Three New Open-Access Publishers from October, 2016

November 10, 2016
Red alert.

Red alert.

Here are three new open-access publishers I learned of and added to my list of questionable publishers in October, 2016. Each is strange is its own special way. They are True Scholar, Journals of Scientifics R&D, and Scientific Research Gate. Geographically dispersed, each originates in a country not generally associated with predatory publishers. Read the rest of this entry »

A Pakistani Publisher to Avoid: Academic Research Publishing Group

November 8, 2016
Keep a safe distance.

Keep a safe distance.

Whenever an open-access publisher uses the phrases “Academic Research” or “Publishing Group” in its name, researchers should be very wary. Here’s a low-quality, rent-seeking, open-access publisher that combines both phrases: Academic Research Publishing Group. I recommend keeping a safe distance from it Read the rest of this entry »

MedCrave Update: It’s Still a Dangerous, Predatory Publisher

November 3, 2016

Watch where you step.

I first wrote about the Hyderabad, India-based, open-access publisher MedCrave soon after it launched in April, 2014. Since that time, the publisher has grown and continued to pillage and plunder the terrain of scientific integrity.

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Strange, New OA Publisher: BIOHOUSE

November 1, 2016


BIOHOUSE PUBLISHING GROUP is a bizarre new open-access publisher that launched recently with ten broad-scoped open-access journals. The publisher’s website makes it very clear that it’s based in Ashburn, Virginia. It also tries to associate the publisher with the Library of Congress and other legitimate organizations, yet I still find it a complete imposter.

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Reviewer to Frontiers: Your Review Process is Merely for Show — I quit

October 27, 2016

Equal opportunity for junk science.

A senior researcher recently forwarded me a copy of an email he sent to the controversial Switzerland-based open-access publisher Frontiers. In the email, the researcher resigns as a Frontiers reviewer, citing fatal flaws in the publisher’s peer review process. Read the rest of this entry »

Journal Offers Authors “Research Paper Royalty Scheme” for Getting Citations

October 25, 2016


A completely bogus, India-based, open-access journal is offering authors money if their papers published in the journal get cited a certain number of times in a fixed period.

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Don’t Use PubMed as a Journal Whitelist

October 20, 2016

Proceed with caution.

PubMed is not MEDLINE. I recommend against using PubMed as a list of quality journals for the purposes of finding a journal to publish in, evaluating academic performance, awarding grants and degrees, and assessing job candidates. In addition, I recommend against relying on PubMed for literature reviews, unless the search results are restricted to MEDLINE journals only.

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