does the All-Star Fan Voting Take Place?


Avid NHL fans and followers can simply pick their all-star player and vote online through the NBA mobile application. After accessing the ballot, fans can choose one player from each division and press vote against their picture or name. Before the end of every year and beginning of the next NHL season, voting is done to pick a captain formally, and then the rest team follows.

For the season of 2024, fans can participate in all-star fan voting till Jan 8, 11:59 P.M Edmonton standard time. McDavid is leading the tallies by securing more than 50% of the votes in the ongoing voting period. Years back, all-star fan voting wasn’t taken much seriously by players and teams. Since the all-star voting impacts team’s selection and other criteria, players have been trying to perform exceptionally well to gain the attention of die heart NHL fans. After players are named captains and all-stars, further proceedings are carried out by the stakeholders of the NHL.

McDavid and Edmonton Oilers


Connor McDavid has been representing Edmonton Oilers for the last 6 years. The Left-handed striker from Richmond Hill has always been phenomenal to watch on and off the field. In 2024, Edmonton Oilers are most likely to be represented by no other Connor McDavid. McDavid possesses the greatest lead, making him ahead of his teammate Leon Draisaitl by 11.2%. McDavid and Draisaitl both have been among the consistent performers for Edmonton Oilers and stay at a tie with 49 points for the NHL lead. Connor McDavid has 32 assists and 17 goals, whereas Leon Draisaitl has 26 assists and 23 goals. However, the current statistics suggest that McDavid would be comfortable in maintaining the lead and getting nominated as the captain of Edmonton Oilers. Every year, millions of Canadians and Americans are glued to their screens to watch the matches of Edmonton Oilers, featuring McDavid, who has been the young Canadian sensation over the last 2-3 years.

For the upcoming Stanley cup 2024, odds for Edmonton Oilers are +2500 and are likely to impact the ratings and odds as the tournament progresses. However, Golden Knights, Avalanche, and Lightning lead the odds table. To stay updated with changing odds and overall standings, visit With the declaration of all-star captains, these odds might change a bit, creating a buzz in the NHL fans group. Like every determined NHL fan, every individual is waiting for the results of the star fan vote.

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How Did Connor McDavid Manage to Achieve All This Fame?

As we say, an hardworking individual always gets what he deserves. McDavid is among the very few NHL players who managed to attract thousands of followers by just playing the game to its merits and respecting it. Undoubtedly, Connor McDavid is a very soft-spoken person who seems to be inaudible to the listeners standing feet apart. However, the soft skin and acne pores don’t tell much about him, though he’s among the cream players ever played for Edmonton Oilers.

McDavid has achieved so much in no time that his fellow friends and game partners couldn’t ever succeed. Being the all-star fan vote leader depicts his fans’ respect for him and his playing attitude. There’s no doubt that McDavid was infused with talent naturally. However, his hard work and persistency made him achieve this feat and most probably made him capable of leading the Edmonton Oilers in 2024.

A man harvests what he has sowed in the past. Behind the successful career of McDavid and a 6-year long journey with the Edmonton Oilers are hard work, dedication, commitment, and respect. Most importantly, McDavid doesn’t lack confidence and is always bold in making his own decisions. Since his debut, McDavid hasn’t ever been involved in any scandals or crimes, which are likely to dent a player’s career and fan following. Since childhood, McDavid admired Crosby, the none other, its Penguin’s superstar. Since his early career days, his mindset, vision, and goal were crystal clear, without any distractions.