Yoga and Cannabis

Weed is a common herb that reportedly leaves its users relaxed. Practicing yoga reduces stress and improves overall health. What happens when you do yoga while high?

Merging the two is a hot topic in the yoga community. The movements heighten your sense of awareness and help you reach enlightenment. Does cannabis have a place in this journey?

If you’re new to marijuana, you might want to learn how to grow the plant for future exercise and weed endeavors. might be the best variant to start with.

Is being high while practicing yoga beneficial? While there are many pros, there are a few things to consider before implementing the combination.

Read further to find out more.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical and mental activity that calms the body and mind. It’s also a spiritual experience; yoga assists in focusing emotions, releasing negative feelings and relaxing.

Humankind has practiced yoga since around 500 BCE and continues to follow its principles. Performing mind-body training while using weed is now also widespread. The poses improve your flexibility and keep you at peace.

How Weed Affects the Body?


People have known about the soothing properties of cannabis for centuries. While each individual has different experiences, the general use for weed is to relax. Combining yoga with marijuana is a recent trend.

Some weed variants reportedly aid users in becoming more creative or beating anxiety and depression. Cannabis could even help improve your sleep pattern.

Enthusiasts consume marijuana in several different forms, from inhaling to eating. People generally feel the effects of cannabis after 30 minutes to one hour. Knowing the perfect way to smoke weed assists in a better experience overall.

When taking marijuana, THC enters the lungs before passing into the bloodstream and entering the brain. The compound supposedly encourages an increase in dopamine, which causes relaxation and joy. This process makes users feel “high.”

Let’s examine whether sativa or indica dominant strains are best for being high while doing yoga.

What Are the Best Strains for High Yoga?

Each marijuana variant has different effects on the body and mind. The best cultivars for yoga and weed are more Indica-dominant. Here are a few strains that you could combine with the movements:

  • ACDC: Has small quantities of THC but a large amount of CBD.
  • Blue Dream: Physically and mentally relaxing, which might aid the yoga experience. It’s also suitable for winding down.
  • Hindu Kush: This variant is 100% indica and results in an intense high feeling with a sedating effect.
  • Lavender: Another relaxing strain, excellent for meditation purposes. It’s an ideal variant to use for exercising before bed.
  • Grape Ape: This cultivar allegedly helps you relax and ease body aches. Since yoga movements could be straining to some, this bodily effect is ideal for being stoned and doing yoga.
  • Northern Lights: Calms your mind and eases you into an uplifting mood, which aids in experiencing the practice’s advantages.

Benefits of Pairing Yoga with Cannabis

Yoga and cannabis are an almost perfect mix. The discipline’s poses and breathing techniques are calming, while several marijuana cultivars promote feelings of relaxation. These attributes make the two a practical pair.

Here are some of the benefits users claim smoking marijuana when practicing yoga provides:

  • Elevates awareness
  • Eliminates uneasiness or depression
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Strengthens muscles and joints
  • Lowers pain and inflammation
  • Helps users enter a deep meditative state
  • Encourages well-being and harmony

What to Consider Before Doing Yoga While High

Doing Yoga While High

Practicing yoga while high can be a wonderful experience, but it might only be for some. Here are a few things to consider when consuming marijuana before starting your routine:

  • There’s a slight chance of overstretching your muscles since weed eases pain.
  • Almost all cannabis strains result in a dry mouth, which could be unpleasant during yoga. Stay well-hydrated to prevent this effect.
  • Weed often causes munchies, which might distract you from being in the moment while practicing the movements.
  • As THC may affect motor coordination, achieving some poses could be challenging.

7 Tips on How to Create a Successful Cannabis-Yoga Routine

  1. Start with a low dose of cannabis – Make sure to start with a small amount, as too much can cause feelings of unease or panic.
  2. Choose the right strain – Sativa-dominant strains are more energizing and often better for yoga than Indica-dominant strains, which tend to make people sleepy.
  3. Know your limits – Avoid consuming too much cannabis during your session and make sure not to push yourself further than what you’re comfortable doing physically.
  4. Prepare your space – Make sure you have comfortable props such as blankets or cushions and that you have adequate ventilation in the room or outdoors.
  5. Set an intention – Before beginning your practice, set an intention of peace, mindfulness, and inner balance to keep you focused on achieving the desired outcome from the session.
  6. Focus on your breath – The combination of inhaling cannabis and focusing on breathing will help enhance the effects of each one separately while creating harmony in your body and mind.
  7. Enjoy yourself! – Keep in mind that this practice is meant to be enjoyable so try to set aside any expectations or judgments about how things should go; just let it all unfold naturally and enjoy the experience!

Should I Consume Marijuana for Yoga?

To find out if doing yoga while high is the perfect practice for you, consider the benefits and effects of the herb. Individuals experience weed differently, so the plant might not suit every wellness enthusiast.

If you want to spice up your mind-body routine, experiment with different cannabis strains to find the best possible experience. Ensure to keep the THC dose low and consume cannabis responsibly.