Lithium batteries are used widely and therefore, you get to hear about a lot of accidents too. But not all battery failures are serious accidents. Sometimes, batteries just get swollen and are no longer useful. Thus, you have to buy a new one. But there are some problems that do not need replacement. It is possible to deal with such problems and use the batteries for a longer time.

Therefore, if your lithium battery is not working, you can check out the problem. If it is a simple issue, you can resolve it easily. If the solution does not work, you can simply buy a new one. So if you are going to buy a new battery, first check this out.

1 – Low voltage

One of the most common problems with batteries is that they get low on voltage. If the voltage gets below 2V, the battery will not work well. Furthermore, it will start to damage the internal structure of the battery. As a result of this, your battery will have a low service life.

The best solution for low voltage problems is getting a battery charger. This will let you recharge your batteries whenever there is a need to. Thus, you won’t need to buy a new one. Instead, you can recharge it and use it for a longer time.

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One of the reasons for low battery voltage is high self-discharge. So if your battery is suffering from high self-discharge, it won’t work for long. However, you can recharge it to increase its service life. One thing that you need to be careful of here is that you must use the charger according to the battery. If you go with a universal charger, it will do you no good. Rather, it will be quite dangerous and might cause a serious accident.

Another reason for a low voltage is uneven current supply. This might be because of the detection of charge or contact resistance. This is not the battery issue so do not think that the quality of the battery is not good. You can use a charge to get rid of this problem.

2 – Heavy internal resistance

Internal resistance can increase because of the equipment differences. Therefore, if the detection accuracy is not good enough the internal resistance will increase. Similarly, you will also face the same problem if you are unable to eliminate the contact resistance.

Another cause that will lead to an increased internal resistance is a longer storage time. If the batteries are stored for a long period of time, there will be an excessive loss of capacity and internal passivation.


The solution to this problem is its activation. If you keep your batteries charged and discharged sometimes, this problem won’t happen.

Abnormal heat can also increase internal resistance. Therefore, you should keep your lithium batteries away from sources of heat. Furthermore, you should also keep them away from ultrasonic and spot welding. When a lithium battery comes in contact with a source of heat, the diaphragm will close abnormally and the internal resistance will increase. This can happen during its manufacturing.

Therefore, users should keep the batteries away from heat. Furthermore, manufacturers should also be very careful during welding.

3 – Lithium battery expansion

You should know the fact that lithium batteries will expand while charging. This expansion is natural and happens only around 0.1 mm and not more than that. This won’t be harmful. However, if the batteries start to expand more than that, there will be a problem. This will result in the decomposition of the electrolytes which will increase the internal pressure of the battery. Ultimately, it will expand abnormally.


The best solution to this problem is the prevention of overcharging. You should note the time and be very careful with it. If you charge it for more than 12 hours, it will begin to expand.

Another cause of expansion is during the processing. So this is not a problem on the user’s end. Processing abnormalities include overheating and short circuits. Such problems will lead to internal heating that will decompose the electrolytes which in turn expands the battery.

Circulation is also one of the causes of expansion. With the increase in the number of cycles of charging and discharging, the thickness of the battery will increase. The battery will keep on increasing its size bit by bit until 50 weeks. After 50 weeks, the increase will stop and the battery will be expanded 0.3 to 0.6 mm from its original size.

There is no solution to this problem because it is a natural phenomenon. However, if the manufacturer increases the thickness of the casing or reduces the internal material, the natural expansion can decrease. Thus, this solution is for the manufacturer.

4 – Explosion


This is the most serious problem that leads to deadly accidents. Therefore, you should be very careful around batteries. There is a protection circuit and a detection cabinet for the batteries, if one or both of these goes out of control, the battery is highly likely to explode. Because it will cause an abnormal increase in the charging voltage, which will decompose the electrolytes and will result in a violent reaction in the battery. The internal pressure will keep on rising and an explosion will happen.

Such explosions have caused permanent injuries to a lot of people. Therefore, you should not take it to that level.

One of the causes of this problem on the user’s end is over-charging. So if you put your lithium batteries on charge, you should keep a track of the time. It is better not to leave them overnight. Moreover, you can put it on charge at some place where you will easily see them.