Traveling is one thing, but starting a whole new life in some entirely new environment is completely different. Now, there are many perks of moving to that ideal place, the one from your dreams, but in most situations, there are two largest obstacles standing in the way.

The first one is definitely about the family and friends you will see much less, and the second one is about our current job and other daily obligations. Luckily, today most of the things we can do from the comfort of our home and since working from home is also a common thing, the second reason became far less important.

But, let’s focus on the bright sides of it all and state the obvious as we all have just one life, so why not enjoy each day doing things we love and from the place where we feel like at home, as a true home can be any place we feel happiest.

Some folks enjoy the snow and cold weather, so moving to a town where you will get all that is what they dream for, while some prefer spending time in nature, and some residences in the woods can be an ideal place for that. Of course, for individuals who appreciate tropical weather and living near the beach, moving to Puerto Rico is a way to go as it really is a fantastic experience.

One of the key reasons for contemplating relocation to Puerto Rico is, as you may already guess, the weather because it is warm and hot all year. Throughout the year, temperatures average approximately eighty degrees, but what should stand out though is that the average low temperature in January is seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its closeness to the equator, Puerto Rico experiences dependably comfortable temperatures.

The Great Parts about Puerto Rico


In Puerto Rico, there are many bright days to enjoy, as well as a wonderful cold sea wind. Because of the cold sea wind, hot days are much more pleasant, and it is much easier to enjoy them. It is a true paradise on earth and those fond of swimming and picturesque sights everywhere you look, there isn’t any country better than this one.

But, the weather isn’t the only reason to consider relocating to Puerto Rico, though, as it also benefits from tremendous tax reductions that aren’t accessible anyplace else in the United States.

The Puerto Rican government aimed to attract firms, company owners, and working people to relocate to the island. As a result, these advantages include no double taxes, no income tax on profits, and more. They are aware that it is necessary to lower the taxes to attract investors, and it is a great opportunity for regular people to move and take all the advantages.

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Puerto Rico also boasts a very rich and distinct culture that you won’t find anywhere else, and it is something that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. There’s a plethora of art, music, local activities, and delicious cuisine. Local specialties are so delicious that many people decide to move because of them, and because of different cultures, there is a perfect food for each person. There’s never a lack of things to do in your spare time.

Also, keep in mind that Puerto Rico is a US territory, thus migrating there as an American is simpler than going to a different foreign nation. Because the currency is the US dollar, there’s no need to exchange your money. You won’t even need a passport to get there, which means that it is enough to pack the necessary things and start an adventure.

The Challenges You’ll Face Moving to Puerto Rico


Unfortunately, there are certain disadvantages to relocating to Puerto Rico. One of the disadvantages is the high expense of living there. Puerto Rico’s cost of living is roughly 13% higher than the national average, which is pretty much if we calculate everything.

Another disadvantage of relocating to Puerto Rico is that the real cost of property in the territory is comparable to that of property in Los Angeles or Miami. Fortunately, property taxes are far cheaper, so the decision to move can be one of the best ones we can make.

Puerto Rico has relatively high sales taxes, and it is something we need to know when we consider moving there. They normally vary between 10% and 12%, depending on where you reside. There is also an excise tax that we need to consider. The excise tax is a tax levied on goods imported into Puerto Rico. The interest rate is 4%.

Puerto Rico is likewise rebuilding after Hurricane Maria in 2017. Some roads and buildings remain destroyed, although there has been a significant recovery since then, and it is expected that it will be fully recovered soon.

Be prepared to pay for living expenses, and think well before the move. As previously stated, the cost of living in Puerto Rico is substantially greater than in the United States. As a result, you must be prepared for this by having the appropriate quantity of money put aside and saved, or moving will become a real nightmare.

You clearly cannot drive to Puerto Rico, therefore you must ship your automobile there, which is one more extra cost. As a result, you will need to rent a vehicle, purchase a car when you arrive, or transport your automobile there.

Among these three options, shipping your automobile to Puerto Rico can save you money and time, and it is probably the best one. Monthly rent in Puerto Rico may sometimes be greater than monthly mortgage payments, thus it makes sense to own.

The final thoughts

Every country has its bright and not-so-great sides, but for those who are considering moving to Puerto Rico, it can be pretty difficult to see bad things besides great ones. This country looks amazing, and it is, and because of that, it is necessary to remain objective and make a decision based on logic and not just emotions.