In 2024, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite remain the top contenders for the ultimate battle royale experience. But there are many other engaging offline games like them available now.

Are you looking for an exciting alternative to these popular titles? We present the best offline Battle Royale games of 2024!

For those looking for a more relaxed offline game experience, there are plenty of great options available in 2024. Whether you’re looking for a more casual game with less stress and less competition or you’re just wanting to enjoy some good old-fashioned couch gaming, here is a list of the best offline battle royale games in 2024.

Each game offers something unique when it comes to game style and playability so be sure to check them out before choosing one for your next gaming session!

History of Battle Royale Games


Battle Royale games are a unique genre that combines traditional shooter video game tropes with survival-based gameplay mechanics. The genre first started gaining traction in 2000 with the release of the Japanese novel, Battle Royale. It was adapted into a manga series, then eventually, a movie. This popular media resulted in the renewed interest of battle royale games around the world.

With the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in 2017, it kickstarted what can be considered as the modern version of battle royale games for both console and PC platforms. With its highly successful launch and subsequent major updates introducing new features such as map selection and weapon customization, PUBG quickly turned into one of the most streamed and discussed video game titles all over the world. Fortnite followed suit as they released a free-to-play battle royale game in mid-2017 to capitalize on PUBG’s already considerable momentum in esports events such as Dreamhack Atlanta 2017.

Since then, several startups have released or are planning to release various iterative versions of these two games while others still focus on innovating within the genre itself. Some recent examples include Call Of Duty: Warzone (2020), Hyper Scape (2020), Spellbreak (2020), Spellbreak Proving Grounds (2021) among several others from indie developers which have been appearing throughout 2020 up until now with exciting new concepts for players to discover.

Best Offline Battle Royale Games


While there are numerous battle royale games available to play on various platforms such as PC, console and mobile, only a few offer an enjoyable offline battle royale experience. Whether you are looking to jump into a chaotic and immersive game or just take part in some good old-fashioned warfare with friends, these five offline battle royale games of 2024 will give you all the enjoyment that comes with playing online PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Battle Royale games.

  1. Battle Ground Royale: This game is a unique offline battle royale game that puts you against 100 others in an all-out last man standing action. The unique shooter mechanics, map designs and intense gunplay makes this one of the most satisfying titles for any serious BR fan.
  2. Free Fire Battleground 2021: Garena’s popular free-to-play title returns for another exciting year of exploding vehicles, intense close-quarters combat (CQC) and plenty of unexpected twists along the way. Featuring various improvements over its prior installments such as improved graphics quality and accessibility options, Free Fire is still considered to be among the best backyard Battle Royale experiences available today.
  3. Saints Of The Wild: Developed by Epic Games Entertainment for Xbox One players only, Saints Of The Wild is an adrenaline filled glitchy adventure that embraces style over realism by throwing in ridiculous weapons like explosive flying chickens! You can also enjoy 8 players online or up to 4 in split screen local co-op – perfect for when your buddies come round wanting a shoot out on their weekend off from school!
  4. Dirt Rocket Warriors: Another console exclusive title developed by 2K sports for Playstation 4 console owners only – lets you jump into 8 player free roam combat arenas based on actual locations around the world (it’s worth noting that each location has its own strategic environment which contains multiple weapons scattered throughout). Multiplayer action can be enjoyed both locally as well as globally which means it’s as much fun teaming up with friends before taking it online against strangers around the world!

Features of Offline Battle Royale Games


Offline Battle Royale games have emerged to provide an alternative to the popular online versions such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile) and Fortnite. These offline options offer the same exhilarating experience of surviving in a battle arena, but without having to rely on an internet connection. With intense gaming action, high-quality graphics, and realistic environments, these games are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Features of Offline Battle Royale Games include:

  • Single-player campaigns as well as team deathmatch modes
  • Innovative AI enemies that make every round new and challenging
  • Team customization options that enable you to choose your own special weapon loadouts
  • Intense multiplayer competition with up to eight players
  • Realistic animations with detailed characters and dynamic environmental effects
  • Dynamic weather patterns that affect how you play
  • Robust crafting systems enable players to create custom items
  • Loot boxes provide unique in-game rewards
  • Interactive storyline with dynamic cutscenes
  • Character customization with multiple skin styles
  • Upgradeable character abilities for deeper, more rewarding gameplay


Be sure to check out some titles outside of this list as well and find the one that best suits your tastes. Ultimately, the most important part of choosing any game is enjoyment – select something that looks like it’ll keep you smiling and engaged when playing. You’re sure to find a great fit very soon!