Do you know that Manchester also has a quirky side? Well, you will be surprised to know some mesmerizing and quirky places in the city. In this article, we will discuss them in detail. So you can explore them and have the best time of your life.

Manchester is a beautiful city in England. It attracts many tourists every year. The primary reason is that the city has various attractive destinations. All these are unique in their ways, and travelers love to explore them. If you are also planning a trip to Manchester, you must know these quirky destinations. They will surely make you fall in love with Manchester.

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When it comes to exploring Manchester, people always choose famous destinations. If you want to have an extraordinary traveling experience, you should always make a combination of popular and quirky destinations. You can also explore more with this strategy.

Let’s discuss all the quirky destinations in Manchester without wasting any more time.

What Are The Best Quirky Places In Manchester?


Only some travelers know the quirky side of this beautiful city. As a traveler, you should never miss this opportunity on your trip to Manchester. You can find many unexplored destinations in the city. They are all mesmerizing. Some most significant destinations are-

Victoria Baths

Victoria Baths is a must-visit for those travelers who want to relax on their vacation. It is a luxurious thermal spa. Here you can enjoy various activities like spa, swimming, bathing, and more. This way, you can release all your stress in one go.

Victoria Baths is a popular destination because it is ancient. The entire place was built in 1906. Even though a lot of things have changed in the structure, it is still worth a visit for travelers. You can also try it out if you love being in the water. There is one more thing you need to know. Victoria Baths do not remain open throughout the year. It opens occasionally.

Afflecks Palace

Do you love shopping? If yes, Afflecks Palace is the best place that you can explore. It has all types of stores that you would like. In short, the stores in the Afflecks Palace provide all types of things. From clothing to jewelry, this shopping complex offers everything that you might want. You can buy loads of items and have a fun time while shopping.

Afflecks Palace is considered the most beautiful place In the world. And you will see it through your lens if you keep this place on your list.

Bramall Hall


Not many people are familiar with this estate. It is known for its outstanding architecture and other surrounding areas. Travelers visit Bramall Hall to learn more about its history, architectural design, structure, and more. In short, there are many things to explore in this quirky destination.

The most significant part of Bramall Hall is the large hall inside the estate. This hall has a fantastic design and details. Art lovers won’t be disappointed once they enter this beautiful estate. So, what are you waiting for? Put this quirky place on your bucket list.

Chetham’s Library

There is a perfect place for book lovers in Manchester. And it is Chetham Library. This library is well-known for various reasons. First, it is the oldest one in the UK. It was built in the year 1653. Second, famous scholars, like Karl Marx, were frequent library visitors. Apart from that, Chetham Library has a collection of more than 100,000 books.

If you are an avid reader, you might be curious to know more about its history. You might also want to explore and read some of the most famous texts in the library. If so, it is a must-visit for you while exploring Manchester.


Ancoats is another quirky destination in Manchester. It is heaven for food lovers. Here, you can enjoy the delicious foods of different cuisines. This place won’t disappoint you as there are plenty of options for everyone.

You might explore numerous bars, restaurants, cafes, and more that you won’t find elsewhere. That is why it is an attractive place, especially for food lovers.

Manchester Museum

A trip to Manchester would be incomplete without visiting the Manchester Museum. We are saying this because this museum has numerous historical collections worldwide. All these have a great history that every curious person wants to know.

A lot of travelers are unfamiliar with the Manchester Museum. Therefore, they don’t get to explore the same. Now, you know about it. So, it is the best time to add it to your list of destinations.

Manchester Art Gallery

Art lovers, there is another attractive destination for you, and it is Manchester Art Gallery. In this gallery, you can witness the extraordinary works of remarkable artists. These might help you get some inspiration for your art as you understand the works of famous ones.

The best thing about visiting an art gallery is that it is budget-friendly. And you can enjoy exploring artwork for as much time as you want.

Science and Industry Museum


Another place that many travelers forget about is the Science and Industry Museum. In this museum, you will witness the history behind various inventions. As a science lover, you should never skip this place. There are many things to learn from history, and this place has everything.

The Bottom Line

Planning a trip to Manchester is an excellent idea. However, people often don’t get to witness the quirky side of this city. The above places are perfect in every aspect, and you will love exploring them.