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Do you prefer movies or quizzes? Believe it or not, the answer that most people give is – both.

Movies And Trivia Goes Hand In Hand

Ever since the first “moving pictures” came to the present, the love of film art has not diminished. On the other hand, there is the phenomenology of quizzes that have always been very popular. When you combine these two – as a result, you will get trivia quizzes on the topic of film that has been incredibly popular in recent years. What more, there are even special applications with this theme.

The Oscar Phenomena

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In February, the entire movie world is marked by a small golden statue – Oscar. That also includes trivia quizzes with this subject. The contestants are generally asked questions about this prestigious award, but also about the Academy Awards throughout history. What movies were awarded? Were some of them unfairly rewarded? Which ones were neglected? Who among actors deserved the famous statuette and who didn’t? What is the least important category? And many other interesting questions.


You must have noticed that your Facebook feed is full of various trivia quizzes. Quizmania caught the eye of famous people as well. For example, Rupert Murdoch recently solved the “What a billionaire tycoon” quiz and as a result, he got – himself. At a time when the Academy Awards is being topical, quizzes with this theme have absolute primacy. What character are you in an Oscar-winning movie or what actor do you look like?

These are just some of the trivia quiz examples that have been popping up on social media lately. So what is the secret of such popularity of quizzes referring to this topic? Experts claim that narcissism is one of the reasons why Oscar trivia quizzes have suddenly become so popular.

Comparison Is A Part of Human Nature

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What is interesting is the fact that people want to solve more trivia quizzes as soon as they solve the first one. People like to share things that present them “in a positive context” or say something about themselves. Of course, marketing experts also noticed the popularity of such quizzes, so they decided to use it. Therefore, many quizzes also got their sponsors. We can safely determine the fact that – trivia quizzes live on sharing. They travel between people and thus become more and more popular.

The successful ones have become popular just because of the people who share them. People love to test their knowledge, talk about themselves, and know something about others. It’s a social trend, and these quizzes are the perfect opportunity for people to compare themselves to others. It is simply part of human nature. However, some quizzes do not require only comparison criteria – some require a certain level of knowledge.

And How Much Do You Know About the Oscar?

The 92nd Academy Awards is nearing, and you’ve probably heard everything important about the nominations. However, you probably don’t know many of the interesting things about this event. Some facts may be familiar to you and some may not. Still, the quizzes are here to learn something and, above all, have a good time. We decided to tickle your imagination with a few trivia questions about Oscar. If you want to know more about celebrities and the upcoming Academy Awards – find more here. And now – here are some of the most frequently asked questions in Oscar-related trivia quizzes.

1. Do you know which motion-picture was granted the first Oscar?

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The first ceremony occurred on May 16, 1929. The hosts of that night were entertainer Douglas Fairbanks and film director William de Mille. The first best movie to get a gold statuette was the film “Wings” featuring Clara Bow. This is also the only silent-film that got this renowned honour.

2. How much did the tickets for the first ceremony cost?

The American Academy’s award-winning history started in 1929 in the presence of just 270 guests and with tickets priced at $ 5. The ceremony was followed by numerous ups and downs, political controversy, bans, predictability, but also surprises.

3. How did Oscar get its name?

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Although there are a few variants of the story, we will stay with the one that is treated as official. In particular, some stories say that Margaret Herrick, the Academy’s official secretary – saw the statue and said it resembled her Uncle Oscar. Very similar was the story of Betty Davis which says she named Oscar after her significant other Harmon Oscar Nelson. Regardless of all the stories, this name was officially accepted in 1939 and as the “godfather in Oscar’s birth certificate” – the American Film Academy was registered.

4. Has the ceremony ever been broadcast on radio?

Among the interesting stories in the tumultuous history of the Oscars is the fact that the award ceremony was first broadcast on radio in 1932 when Walt Disney received an honorary Oscar.

5. Name of the first African-American award winner?

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In 1940, the movie “Gone with the wind” triumphed and got eight regular and two Oscars in special categories. Hattie McDaniel was the first black actress to be awarded and attended the ceremony.

6. What do Shakespeare and the Academy Awards have in common?

Shakespeare marked the award in 1949 when “Hamlet” was named the Best Picture, and Laurence Olivier was the Best Actor.

7. Has the Academy Award ever been censored?

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Hollywood also entered the censorship era in the second half of the 1950s – a rule was introduced in 1957 that the Communists could not win an Oscar.

8. Which actress contenders did not show up for the ceremony?

In 1961, it was so much expected that Elizabeth Taylor would win as Best Actress (Butterfield 8) that the three other nominees did not even appear at the ceremony.

9. Which Oscar winner had a 5-minute standing ovation?

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In 1972, a special tribute was given to the legendary Charlie Chaplin – a five-minute standing ovation.

10. Who won all the major nominations without appearing at the award?

Woody Allen won almost all the major awards in 1978 with the movie “Annie Hall,” but he did not appear.

11. Has the ceremony ever been postponed and why?

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The Academy Awards ceremony was postponed in 1981 by 24 hours for attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.

12. Has the ceremony always been in LA?

Ever since the Oscar was founded, the award ceremony has always been in Los Angeles. The only thing that changed was the venue. Until 1942, they organized the Academy Awards at the Roosevelt Hotel. When the guest list grew, they moved the ceremony to the theatre. The famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater was the first host, and they hosted other venues in the Dorothy Chandler’s Pavilion and Shine’s Auditorium. At the beginning of the new millennium, 2001 – the ceremony moved to the Kodak Theatre where it is still held today.

13. Who is the “wealthiest” movie champion?

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Nothing unexpected – Avatar still keeps the title as the high-priced Oscar-winning film ever, with more than $ 280 million. In spite of the fact that he didn’t get the Oscar for best movie and direction, this film won three Oscars in other categories.

14. How much does the making of a statue cost?

Each gilded Oscar costs about $ 500 in production and weighs just over 4 pounds.