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Criteria — The criteria used in evaluating scholarly open-access publishers and journals

Hijacked Journals — Journals whose identity has been stolen with the creation of a new and impostor website

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  1. Clifford W. Beninger says:

    Hi Jeffery. Could you please look into The International Journal of High Dilution Research? I cannot find it on your list, and it does not seem valid as a science journal. Thank you.

    • I had a quick look (triage) and didn’t see anything alarming. (I did see the funny typo on their main page, “Copyright Police” instead of “Copyright Policy). Can you tell me what you found that doesn’t seem valid about it? Thanks.

  2. Clifford W. Beninger says:

    From 2002-2007 the journal was named “Cultura Homeopatica” before the name change in 2008 because it then began to include “research” into areas other than homeopathy. Their publisher is Groupe International de Recherche sur l’Infinitesimal – GIR (http://www.giriweb.com/). One of their sources of support is – Instituto de Cultura Homeopatica – ICEH (http://www.escoladehomeopatia.org.br/) but this link does not work.

    Sorry to have bothered you, but the name change does not necessarily make them predatory.

  3. Isac J says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,

    Could you please give me your suggestion on the AI conference services? website: http://www.ai-conferences.com/wp/orlando/
    Is it worth publishing in this conference?
    Thank you.

  4. Jiraporn Ungwitayatorn says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,

    We are having to consider that a journal named “Pharmacognosy Journal”, whether it is one of those belong to predatory journal or not. There is an official “Elsevier” logo appeared on the top of the articles published in this journal. But when we searched in the elsevier website, there is no journal named “Pharmacognosy Journal.” From this journal homepage, it is published in Phcog.net by Reed Elsevier. Phcog.net is pharmacognosy network worldwide which is included in Beall’s list. So, we think this journal does not really belong to Elsevier publisher. We appreciate your answer. Thank you very much.

  5. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would just like to take some of your time to have a look on the publisher Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (http://www.iaesjournal.com/). This publisher has a lot of journals on its portfolio. One of its journals, the International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management (http://section.iaesonline.com/index.php/IJIEM) sounds alarming for me with reference to your list of criteria of bogus journals. However, this journal is indexed in Scopus since 2012. Thanks.

  6. Jeeva B says:

    Thank you for such a list to provide,

  7. Jeeva B says:

    In India, many conferences are linked to these publishers. Many scholars are attending the conferences so that organizing committee gets more profits. Publishers like IRAJ, SARC, ASAR, ITR, ICIMPACT . They organize around 30 international conferences in a hotel every year (not in a institute/college) and publish the articles from research scholars.

    Link: http://www.allconferencealerts.com/conference.php?ccid=11

    This is happening in india (our country) , Title like “International conference/journal …..” attracts more people and Assistant professors to get promotions requires at least to publish in Non-referred journals, force students to publish in these journals and international conferences. which are mostly predatory journals.—- reason is to get good academic performance indicators (API’s) —

    (Link: http://www.ugc.ac.in/pdfnews/8539300_English.pdf ). Page 12 tells the reason behind this. People requires journals with ISSN /ISBN number to get the points.

    Many of the Institutes organizing international conferences are linked to the predatory journals. Motive is to attract people.

    Although India has good researchers and institutes they are no governing bodies to take care of this issues.

  8. Paul says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,

    Thank you for your good work but I have a question for you; what if a journal is listed as a predatory journal in your list and the publisher now goes back and clean up its mess and meets up with your standard, would it still be considered as predatory? will you remove it from your list? There is a particular publisher who i am so impress with the work they have done after you listed them.

  9. Kashif K says:

    I have published a research paper in one of the FAKE JOURNAL listed, since that was my research I want to publish it in REAL journals, so can I re publish same paper with recommendation suggested by REAL journal.
    Thank you.

  10. Samir Sharma says:

    Have you checked this Sir? http://www.oiirj.org

  11. Tom says:

    Could you please kindly check this one – http://www.co-action.net//stenen.php?

    • This publisher does not meet the criteria for being classed as a predatory publisher in my opinion. It is not predatory. I can tell you, however, that its founder, Caroline Sutton, is extremely mean.

      Can you let me know what aspect of the publishing operation led you to believe it might be predatory? Thanks.

      • Tom says:

        Thank you very much for your reply. Well, I thought it was predatory because of its look (for instance, some pictures seem to be taken from Google) and its claim to be indexed by Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, DOAJ, Google Scholar, JournalSeek.

  12. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I believe you need to add this in your list: International Journal of Scientific Research & Management (http://ijsrm.in/). Thank you.

  13. Michael says:

    It would be very useful to have an app that allows one to find out what articles a particular person has published in predatory journals. More than one would encourage one to ask questions.

  14. It would be useful to have an app that allows one to find out what articles a particular person has published in predatory journals. More than one would certainly raise questions when hiring, reviewing or evaluating conference submissions.

  15. Han Dexter says:

    Is Asian EFL Journal (http://asian-efl-journal.com/) legit?

  16. ohwojevwe ese ganiyu says:

    dear author[s] this publication is a welcome development for those of us that are budding writers in the African continent,i wish this can be sent to more colleges and universities in Africa for purpose of academic reappraisal thanks
    ohwojevwe ese ganiyu[Lagos naijarea]

  17. Nazir Hawi says:

    Hi, which criteria did the International Journal of Computer Applications fail to meet?

    • The journal claims it has an impact factor when it doesn’t.

      The journal also says, “Call for Paper – January 2015 Edition IJCA solicits original research papers for the January 2015 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is December 20,” so you can submit your paper on December 20th and be published in January. Finally, the journal also falsely claims to be based here: Foundation of Computer Science, 244 5th Avenue, # 1526, New York, NY 10001, USA. It’s basically a scholarly vanity press.

  18. Navin says:

    Dear Sir,

    I request you to check this journal: http://www.ijrect.com
    It seems predatory.


  19. rehman says:

    plz somebody guide me about what is difference between open access predatory journals and open access predatory publisher or both are same

  20. Jonathan says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Thank you for all the information you have supplied. I have found it a very interesting read. Could you please check the Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences. I published in this journal several years ago. Everything appeared to be ok at the time. However, after reading your finding on open access journals I am beginning to doubt many journals. Especially as this journal displays adverts for OMICS group conferences.

    Many thanks,



    P.S. I should add that it was free to publish in this journal and I was not approached to publish here.

  21. Felipe G. Nievinski says:

    I believe the Criteria link needs to be updated as there’s the 2015 v.3 available.

  22. I understand that you’re busy, and probably tired of answering the same question many times over… but why is “Australian Academy of Business and Social Sciences” included in your list this year?

    I did a quick search of your website for a blog post about them, but was unable to find one. I’m not trying to defend them (I don’t know them) but I was curious whether you included them because they are frauds, or whether they are just low quality?

    I noticed they have the Journal of Developing Areas (Tennessee State University) listed as an affiliate journal, which is above board and rated a “B” journal according to Australia’s most commonly used ABDC standard.


    I’m guessing that you were concerned with the series of new journals they are starting… but (1) it seems harsh to judge them before they’ve really even started; (2) they are all edited by different Australian academics who seem to be taking their jobs seriously; and (3) as far as I can tell they aren’t open access and there is no submission fee.

    I grant you that their team isn’t the top tier of Australian academia, but they are proper academics… and since they only started about six months ago, my first instinct was to give them a chance. But maybe I’m just too naive and trusting?

    Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into building your valuable database, and I hope you have the time to answer this question.

  23. Angelo says:

    Your list of possible, probable predatory journals is highly questionable to say the least. It is good that you are concerned and sso we should be, but do you have evidence for your allegations? I have dealt with two institutions on your website and they were far more professional and of good academic rigour in peer review than famous and ‘respected’ academic journals I have dealt with recently. Kre publishers for one, is definitely not predatory in my opinion. It should be removed from your list.
    Best wishes

    • I stand by the inclusion of KRE Publishers on my list and recommend that researchers avoid this publisher and seek out a better one for their work. Among other problems, the website of KRE is very weak, and the publisher is transitioning very poorly from print to online.

  24. Pat says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    ScienceDomain International is listed in DOAJ and rejected the Science Journal “sting” article after extensive peer review. Will you please consider removing them from your list and/or advise why they are still on it?

    Thank you and best wishes,


    • How do you know they rejected the article “after extensive peer review”? Where in the article or on the Science website does it mention the “extensive peer review” that ScienceDomain carried out? Or, do you have inside information?

  25. Pat says:

    Thank you for your question.
    The Science article categorizes three levels of journal peer review that the paper received: no peer review, superficial peer review, and substantial peer review. If I’m reading the chart right, the ScienceDomain journal is one of the eight journals (of 98) that rejected the article based on “substantial peer review”. Substantial peer review is characterized in the article as “substantial review that identified the paper’s flaws”. Please see the graphic at the bottom of page 64 of the Science article, at
    The underlying data for all the journals is archived at
    ScienceDomain is at line 41.

    In addition, the archived emails at the same page indicate that the ScienceDomain journal sent the article out to a third reviewer, which indicates a more extensive review than is typical. This is why I referred to “extensive peer review”.

    I would like to add that I have no connection whatever with ScienceDomain. Impressed with their good result in the Science study, I am considering submitting an article to one of their journals, and wondered why they are on your list. Or perhaps their inclusion should be reviewed?

    Thank you,


    • Thank you for your helpful reply. I published a comparative review that included this publisher in 2012; an OA version is here. I understand that that review is dated.
      Its US address is really the address of a virtual office company: http://statofficesolutions.com/ This is misleading.
      It uses geographical terms like “American” and “British” in its journal titles despite having no real connection to those places. This is misleading.
      It always runs “special discounts” on its APCs, so the site is really about slick marketing to potential authors.
      It claims its journals are indexed in services that are not abstracting and indexing services.

      • Pat says:

        Thank you for this helpful response. The business practices you name are indeed questionable. Yet its peer review evidently has rigor, it’s in DOAJ, APC is very low compared to the biggies, article typesetting and presentation is good, and I can get my article in PubMed or Ebsco. Since I’m paying my own APC, frankly, $3,000 or so to BMC or PlosOne seems a lot more predatory to me than $100 to ScienceDomain.

        It also seems to me, just as maybe a philosophical point, that all the practices that concern you are consistent with the “virtual” presence of an essentially web-based enterprise.

        But I am in no way advocating for any change in your assignment of this publisher, given the concerns you have clearly stated. You have every right to your own opinion, and from what I can see you are doing a lot of good by being so strict. Perhaps it is fair to say that ScienceDomain appears to be improving, but has not (yet?) attained sufficient quality or business transparency to be removed from your list.

        Thank you again. I appreciate the information very much.

  26. Dickson says:

    Dear Jeffrey,
    Thanks for good work you are doing.
    Among the following three journals, which ones are predator
    1. Livestock for rural development
    2. international journal of current research and review
    3. international of livestock research

    • Regarding number 1, I cannot find this journal. Please send a link.
      Regarding number 2, this is a questionable journal, and I advise you to avoid it.
      Regarding number 3, the International Journal of Livestock Research, I have not analyzed this one. It appears to be published by a firm with a strange name, ijManager – Online Journal Management. I will try to examine this more closely.

  27. Dickson says:

    I have seen a lot of papers published there with quality reviewed work as well. please check

  28. Pat says:

    Dear Mr Beall,
    Have you previously evaluated the “International Journal for Psychotherapists, Counselors and Psychiatrists” http://www.ispcp-trcp.org/journal.html ?

  29. owen says:

    Thanks for your lists! Not that you need more evidence against OMICS, but a colleague in a developing country recently submitted a paper to them. Upon acceptance the editor (Mr. Joseph Pagetty) informed them of the heretofore-unforeseen “author charges”. My colleague repeatedly requested to withdraw the paper but it was published online, and they are now requesting a fee to withdraw the manuscript! Since there has been no copyright transfer, can legal action be brought against them (or at least implied/threatened) for publishing the manuscript?

    • I can’t give legal advice, but I do think the publisher is ethically obligated to withdraw the manuscript when the author requests it. This is how OMICS Group makes its money, by entrapping scholarly authors.

      • owen says:

        Thanks – it sounds like sternly worded email or three was enough to make them back down. I’ve seen a number of people commenting here that you’d have to be some sort of idiot to fall for predatory groups like OMICS. But to people whose first language is not English and the harsh realities of authentic peer-reviewed publishing are unknown, it can be difficult to spot the difference between predatory and real.

        I’ll be sharing your lists with our publications team, to hopefully prevent further incidents like this.

  30. Vlad The Impaler says:

    I just have to share this with you – OMICS entraps not just scholarly authors, it also entraps complete crack-pots. http://omicsonline.org/scientific-reports/srep447.php
    This complete and utter drivel (4 new laws of genetics which are based on the energy differential between X- and Y-bearing gametes as they move through fallopian tubes) as I discovered has been rejected (amid tears-reducing laughter) by a number of OA genetics and genomics journal before appearing in OMICS Scientific Reports (above). Of course people remember a scientific manuscript with passages like this:
    “Methods: Practical observations of reality (to humans, plants, animals); Multidisciplinary theoretical studies.” – That’s it, that’s the Methods section.
    And then like this “So, the probability that girls resemble the fathers more is bigger than the probability that they resemble their mothers more. This fact is in accordance with reality where anyone can notice that most girls (almost 70% of their number) resemble more their fathers and fewer girls (almost 30%) resemble their mothers.”

    Do you see any place this manuscript could have received peer-review (pun intended) outside psychiatric ward?

  31. Rahim Somani says:

    I’m evaluating a job candidate that has published in these journals International Journal of Global Management Studies and International Journal of Global Management Studies Quarterly. Anytime the review process is less than a week raises suspicions for me, also the editor “founded” the journal, I find that suspicious as well. Can you give it a look?

    • I share your concern.
      I have analyzed this operation before. It’s not open-access, and it does appear to be basically a one-man operation. It looks like they’ve recently upgraded their website. It appears to be a scheme to make easy money through conferences and journals and perhaps to get academic credit for the owner. I would ask the candidate for a published copy of his article, and I would question the wisdom of any candidate who publishes in the journals of a very fishy operation like this one.

  32. Marc says:

    Please add this publisher to your list as it allows/ed authors to review their own papers through an automated system of peer review: http://retractionwatch.com/2015/03/26/biomed-central-retracting-43-papers-for-fake-peer-review/

  33. Shefali says:

    Dear Beall,

    Please have a look at the following link, I guess it comes under questionable standalone journal. Some articles seem like a recipe, funny !

  34. Deepa says:

    Kindly give your view on international journal of business and administration research review (ijbarr)

  35. J.C. Ramirez says:

    Mr. Beall, Looks like Bentham changed their URL. The one provided in the publisher’s list for 2015 is broken. They’re here now: http://www.bentham-open.com/


  36. Hamid says:

    Hello dear jeffrey
    I need list of questionable of publishers and journals in 2014 .would you please help me?
    I need to prove European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences was not listed in questionable of publishers and journals in 2014. (newly listed in questionable of publishers and journals in 2015). when I sent my paper in the European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences (12 July 2014), I had checked the list of questionable of publishers and journals.
    sincerely your
    PhD student

  37. Denis says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Can you check on this publisher, “Science and Education Publishing”
    available at http://www.sciepub.com/portal/Home.


  38. I am looking for information about Herald Scholarly Open Access

    • I have this publisher included on my list here, and I recommend that researchers not submit manuscripts to this publisher’s many broad journals. I recommend that researchers instead find a stronger, more respected publisher.

  39. Clfford W. Beninger says:

    Hi Jeffery. I recently had a person advertise that they were on the editorial board for this journal: http://mhfmjournal.com/ which is apparently published by Mental Health Journals. I could not find the publisher in your list or in your list of standalone journals. The English is very bad, and I have a strong suspicion that we have another bad actor in play.

    • Chris, this journal is owned by ImedPub, also called Insight Medical Publishing. I have this publisher on my list. I think it was recently purchased by OMICS Group, a publisher that abuses researchers.

  40. Rani Sauriasari says:

    Hi Jeffrey… I really need your suggestion on this conference: http://www.bitcongress.com/wce2015/default.asp (managed by Bit congress Inc.)

  41. Basil Ibe says:

    May 22, 2015

    Dear Dr. Beall

    Thank you for the work you are doing to “police” quality of Open access journals. the Pulmonology and Respiration has stood the test of time. The submissions are reviewed by reputable scientist in the area of the manuscript that was submitted. Authors take pride in revising their work to satisfy reviewers’ critiques. I believe Pulmonology and Respiration has cleaned up its Editorial Board and manuscript submission rules. I believe it does not qualify to be categorized as a predatory magazine any more.

  42. rose says:

    Hi Dr. Beall! Kindly check this journal http://asian-efl-journal.com/, I submitted 2 research paper in their conference.


  43. Dr. Hamdia, M. S. Al-Hamdani says:

    Hi, Sir. Jeffrey
    I really need your suggestion on this Conference Balnimalcon 2015 & on paper publishing in it: J. of Advanced Studies in Agric. . Biolo., & Environ. Scien. (JABE), www. jabe.in ISSN: 2394-2606 and the Impact Factor: 0.387 (2014). I entered on your site and I found it without the list of Standalone J. but with out Thomson reuters, so advice me about can I publish or not, please?

  44. M. Milton Joe says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have noticed that “International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications (IJCNA)” has been indexed in Scholarly Open Access blog. May I know what are the quality standards of IJCNA in the field of research?

    Journal Url: http://www.ijcna.org

    Kindly write reply to this.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Right, and I see that you are the journal’s managing editor. Why are you associated with such a low quality journal? Why was this journal launched when there are already dozens if not hundreds of OA journals on the same topic? What type of digital preservation does the journal use?

  45. Are you able to tell me anything about Hinadwi Publishing Corporation? http://www.hindawi.com

  46. Katie says:

    Can I suggest you look at the international journal of diversity in education. Ijde.cgpublisher.com. Looks very suspect to me.

    • Yes, this journal is published by Common Ground, a U.S.-based publisher. I have analyzed it, but it doesn’t meet the criteria, so I cannot add it to the list.

      I agree that it looks suspect, and I regularly receive inquiries about it, an indication that many find it fishy. I do personally recommend that researchers avoid all of this publisher’s journals. There are better choices.

  47. Benno von Bormann says:

    Dear Jeffrey,
    You’ve listed ‘Frontiers in Bioscience’ (https://www.bioscience.org/). I guess it does not include every Journal of Frontiers, as there is ‘frontiers in Public Health’, publishing remarkable articles, such as Patricia Goodson: Questioning the HIV-AIDS hypothesis: 30 years of dissent. Front. Public Health, 23 September 2014 http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fpubh.2014.00154
    Seems to be the same publisher, though I couldn’t find out for sure.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! Benno

  48. Sofya says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    I received an e-mail soliciting article/review for a journal published by Research Trends (http://www.researchtrends.net/). There is publisher on your list Research Trend (http://www.researchtrend.net/) which appears to be not the same.
    Could you please advice, is this Research Trends a legitimate publisher?

    Thank you in advance,

  49. Sofya says:

    Dear Jeffrey, on your list there is publisher with very similar name, but quite different website (cf http://www.researchtrends.net/ and http://www.researchtrend.net) and list of journals.
    Indeed, “Research Trend” prefer to call their journals “International Journal on/of …”, while “Research Trends” call their journals “Current Topics in …” or “Trends in …”
    Also, their postal addresses differ, though both are in India:
    Research Trends (P) Ltd.
    T. C. 17/250(3), Chadiyara Road, Poojapura,
    Trivandrum – 695012, Kerala,
    Dr. Dheeraj Vasu
    Managing Editor,
    J-4/50, 2nd Floor
    Khirki Extension, Malviya Nagar,
    New Delhi- 110017 (INDIA)

    Thus, these two publishers look like something diffrent, maybe this is a case of hijacking?

    • Research Trend is on my list.
      Research Trends is not on my list because it’s not an open-access publisher. It is a subscription publisher (and probably very few libraries subscribe to any of its many journals).

      I don’t think this is a case of hijacking; they occur at the journal level rather than at the publisher level. This is just a case of publishers trying to use a buzzword (trend, trends) to attract researchers.

  50. Arnaw says:

    Please tell me about
    1.International journal of recent trends in science and technology
    2. International medical Journal both of statperson.com

    3. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences
    4. http://www.ijstd.org
    5. http://www.tmjournals.com
    6. OJHAS http://www.ojhas.org/

    None of these are in your list. I hope sending them the article will be good enough.

    I thank you for helping researchers all over the world by alerting them about predatory journals and publishers

    • First, regarding Statperson Publishing Corporation, I have not heard of this before, so I will analyze it.

      I have analyzed the Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences before, but I did not find that it met the criteria. It is not on my list.

      The Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS is published by Medknow / Wolters Kluwer, which is not on my list.

      The Transworld Medical Journal (TwMJ) is included on my list here.

      The Online Journal for Health and Allied Sciences is not on my list at this time.

  51. Arnaw says:

    Please also comment on scopemed.org

  52. Arnaw says:

    Thank you so much. I will wait eagerly for your review for Statperson.com. It includes 3 journals and the name of two I have mentioned. I have send a paper so bit worried.

    Please analyse International Journal of Medical Research and Journal Of Advance Researches In Biological Sciences (A Peer Reviewed Indexed Medical Journal) of scopemed.com.

    I am realy sory for troubling you but no one other than you can guide in this matter.

    • The second one, Journal Of Advance Researches In Biological Sciences, is not on my list.
      Can you send a link to the first one so I am sure I know exactly which journal you are talking about?

    • I’ve added Statperson Publishing Corporation to my publisher list.
      I’ve added International Journal of Medical Research to my standalone journal list.
      I recommend avoiding both and finding a better publisher.

  53. I can’t find this publisher or journal on your list
    Eduved Foundation (http://www.eduved.org/)
    Journal of Agriculture, forestry and Environmental Sciences (JAFES) (http://jafes.eduved.org/index.html)
    Could you please let me know if we can trust it?

    • This company publishes three journals:
      Journal of Agriculture, Forestry & Environmental Sciences
      Eduved, International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
      EDUVED Global Management Research

      It is a strange company and its branding is confusing to me. I have analyzed the three journals separately and added each one to the standalone journals list. It is a very amateurish operation, and one of the journals boasts a fake impact factor. They lift and use pictures found on the internet to illustrate their websites. This is just a not-so-clever attempt to make money. I strongly recommend that all researchers avoid these three journals. Thanks for alerting me to them.

  54. muskan says:

    Dear beall kindly check cluteinstitute.com

  55. Nam Nguyen-Quang says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Could you please have a look at the following journal:


    Thank you

    • Yes, thanks for alerting me to this journal. It’s another one of many standalone journals from a Singapore company that uses a house in Southern California as its headquarters address. I am adding it to my list. I recommend that you find a better electrical engineering journal than this one, and there are many out there. Take care.

  56. Will Fairbrother says:

    I received an invitation to edit Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Journal which is a imedpub.com creation.

    I am guessing that the title’s similarity to the Journal of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology is not a coincidence.


  57. Bonjour Jeffrey,
    although some of their journals are indexed by PubMed, I still have reservations about this publisher : http://www.amepc.org/
    and more specifically this journal : Translational Andrology and Urology (all articles are free to users and hard copies of the issues may be purchased on ebay).

    http://www.amepc.org/index/about looks serious but I would like to have an expert’s opinion !

    Thank you for your help ! Merci de votre collaboration

  58. Katie Jones says:

    Hi Jeffrey
    I have a question about a publisher listed. The world academy of science, engineering and technology was listed by ERA (Australia) in their journal ranking system several years ago. This implies it is a legitimate publisher. I find this questionable because the ERA lists this as a single publication, however they seem to have several. Can you let me know why you have included this publisher on you list.
    I am also looking for information on David Publishing if you can help me.

    • I disagree that WASET is a legitimate publisher and cannot speak for ERA. Please see this blog post I composed about WASET, which treats their conference organising business rather than their publishing operation, but nevertheless, the company is one that all publishers should avoid. I think some of the Australian agencies have been soft on predatory publishers, reluctant to sufficiently scrutinize anything open-access. David Publishing is a massive spammer that accepts and publishes almost everything submitted and should be avoided by all honest researchers.

  59. savi says:


  60. Fidel Nemenzo says:

    Hi Jeffrey. Is this journal predatory? http://www.tjmcs.com/index.php?volume=2&issue=8

  61. Roman says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was looking for this journal in your list:
    journal of the indian society of agricultrual statistics
    which is available online at:

    but I could not find it. I suspect it is a predatory one especially when i found paper name
    “Discritization based Support Vector Machines for Classification” which is absolutely not in the area of the journal expertise. Please let me know you opinion. Thanks

  62. Roman says:

    I also recommend you to check this publisher http://www.ieice.org/eng/index.html

    because According to this https://www.researchgate.net/post/A_new_trick_IEICE_charges_authors_AND_readers
    it seems it is a predatory publisher.


  63. Roman says:

    What do you think about this:
    IAENG International Journal of Computer Science
    It is Open Access
    Subject Area: Computer Science
    Publisher:International Association of Engineers
    Scopus Coverage Years: from 2009 to Present


  64. Roman says:

    Can you please advice on this publisher:

  65. Roman says:

    this is another predatory journal
    International Journal of Computer Technology and Electronics Engineering (IJCTEE)


    • This journal is borderline. It has some significant weaknesses, and the fact that it has published its May, 2016 issue already raises questions. However, I don’t want to add it to my list at this time. I will monitor it. Thanks.

  66. Biochemist says:

    Hi Jeff: I see many of the journals listed by you as predatory on PubMed. Isn’t PubMed aware? Are they reluctant to clean house? Or, is there some legal reason why they will not remove a journal that clearly is publishing sub-standard science? I recall one publisher threatened a multi-million dollar lawsuit against you a while ago. Are they doing the same with PubMed? With all these predatory publishers, it has become open-season when it comes to annual research productivity at our university where faculty publish in these journals just to get their numbers up. The administration does not care as long as the journals are listed in PubMed. Same goes for promotion and tenure. It is a sad situation…..which can be cleaned up if PubMed takes some action.

    • I think PubMed may be losing its value as a whitelist. I’ve had conversations with NCBI folks at publishing conferences, but the conversations end up with them justifying casting a wide net of journals to be included in their databases and explaining why certain exceptions mandate that some journals be included, even when they really ought not to be. So, I think your point is well taken. Predatory journals have allowed millions of “researchers” to earn unwarranted academic credit, and this problem is only increasing in size.

  67. Arnaw says:


    Please review http://stmjournals.com/

  68. sandeep pandey says:

    Please disclose the relevancy of International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395 -0056; p-ISSN: 2395-0072

    • I have the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology included on my list here . I recommend that researchers NOT submit papers to this journal. Instead, I recommend they find a stronger journal.

  69. Noorulain says:

    Dear Mr kindly aware me the status of the following journal is it predatory ?given the link of website of the journal

    journal of medical pharmaceutical and allied sciences

  70. Jeffrey, in your Hijacked Journals list you should remove AGROCHIMICA because IMHO it is the same (corresponding) of Agrochimica. It is not a Fake. Maybe one is print version on the right and on the left the digital version using OJS platform, from PKP project. You can see the same papers here
    an the team seems to be the same
    If you want I can ask to Italian team in Pisa
    Thank you Antonella De Robbio

  71. Dear Mr. Beall
    Can you please advice on this publisher Connect Journals http://www.connectjournals.com/index.php

    • Hi, I don’t think it’s a publisher. I think it’s a directory or possibly an aggregator.
      It looks like someone is trying to make money from publishers by listing their journals on the website.

  72. D. P. Dash says:

    Jeffrey, I came across a clearly predatory journal “International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology (IJSRST)” — started in 2015 — at http://ijsrst.com/index.php, which is not listed in either of your lists. DP

  73. Katie Jones says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Can you offer and opinion about this journal.

    • The wife of the owner of GSTF is a powerful lawyer who initiates legal action against anyone who criticizes this publisher, including me. I would not publish here. Looking at this journal’s table of contents, one sees that the issues are all out of order, and I think this disorder accurately reflects the publisher’s overall quality. Though it had big plans, this publisher has always suffered, in my opinion, from “failure to thrive.” Now they’ve associated with Springer in an attempt to salvage the investment. It’s the most arrogant publisher I’ve ever dealt with.

      • Katie Jones says:

        Thanks. The email my colleague received looked not quite right, so I’m glad my suspicions are confirmed.

    • The first two are included on my list here, so I recommend avoiding them.
      The third and fourth ones are not on my list.
      I will evaluate the last one when I get a chance; it seems weak and potentially predatory.

  74. T.Borowski says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall.
    Thank you very much for your job.
    It would be great if you could check the Journal World Scientific News (WSN) http://www.worldscientificnews.com.
    This journal correspond to a lot of items of your criteria for predatory publishers. In particularly, in this journal was published a lot of papers that a not academic and a lot of papers with Plagiarism.
    For example,
    The paper http://www.worldscientificnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/WSN-24-2015-1-7.pdf is Plagiarizm from paper http://www.webpages.uidaho.edu/~mbolin/trivedi-diglib.htm.
    The paper http://www.worldscientificnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/WSN-26-2016-21-30.pdf is Plagiarizm from paper http://www.usca.edu/essays/vol152005/moreheadrev.pdf.
    Thank you very much for your time.

    • Thank you, and yes, I agree. This is a predatory journal. Its articles are full of plagiarism, and it’ already published several 2016 issues. Thank you for alerting me to this, and I have added it to my list. It’s a bogus scholarly journal.

  75. D. P. Dash says:

    Hello Jeffrey. I would like to draw your kind attention to “Modern Education & Computer Science Press, Hong Kong” — http://www.mecs-press.org/ They have listed 10 journals on their website, each looking pretty dubious. Could it be a predatory publisher? DP

  76. T.Borowski says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall. Could you check the Journal of Advances in Mathematics. This journal looks like the predatory publisher. For example, the journal has Fast Track Review. Thank you for your time.

  77. Parimala says:

    Can you please check Hindawi publishers. The website is http://www.Hindawi.com. Thanks for your time.

  78. lida farahmand azar says:

    Hi, Please check the URL for a site visit :
    https://www.nassm.com/Journals/JSM. It seems like this site is a fake.
    name:Journal of Sport Management

  79. Valan says:

    Dear Beall. I would like to know, how can i include the scientific journal in the Scholarly Open Assess database. Kindly give some suggestion to include the journal entittled : South Indian Journal of Biological Sciences” http://www.sijbs.com.

    I am looking forward your response.

  80. Karthi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Journal Url: http://www.ijcna.org

    This journal publishes only quality research articles and published manuscripts are very minimum. All the submitted manuscripts are completely peer-reviewed. It also has the impact factor of 0.514 (GIF), but still I find the journal is in your list.

    All the accepted manuscripts are published at free of cost.

    I am planning to submit my research article for the upcoming issue.

    Can you provide your opinion?

    • Yes, I think you are making a bad decision. I disagree that the International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications only publishes quality articles. The impact factor they use to attract manuscript submissions is completely fake.

      • Karthi says:

        How do you say that the impact factor provided is completely fake?

        Given impact factor is true, That can be verified at the GIF webpage.

        Follow the link: http://globalimpactfactor.com/international-journal-of-computer-networks-and-applications-ijcna/

        With what view do you disagree that IJCNA publishes only quality articles.

        Clarify my questions regarding impact factor as well as quality articles. ????

      • There’s only a single product that calculates and publishes impact factors that’s recognized internationally. It’s called Journal Citation Reports (JCR), and its publisher is a company called Thomson Reuters. GIF is a fake version of JCR. GIF is unrecognized by virtually all honest researchers and universities.

        Please see my list of fake impact factor companies here. GIF is one of many counterfeit impact factor companies.

        Dishonest researchers submit their manuscripts to bogus open-access journals that contract with GIF for fake impact factors. The papers are published in the GIF journals, and the researchers report to their universities that they have published papers in impact factor journals, but it’s all a scam.

        Honest researchers who do not take these unethical shortcuts are thereby victimized by the fake journals and impact factors.

  81. lida farahmand azar says:

    Hi, Please check the URL for a site visit :
    http://reviewtechnology.org/index.php/about. It seems like this site is a fake.

  82. lida farahmand azar says:

    Hi, Please check the URL for a site visit :http://www.mdpi.com/journal/nanomaterials
    is this site fack?
    please tell me whether it is fake or correct
    tank you

  83. lida farahmand azar says:

    Hi, Please check the URL for a site visit :http://intanbk.my/
    is this site fake?
    please tell me whether it is fake or correct
    name:INTAN management journal
    ISSN No: 0128-3324
    tank you

  84. lida farahmand azar says:

    I understand that you’re busy, and probably tired of answering the same question many times over but you early reply is Appreciate in advance
    journal E&M Economics and Management
    ISSN (Print):
    Please check the URL for a site visit :
    http://www.ekonomie-management.cz/ is this site fack?

  85. Katie says:

    Hi. Are these two publishers the same?
    You have this one on the list. Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (Academic OASIS)
    However, when I go to this one – http://www.isisworld.org/ – It is powered by ISIS World, which leads me to a sight that tells me to go to their new page of academicoasis.org.
    Is this a situation where a predatory publisher has set up a new site?

  86. rrouabhiyahoofr says:

    Hi sir
    What about the journal: european journal of scientific research the siteweb on scimago is not the same as the journal website
    http://www.eurojournals.com/EJSR.htm on scimago
    And http://www.europeanjournalofscientificresearch.com/ they accept articles direcly without any modifications……
    Please check with me
    Best regards

  87. Dear Beall,

    We have definitely improved the quality of our journal, and receiving high standard submissions to our journal. A serious amount of them are rejected either through editorial process or peer review.

    I don’t understand why you keep our journal listed among very low quality predatory journals. Could you please inform me about that?

    Dr. M. Turkmen

  88. Dear Mr. Beall,

    A colleague of my wife in Jordan submitted to the European Journal of Social Sciences — http://www.europeanjournalofsocialsciences.com/index.html
    Of course had to pay…
    The article is listed, with no abstract
    I assume this is a scam. Your opinion?

    All best,
    Philippe Buc,
    Universität Wien

  89. Arnaw says:

    Dear Mr. Bell,
    1. International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences http://ijmrhs.com/ claims to be Thomson Reuters Indexed. How True it is
    2. How good is Index Copernicus?

    Thanks In Advance. Please have a big Applause for such a wonderful work.

    • It doesn’t matter if it’s indexed in Thomson Reuters or not. It’s a low-quality journal that lies and says it has an impact factor when it really does not. It should be avoided by all honest researchers.

      Index Copernicus is a bogus, invalid metric.

  90. Arnaw says:

    I was thankful for the previous comment by you sir,
    Please help me in the following.
    1. International Journal of Computational
    Intelligence technique http://www.bioinfopublication.org/journal.php?opt=azjou&jouid=BPJ0000221
    2. AISC series of Springer

    Thank You

  91. aditya Rebally says:

    Dear Mr. Bell,
    My friend is going to submit an article to http://www.ijirst.org/index.php.
    This journal claims to have an impact factor. I would like to know if this journal is bogus one ?

    Thanks in advance.

  92. lida farahmand azar says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall ,
    I think journal entitled “ANDRIAS ” with Irregular ISSN:ISSN: 0721-6513 was hijacked.
    I followed sent you the link of original and fake journal.
    Original Journal:no website
    Hijacked Journal:http://andriasjournal.com/aboutjournal.html
    Please check it and let me know.
    With Best Regards

  93. Arnaw says:

    Please tell us about Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare. JEBMH

  94. lidafaz@yahoo.com says:

    Please check the” APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL” with Irregular ISSN: 2076-3417 and the announcement on the site
    It seems like this site is a fake.
    pleas help me.
    Thank you for your attention

  95. Saeedi says:


    Please check the http://www.dinz.info ? I sent my article with that journal and my article Was published,but when I pearched further and found your site I am concerned.
    please help me.
    Thank you for attention

    • Okay, I had not heard of this journal before. It’s clearly a very unprofessional, deceptive, and low-quality journal, and I have added it to my list. I recommend that you not send any more articles to this journal.

  96. gulay gunluk says:


    Global Business and Economics Review

    could be one of the predatory ones.

  97. Alexander says:

    Please check the journal “International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology(IJEAB)” http://www.ijeab.com/.
    The journal is predatory for sure.

  98. GAURAV M says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please check: International Journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical Research.

    • Though it’s not made clear on the journal’s website, it is published by PharmaIntelligence, a horrible publisher from India. They hide the publisher on the journal’s website because the publisher is on my list. I strongly recommend avoiding this journal and all other journals from PharmaIntelligence.

  99. Uzma Faridi says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    is Scopemed.com authentic?

  100. Shrestha D says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please check this: Open Science Journal.

  101. Aman says:

    Hi, Please could you let me know about International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, http://www.ijcsns.org , It is included in Thomson Reuter master list. I need information about this journal.

    • I recommend against sending papers to this journal. It is included on my list here.

      I do see this journal included in TR’s Emerging Sources Citation Index, but I think they are making a big mistake.

  102. Reed says:

    Scholarena has another website now, http://www.scholarenajournals.com with the exact same content, including fake headquarters. They are sending out requests for editors.

  103. Gloria says:

    Kre publishers and Science alert publish good journals that are peer reviewed. In fact, Science alert publishes for people without APC sometimes.

    • I disagree. Kamla Raj Enterprises (KRE Publishers) and Science Alert are both on my list, and I recommend that researchers completely avoid all the many journals they publish.

  104. Amr Magdy says:

    kindly please advise me
    the following journal is faked or not ??


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