If you have picked the right free pdf editor, then merging PDFs online is not going to be a tricky task for you. It is much easier to manage your PDFs online according to your requirements with a simple tool like HiPDF that allows ease of use with several other features and functions.

With HiPDF, you can expect high-quality final PDF documents without losing the details as your merge your files. HiPDF also understands your need to merge files on your own desktop offline. For this reason, you can also choose the offline desktop tool of HiPDF, PDFelement which allows you to easily combine PDFs offline on your desktop as well.

Introduction HiPDF

HiPDF is a web application that edits PDFs and keeps the data safe and secure. This is an easily available online tool that allows you to merge your PDF files easily without taking much of your time. You can rely on HiPDF for effective and fast results.

HiPDF does not only offers assistance in merging PDF files but it is a comprehensive free Online PDF Editor tool that allows easy management of all the PDF files you work with. You can do a variety of tasks like converting your PDF files into Word files, PPT to images, or PDF to Excel and vice versa as well.

For this reason, HiPDF is not a simple merging tool for your PDFs, but it can also help you in editing, cropping, splitting, compressing, protecting, and unlocking your PDF documents. Another significant feature of HiPDF is the Optical Character Recognition tool. This unique tool allows users to convert scanned PDF documents into files that are editable and searchable as well.

How To Organize PDFs In HiPDF

The following are a few steps that you can follow to organize your PDFs with the help of HiPDF:

Step 1: Open Rearrange PDF Pages

This is the first step where you need to choose the option of rearranging PDF pages on this comprehensive application.

Step 2: Choose PDF files

In this step, you need to pick the PDF files that need to be arranged or organized. It is easy to access your files in the application and you can choose them by simply clicking on them.

Step 3: Rearrange PDF Pages

This is the step where you can rearrange your PDF pages by simply holding them and sliding them. You can arrange the pages in the right order by putting minimum effort here.

Step 4: Apply And Save

Once you have arranges the pages in an order, you can choose to apply the rearranged order on your file and save the rearranged file. You have successfully saved your PDF file in your desired order of pages now.

PDF Tools in HiPDF

A well-functioning PDF tool is much needed by users when they are required to work with several documents available in different formats like Excel, Word, and PPT. Converting these formats and making edits to them is a common requirement of several users. HiPDF is an application that offers different tools to perform different functions as follows:

1. Convert From PDF

You can cover your PDF file into 15 different types of formats including PPT, Excel, Word, JPG, and more with HiPDF.

2. Convert To PDF

This feature of the application allows the conversion of files from 12 formats including Word, PPT, JPG, Excel, and more into a PDF file.

3. Compress PDF

It is much easier to reduce the size of your PDF files with the help of the Compress PDF tool in HiPDF. You can choose from the different filter options available as High, Medium, and Low to compress your file’s size.

4. Merge PDF

There could be files or projects that might need different documents in the same place. For such requirements, HiPDF supports easy merging of different PDF files as one.

5. Crop PDF

Users can easily change the size of the margin and choose a part of their PDF to crop out and create another PDF file for it.

6. Other Tools

Some other tools available in this application allow users to share documents, extract images from PDFs, replace the text in PDFs, and sign PDFs as well. Users can use this app as a wonderful https://pdf.wondershare.com/ as well.

The Pros And Cons Of HiPDF

The following are the Pros and Cons of the HiPDF app:


  • It offers 100% security of your files.
  • There is no limit to the number of files that users can work on, without paying any cost.
  • Users can easily work on different platforms of their choice.
  • The quality of converted files is high and reliable.
  • API access is a major feature offered by this app.
  • Easy PDF to Word conversion.
  • Allows saving the files into Cloud like OneDrive or Dropbox directly.


  • Additional features of the app like OCR are paid.
  • The online tools offered by the app are limited by the speed of the internet.


Source: cyberhoot.com

Whether your requirements are personal or professional, you can use HiPDF for wonderful results. HiPDF offers a variety of required tools at an affordable price for users. You can find all the tools you need at the same place which makes it a comprehensive option. While there are certain limitations in using the app and seeing the ads can be unpleasant for users, they can use the paid version of the application if they wish to avoid interruptions while using HiPDF.