There are many benefits of using a car rental service. That is especially the case when you traveling to some distant location where driving will take more than a few hours, or it is across the sea. In most cases, those who decide to use this option are people with families.

On the other hand, younger people are quite interested in it as well. It will make it much easier for you when you visit another town. For example, if you do to New York from LA. There are some regulations for this as well. For example, even though you can get your license as early as 16, you won’t be able to rent a vehicle at any place at this age.

In most cases, you will have to be at least 18 to use this option. Moreover, it is common that services will charge more to people who are younger. They use this option because they think these drivers are less experienced. Still, there are options where such a fee is not included, and you can read more about that if you visit

Therefore, you can easily rent a vehicle when you are under a determined age. However, there are some details that might affect the price and experience. Here are the most important things to know about renting a vehicle while being a younger driver.

Be Sure to Check the Details


The most important thing is to never rush with your decision. It is a very popular service and you will find a lot of them in every city. Therefore, there is no need to choose the first one you find online. Instead of that, select more of them and compare what they are offering. The additional fee is quite common for a certain age.

That is the way for these companies to secure more money since they are giving vehicles to a group of people that are considered riskier. There is no way to prove that you have a lot of experience or that you won’t be driving aggressively. However, there is a chance that some services are providing additional terms where you can avoid paying more money.

For example, if you already have a proper policy that will cover the potential expenses for the repair of the car you rented, they might decide to not include the additional fee. The same is for those who are members of the automobile association. This group will cover your expenses for the additional fee. The point is that every service will include additional expenses, but this is the way to avoid paying for it. The average annual price for being a member is only around $40, and if you are using car rentals more often, you can save a lot of money.

Other Important Things


As you can see, there is no problem with using this service when you are under determined age, but the average surcharge is around $20. That is something that you cannot avoid, and the only way to not pay for it is to be a member of the car association or in the military. In those cases, these groups will pay for your charges. There are some details that you should know about the selection of vehicles.

These companies are aware that there are a lot of young people who will be interested in getting luxurious sports vehicles. However, giving a Ferrari or some other highly expensive model to a young and potentially inexperienced driver could be a huge mistake. Therefore, most companies won’t give their premium models to people who are under specific age.

However, there are still many great models that you can choose from. Some services that are aware that young people would like to get something attractive might offer some interesting models like a Mustang or a Jaguar. Before you choose any of those options, be aware that the surcharge will be even higher.


When it comes to the process, it is quite simple. You will need a license and secured payment processing. Moreover, be sure to research the services and compare them so you can be sure that you are choosing the right one. Besides that surcharge that we mentioned, there might be other fees that could surprise you when you return the vehicle. These companies are using different tricks, but you don’t have to worry about that if you choose a reliable one. Also, always read the terms before you sign the papers.

There are various mistakes you could make by making harsh moves. For example, there might be a company that is limiting the range. In that case, it will be a problem if you are planning to travel to another city. Also, there is a chance to face additional charges for the distance, gas, and condition of the vehicle. Therefore, read all the details and be prepared to look for another option if they don’t fit your preferences.

Another reason to analyze the options is to avoid scams where you might end up with much higher expenses. For example, when a company claims that they provided you with a vehicle that had a full tank, but it was actually almost empty. The even bigger issue is when they try to claim that you are responsible for some malfunction or damage made to the car even though you didn’t have an accident.

Last Words

As you can see, the additional charges for those who are under a certain age are common, and the only way to not pay for them is when you are a member of groups that will cover it for you. The average amount of money you will have to pay is around $20 per day. Also, there are some even more important details that could ruin your experience, like false claims related to the condition of the vehicle. In the end, be sure to have a good policy in case that will save you in case you face a road collision or some other accident.