Two New Completely Fake Impact Factor Companies

July 28, 2016
SPARC Indexing

The sparc has gone out.

Two new fake impact factor companies have appeared: SPARC Indexing and Root Indexing. They are both counterfeit metrics companies, in my opinion, and any journal that displays numbers from either of these two companies should be avoided completely.

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New Open-Access Publisher Has Great Graphics, Lousy Journals

July 26, 2016
Great graphics, but rubbish journals.

Great graphics, but rubbish journals.

There’s a new open-access publisher with a great name — Science Research Library — and with great graphics on its main page. However, the rest of the publisher’s website is merely designed to entrap authors.

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Do Most Open-Access Journals Require Copyright Transfer?

July 21, 2016
All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.

Scholarly open-access publishing was designed to be both gratis (free to access online) and libre (free to re-use with proper attribution). However, in my experience, many — if not most — of the publishers and journals on my lists require copyright transfer and include copyright statements on the articles they publish, copyrighted by the publisher or journal. Given the vast number of journals and publishers now on my lists, it may be that a majority of open-access journals require copyright transfer and are not “libre” at all.

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Just-Published Article Evaluates Some Spammy OA Publishers

July 19, 2016
Worth a read ...

Worth a read …

An article just published in the University of Toronto Press’s Journal of Scholarly Publishing details a test of several scholarly publishers that sent spam emails to the author. She submitted secondary school essays to determine whether they’d be accepted for publication by the journals.

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More Fringe Science from Borderline Publisher Frontiers

July 14, 2016
He's back !

He’s back !

The scandal-plagued, Switzerland-based publisher Frontiers has just published a chemtrails conspiracy theory paper by the same author whose earlier article was published and then retracted in an MDPI journal.

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Bogus Organization Publishes Over 300 Open-Access Journals

July 12, 2016
International Organization of Scientific Research and Development

Another bogus organization that wants your money.

The International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD) launched recently with 3.94 x 102 journals. It’s a bogus organization that only wants to make easy money from scholarly authors. Read the rest of this entry »

More Rubbish from Hyderabad: Peertechz

July 7, 2016

A complete fake.

Peertechz is another Hyderabad, India-based open-access publisher that is completely counterfeit. It’s a massive spammer, and although it has journals in various fields, it chiefly targets researchers in the bio-medical sciences. Like most publishers based in Hyderabad, this one seeks only to make quick and easy profit and could care less about science or research integrity.

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