If you like gambling but don’t like to sit in smoky casinos and lose your money, online free slots might be just right for you. Since the very beginning of these machines coming into our world, there have always been people who loved them. Do you remember those movies about Las Vegas, slot machines, and people who put coins into them, expecting to win the jackpot? Nowadays, you don’t have to go to Las Vegas to push the button and have three of a kind to hit the jackpot – you can do it all from the coziness of your home now! Keep on reading and find tips and tricks for playing free slots online.

How do these machines work?


There are numerous myths about machines and the way they work. Is it better to play after a play that lost an enormous amount of money? Is it better to play when the machine is full of coins? Or is it simply better to play on one of those that give money regularly? One thing is for sure – these machines operate randomly. Each of them operates due to a Random Number Generator (RNG), found inside every machine. RNG cycles through millions of numbers and combinations at the same time. You can’t predict if you are about to win or lose (unless you are some kind of psyche), since the outcome of a spin is determined by the RNG the moment you hit the spin button. However, free slots online are created for those who like to have fun and don’t have to pay any deposit to play.

Top 8 Tips and tricks for playing free slots online

1. Understand how these machines work


If you want to embark on this adventure of online free gambling, you need to know how slot machines work. The usage of RNG in every slot machine makes it random, thus giving everyone an opportunity of winning, whether if it is real or not. Once you understand how these machines work, you can move onto choosing the most suitable game for you and then you can start having fun.

2. Have a game plan

One of the most important things when approaching a slot machine is to have a game plan. You should set goals (both for winning and losing), even though you don’t play for real money. Setting your “maximum loss amount” will help you to “leave the machine” once you reach it. Besides, you set your “win limit” – when you reach it, don’t be greedy and continue playing. You should know when it’s time to go!

3. Do your research


You are new to this and not sure which game to choose?! Then, before diving into this, do your research. You need to be familiar with some of the most important keys when playing slots. These include RTP (average return that slot pays out), differences between jackpots you may win, and many more. If there is nobody to ask these questions, you can always rely on reading the reviews. These are written by experts and catered to beginners.

4. Check the developer of the game

Before deciding to play a particular online slot, check its developer. There is a huge difference between them, just like there is the difference between any other thing you purchase (shoes and bags, for example). Some games might have bugs or viruses which can harm your gadget and you should check it before downloading them.

5. Take your time


Never rush while gambling! Take your time! You usually get excited when you start winning and gaining money (even though you know it is not real money), but it is important to take it easy. Don’t stress out – you may be a beginner, but it will all come into its place eventually.

Think about every move you make in advance. After all, you are sitting in the coziness of your home; make yourself comfortable. Drink a cup of coffee, a cup of tea; or you may choose to drink a glass of wine or beer – it is your preference. Whatever makes you more relaxed and less anxious!

6. Play simpler games

If you want to gain more experience in online slots, you should try to play simpler ones. Once you understand the rules of simple games, then you can move onto the more complex ones. The more experience you gain, those simpler games become less interesting to you. However, never start playing with complex games, but rather with the easier and simpler ones.

7. Keep an eye on bonus rounds


If you want to win the jackpot easier, then you need to keep an eye on these bonus rounds. These are keys for unlocking free spins and give you a great opportunity to gain more winnings. You can get a bonus for inviting new players to a game, after finishing some of the “daily quests”, watching a video, and many more. By doing this, you get a chance to get more winnings – after all, we like winning and that’s why we play, right?!

8. Read online reviews

If you want to see which slot is the most suitable for you, then you should go through the reviews. Since there are a lot of them nowadays, it may take some time, but after all, you don’t want to spend time playing a game that you don’t like. After reading the reviews, you should have pros and cons for all of them and it should make it easier for you to choose the one you like the most.

Where to find more online free slot games?


Once you have taken all of the aforementioned into consideration, it is time for you to start playing free online slot games. Furthermore, demo slots give you a chance to dig deeper. According to, these are free slots, which give you a chance to play as much as you want, just for fun. There you can find more than 4000 free online games.