Offering customer-based services is what every organization is striving for these days. But managing all the data related to the customers, keeping a tab on their needs, and how and when to provide appropriate services might be a challenging task. This is where Customer Relationship Management systems come into action. These systems allow organizations to manage all the data related to their customers and provide unprecedented information about their ongoing relationships and engagement with them. It not only simplifies the entire process but also leverages the capability of an organization in serving its customers better.

It is because of the efficient capability of these systems that CRM for Universities and Educational Institutions is gaining popularity. CRMs allow universities and other educational institutes to build and maintain strong relationships with their students and their parents, which is one of the essential prerequisites in today’s competitive educational environment. With a growing demand to capture the student’s attention, universities often face the difficult task of differentiating themselves from their competitors and find a need to attract students by providing unique services. And CRM for universities can help them do this seamlessly.

Let’s see how CRM University can help educational institutes maintain student and parent relations.

Fulfill the communication requirements


Communicating effectively with students and parents is important for universities to build and maintain positive relationships. And it is impossible to do it manually as there is a lot to take care of. This is where CRM for universities can help. Through student relationship management, universities can distribute and communicate important information about:

  • Student achievements and information about different university programs
  • Centralize student information that can be made available to different departments
  • Maximize cross channel communication and use it wherever necessary

Faster and on-time communication through various platforms is essential as this is how information is being distributed these days. Be it social media platforms, emails, or other similar ways of sending out information, students and parents both expect the universities to be prompt and clear about all communications. It has been observed that a majority of students and their parents are now accessing information and expecting services through quick communication mediums like chats and emails. Having a robust CRM system in place like FlavorCRM Software can create a communication channel that will not only send necessary information quickly and precisely but also in a streamlined manner.

Leverage recruiting students and their retention


In today’s competitive educational environment, universities are burdened by the challenging task of attracting maximum students to their educational programs. And this requires a wide outreach. Reaching out to and recruiting the right students, targeting prospects with personalized communication, and implementing effective steps for maximum student retention is something most universities struggle with. But CRM software for educational institutes can help the universities to:

  • Locate and recruit new students and keep a tab on all communication with existing ones for longer retention
  • Measure their performances and how they are engaging with different departments on the university premises
  • Track and analyze various marketing campaigns and their effectiveness through data

Understand their needs and cater to them promptly


Maintaining strong interpersonal relationships with parents requires universities to respond to their needs and demands promptly. This can only be done if the institutes have correct data available to them. And CRM for universities is the best tool available for a requirement like this. With all important data available with them at their fingertip, the universities can centralize their information and use them as per their requirement. All this information can be fed into the CRM when the students are enrolling themselves into the university, and depending on the data available; various interactive programs can be developed.

Maintain alumni and donor relationships


One of the most important aspects of running an educational institute or a university is to maintain relationships outside of the premises. People who are associated with the university long after they have finished their courses or those who provide grants and donations are equally important. This is why strong relationships should be maintained with them as well. And CRM university can help in such instances as well.

  • All donor information and past transactions can be stored.
  • Alumni and donors can be kept updated with all kinds of communication about the university, student performances, and several other programs led by the universities.
  • Analyze all donor transactions through available data and find out the best trends and policies that worked

It is not only a great idea to keep the alumni and donors happy but also profitable to keep them engaged with the latest developments of your university. And having an automated system like CRM for the education industry is just the perfect tool you can have.

Workflow automation


One of the biggest advantages of using a CRM system for universities is that it automates a lot of redundant manual work. This not only frees the staff members to do more important tasks but also helps the institute to remember important dates regarding student and parent-related work. This is vital in maintaining a strong relationship with parents as providing prompt and timely services gives them immense satisfaction that the university takes extra care of its patrons. Apart from that, an automated system will never let you forget an important inquiry or respond to an important email. Furthermore, you can also have a tracker feature in your CRM system that will keep a tab on where the students found out about your university, avenues, phone numbers, and other details. This way, you can keep records and leverage those platforms for future intake.

CRM for universities is a truly efficient student relationship management tool that can transform the way educational institutes interact, bond, and provide services to their patrons. It is definitely a game-changing solution to most of the problems faced during the manual management of the students’ data. While these automated systems do their job perfectly, you need to find a CRM service provider that can integrate a suitable system that fulfills all your business needs ensuring strong interpersonal relations with students and parents.