If your job requires you to travel, you’ve probably stayed in more than your fair share of hotels. However, you don’t necessarily have to stay in one. There are many other options, and some of them are far better than what a hotel may offer. It is worth your while to investigate these options because the right accommodations will make the trip that much easier for you.

One of these options is serviced apartments and they’re becoming increasingly popular with the business crowd. Here are six reasons why serviced apartments are such a great option for business travellers.

You Can Find Locations Anywhere You Want to Be


Hotels are often located in commercial districts or near the airport. While this may seem convenient if you need somewhere to crash after you land, this may put you far from your clients.

On the other hand, serviced apartments are available in residential neighbourhoods and hot spots in many cities and all over the world. Being in a central location means that you won’t have to fight to get out of the city centre and find your way to your clients. Not only does this reduce stress and the risk of being late to important meetings, but it also saves you time. Then you have more time to prepare for your meetings. One service apartments that you can check out are apartments near Reno.

This is especially important in a major city like Liverpool, for instance, where you want to be near the action as much as possible. Serviced apartments like Dream Apartments in Liverpool can put you in easy reach of shopping, entertainment, and cultural attractions. This allows you to meet your clients at various venues after work and turns your business trip into something more like a vacation. You can find more information about their apartments and what they have to offer at

You Can Stay as Long As You’d Like


You can stay in a serviced apartment for 3 days or 3 weeks. You’ll enjoy the same amenities either way. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy a more homelike environment that makes it easier to stay for several weeks far from home.

For example, a rented studio apartment is a third larger than the average small hotel room. Executive studio apartments are even bigger. Another benefit of serviced apartments is that you have more flexibility over when you come and go. You don’t have to clear out by 10 AM on your final day, and there’s no penalty for arriving near midnight from your long-distance flight.

It Offers Better Amenities


A hotel room will provide a bed, desk, and bathroom. A serviced apartment can be compared to a luxury hotel room, though it often has better amenities than the upscale hotel room.

For example, serviced apartments typically have full kitchen and laundry facilities. This is hard to find in an affordable hotel room. You have much more space in an apartment, too. You’ll also have more privacy.

You won’t have to worry about being woken up by hotel guests leaving early in the morning or someone in the other room throwing a party. This makes it easier to relax at the end of a busy day.

Having better amenities also means that you can do more with the room. Having a kitchen allows you to both make your own meals or have them cooked for guests on the spot. A better more comfortable room also gives you more options for entertainment. No one likes being stuck in a hotel room that feels incomplete. But crashing back at your serviced apartment is always an option if you don’t feel like going out. Being able to entertain or have serious meetings back at the apartment is another great perk.

It Can Keep People Connected


You can find serviced apartments ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments. This may allow you to have two or three team members share an apartment instead of booking separate hotel rooms. Now they can engage with each other at the start and end of each day, maintaining lines of communication.

This can make the logistics much easier if you need to regroup. It also gives your team members the chance to work in their separate corners if they need to. Getting everyone together for briefings or before an event will be much easier if you all have serviced apartments close to each other and use one as your HQ.

It Is Safer


While you will have someone come to clean the apartment every once in a while with a serviced apartment, it won’t be as intrusive as in a hotel. There won’t be lots of employees with access to space like with a regular room. This reduces the risk of theft or assault. Nor do you have to worry about business laptops or corporate IDs being stolen while someone is working out in the gym or doing laundry.

Yet serviced apartments have some of the same services as hotels. This includes a 24-hour reception and a concierge. Do your research, and you may find one that lets you take advantage of ironing or other errand services, too.

It May Be Cheaper than a Hotel


A serviced apartment is often cheaper than hotels when you’re staying for several weeks at a time. If you initially book it for several weeks, they’ll typically lower the cost per night.

A serviced apartment can save you money in other ways, too. For example, food is often one of the largest budget items when planning a business trip and the amount of money you’ll be able to save on food alone will be largely worth it. Your employees can also do laundry in-house instead of paying the hotel for dry cleaning. They can take advantage of entertainment options like DVD players and smart TVs and they won’t be billed for every movie they watch.


Serviced apartments should be a top choice for business travellers. They should definitely be considered if you are looking for a more affordable, comfortable, and convenient alternative to hotels.