You can say a lot about online betting, but you can’t say it isn’t popular. The universe it lives in is broad and you’ll meet all kinds of people. While this is usually positive, there’s a strong possibility you’ll encounter a shady website run by an even darker character. This is the world we live in. The worst part is that you won’t even be aware that this is the case unless you’re very careful. Many of these sites appear and behave like they’re the real deal while in reality, the picture is quite different.

Scam sportsbooks are not naive organizations. There’s a lot of effort put into them to be able to create a believable fraud. People who fall prey to them are not naive, they have just been caught off guard by professionals in their trade. We call for your caution when you decide to join an online betting community. You can never have enough of it. If you are a fan of online wagers, you need to put your money in the first place. Do not squander it by giving it to shady individuals.

One of the first moves you need to make when visiting a website of this sort is to check who is running. It. The man behind the whole show needs to be legitimate. In this sphere of business, a lot of is trusted in reputation. Taylor Swift would know a thing or two about it. The best route to take would be to cooperate with one of the big names in the industry. This would give you the needed safety and security without having to think too much. Brands that are viewed as positive assets by the public eye should be the ones you follow. Out there in the world, there are hundreds of true bookmakers and even more of those on the other side of the spectrum. You need to make the right decision and deposit your money in the right place. By now you are probably asking yourself how do you know if an online sportsbook is safe or a scam? Well, luckily there are a few ways, to tell the truth, and in this article, we are going to talk about the principal ones.

License Matters the Most


To run a business in this domain and be successful in it you’ll need a license. Enterprises that have to obtain this license are proud of it, and this is why they’ll display it in the public place on their platform. This is the route many legal sportsbooks make, while some, while also legitimate will have their license placed within terms and conditions. Either way, if you can’t find a license on a website it means that it is probably shady and you should turn your back immediately. If you want a direction to a good place for betting we have a few, but has even more.

Web Design Should be Top Notch


User interface and user experience are the two things most website creators have in their minds unless they want to only scam you. Scammers do not pay too much attention to the things that matter when it comes to web design. If you are logged in on an untrustworthy site you’ll notice that there’s not much effort put into its creation. Professionalism is what these places lack the most. If you find a website that isn’t optimized for mobile phones, and it doesn’t often a mobile app, its pages are unresponsive it’s time to get away from it. We’re thinking like running from Dothraki on an open field. You know what King Robert Baratheon thinks about facing them on an open field – only a fool would do it. So, only a fool would remain on a website that looks and acts as we described above. A website belonging to a true sportsbook will run smoothly and will appear as its state of the art in its domain.

Bonuses Out of his World do Not Exist


We all love a good bonus. Most bookmakers offer them in abundance to attract new players. But, there’s a catch. Yes, there’s always a catch. Some sportsbooks offer bonuses that are hard to believe exist. The matter of fact is that they’re probably false and aim to not only attract players but to scam them out of their money. Getting 100% of your deposit back is fair enough. Many sports bettors offer this bonus. Having excellent odds on matches is also something that it’s often on a plate. But, having a free ride for a month or a 1000% signing bonus is not something you should fall for. These are promises that will never be fulfilled, and if you see them, know that the website in question is a scam.

Non-existent Customer Support


We live in an age when customer support is 50% of your entire business. This is not an exaggeration. Companies with excellent customer support rank high on loyalty charts and have no issues attracting new customers. Websites that work with betting have thousands of visitors each day, and when some large sports event is on, most of them will flock to make a live bet. This could lead to crashes even on most serious platforms. But, when and if this happens their customer service is quick and eager to provide answers and solutions. It is a trait of successful business in this domain. But, if you find yourself on a website that starts acting weird and unresponsive and the next step you take is contacting their customer service and there’s no response from them. Well, you’re in trouble. They probably don’t have it as they do nor run a legitimate business. You don’t need any bigger proof than this. Reliable companies are always close to their customers, and if you find silence coming from a gambling distributor you probably already lost your bet.


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