Another Article Broker from China

March 31, 2016
Association for Scientific and Engineering

Unethical, mendacious, and venal.

The Association for Scientific and Engineering is a Chinese article broker. It arranges for its clients’ manuscripts to be published as scholarly articles in indexed journals. It’s one of many such companies but stands out because it has an English website in addition to its Chinese homepage.

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Flawed Article in Canadian Library Science Journal

March 29, 2016

The journal.

This blog post is a review of the article:

Nwagwu, W. E. (2016). Open access in the developing regions: Situating the altercations about predatory publishing. Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, 40(1), 58–80.

Summary: (Nwagwu 2016) is a very weak article that (1). Includes significant errors of fact; (2). Includes unattributed text and tables that match text and tables from previously-published articles; and (3). Poorly analyzes the status quo of scholarly open-access publishing.

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Another Chinese OA Publisher “Based” in Southern California

March 24, 2016
Engineering and Technology Publishing logo

Another open-access publisher to avoid.

Last week I wrote about a publisher that claims to be based in a small house in San Bernardino, California. Now here’s another Chinese publisher that has claimed to be based in in a dwelling in Rowland Heights, California.

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Business Deans Endorse Resolution Regarding Predatory Journals

March 22, 2016
AJCU Business Deans

Good advice.

A group of business deans here in the United States has issued and endorsed a statement opposing predatory publishing. Read the rest of this entry »

Researchers in Southeast Asia Are Bombarded with Conference Spam

March 17, 2016
International Academy of Computer Technology

Conferences, journals, spam.

A continuing explosion in the number of low-quality and predatory scholarly conferences in Southeast Asia is confusing and annoying researchers in the region. One example is the so-called International Academy of Computer Technology (IACT) — which is not really an academy at all — whose headquarters address shows up as a dwelling in a U.S. state.

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A New Open-Access Publisher Whose Name Rings a Bell

March 15, 2016

ScienceVier Logo
Here’s a new open-access publisher with a familiar-sounding name: ScienceVier. It launched recently and began spamming. It claims a Hamilton, Ontario base.

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