Businesses these days have almost completely moved online. The functioning of each of the businesses is starting to be conducted on the internet because we are part of the digital age. Digitization is very important because all the data that a business wants to share with its partners, consumers, and users need to be shared on the Internet, that is, on its website or one of its blogs, on one of the sites that deal with analyzes from the aspect of economy or finance, but also in other places. It is very important to share everything that a company has done during its successful operation.

In addition, important forms, forms, and everything else important for the operation of the company as a whole can be shared on the Internet. Various tools and various auxiliary applications are used, so from there, we can see how important it is for a business to be digitized. Digitization means facilitating the work of companies, it means saving time, but it can also mean transparency and openness to the world, users, and consumers. It is important to pay attention to these principles because it shows how companies have entered the 21st century and are using all the benefits that the new era brings. But apart from that, they should show their readiness to deal with the threats that are more and more present.

The threats can be of different characters, but especially they can be from the aspect of functioning because there are a large number of threats related to cyber-attacks and cyber-crime which is in constant progress, even though none of the companies wants it. It is necessary for each of the companies to achieve one level, that is, to work on having one level of security through which it will be ensured that it is protected from cyber attacks, which are a real threat to each of the businesses nowadays. Through these cyber attacks, it is possible to download important documents, data that are of great importance, and databases that are important for the functioning of the company. But how to protect yourself from all that and function a little more securely while using the benefits of the Internet? In the following, we talk much more about it bringing you some tips regarding this matter.

1. Use tools that can provide you with greater cyber protection


Nowadays most companies want to present their results in many ways using the Internet, they want to store their information online or on some of a large number of cloud services and servers, but it can be a big threat if you don’t have a useful and strong tool that can protect you from cyber attacks. Each of the companies should have its own team of professionals who will take into account such an event and know exactly which tool could save the company from cyber attacks, so activate your team together to choose such a useful and powerful tool.

2. Hire more professionals who know how to deal with these cyber attacks

The entire team of a company is of special importance to the functioning and results of the company, but do you know how special important is the IT and cybercrime team? Of particular importance are the professionals who are involved in devising a strategy and concept on how to deal with cybercrime, as well as professionals who have special skills and knowledge in this direction. Therefore open a call for enriching the team with such people, or you can also hire a soc cyber security expert from Clearnetwork to evaluate risks! Solve problems before they start!

3. Store the data in at least two other places in case it disappears


Often during cyber attacks some of the data is deleted forever or stolen, so it is important to make a protection strategy in this aspect as well. Some of the teams would find this funny and would cynically accept this as information, but according to the standards for dealing with cyber attacks, it is recommended that all data is not only protected, but also saved in at least two more places, one of which would be private data storage software that would be with three-step encryption, and the other would be an external drive on which everything would be saved, all of which would be worked on by the IT and cyber team of the business itself.

4. Try to invest more money in building a strong website

In order not to crash a website to get to the data that hackers want to get during a cyber attack, it is necessary to have a strong website that will be well secured and with strong encryption. That’s why you have a big and strong task that you have to focus on together with the entire team responsible for the IT part, and that is to build a whole new website that will be strong and will not collapse easily. and in this way, there will be greater protection of everything that the company has, which may be the target of a cyber attack.

5. Know which of the data are more sensitive for publication


The sensitivity of the data is also of great importance, as also how much you publish them. Care must be taken when publishing data. Why? Most of them are sensitive data that could meet the needs of hackers or competitors and harm your business when they fall into someone else’s hands. That is why it is of great importance to be careful when posting and to protect yourself that way.

In front of you are 5 strong suggestions and guidelines that will surely give you strong protection from the aspect of cyber criminal, which is very current lately. It is up to you to fulfill this seemingly difficult task and protect yourself, thereby giving greater security to your business and its functioning.