If you’re keen about pet adoption in general and have your eyes set on a particular four-legged creature that meows a lot, it’s probably high time you really considered getting one for yourselves. However, you must know that as with everything, there are tremendous upsides and downsides to getting a cat. They are demanding, very individual pets with strong character. Bending their will is almost impossible and you won’t always feel like you have a pet, rather than a furry and very lovely, equally intelligent roommate. So, how to really know whether you’re ready for a cat? Visit here to learn how to adopt a cat for free.

1. What do you know about cats?


Getting a cat with absolutely 0 knowledge about them is no Bueno. Whilst it is possible to take care of a feline with very little understanding about cats and pets, in general, it’s much easier to do things when you have helpful theoretical or even practical experience for a start.

For example, you need to know where is the nearest vet, what to do if the cat is coughing, how to deal with their toilet business, and how to prepare food for them. In general, cats aren’t too difficult to take care of, because they’re so independent. However, you should be aware of the fact that they like to drop by unannounced and do things that you wish they wouldn’t. It’s like a rebellious child/teenager who always finds ways to annoy or intrigue you.

Make sure to read a book, articles online or consult with other cat people to get a sense of what it is really like.

2. What is your motivation?


When you set out to adopt a pet, rarely so happens that such a decision is made in the heat of the moment. Most people like to calculate and find the appropriate time to adopt as well as make enough room for a pet in their lives. Their motivations range from wanting someone in the house, all the way to wishing to gain experience in caring for someone else.

Regardless of the accurate title, it’s important that the intentions are pure (not for money or evil purposes, etc.) and that you genuinely have wanted such a pet for a while. If the urge and wish are slowly burning out, restrain yourself because it just means that you aren’t fully committed to the idea. And if you get a cat before realizing that, she or he might be stuck in an unhappy home. You too.

All in all – understand why you want a cat and if the desire doesn’t phase out – go for it!

3. What can you offer the cat?


It’s not all about getting a cat for yourself. This connection works both ways. Thus, you have to consider things from the perspective of a pet. Will you bring them into a home that’s ready to accept them? Cats are generally calm animals, but some breeds aren’t the best around children. Furthermore, some people could really like cats and want to raise one, but they’re allergic. Make sure you get tested before finding out the hard way.

A cat needs space and some interactive equipment, like scratch posts, a special den, cat towers, and play tubes are great  to buy from cozycatfurniture. Toys are always a solid choice with the litter box causing the most concern for homeowners. So, if you have enough resources and space to house all these items and can create a comfy accommodation for the feline pet, that’s great! If the cat could talk, she would definitely like to say Muchas gracias or Merci beaucoup, or ‘Thank you’ in another language.

With that being said, it’s not it. You mustn’t forget that a cat also needs grooming and caring. We already mentioned that they are quite independent animals. They have an autonomous self-washing system at their disposal (vigorous licking of self) which they utilize to its fullest extent. So, requirements for bathing are minimal. Nevertheless, you should know that hair brushing, tick examinations, and nail cutting need doing frequently. You will need a brush, some cat shampoo (Visit here) and we definitely recommend a nail grinder. With regards to the latter, click here to read an article about how to choose the best items in the market.

Make sure that you can offer something for the cat in return, of what you want her or him to bring. If the benefits are mutual, the living conditions and the connection are going to be excellent!

4. Have you considered other pets?


Maybe you like cat videos and think that cats who live with other people are just adorable. But maybe your personality type isn’t cut out for a kitten. Or maybe the cat just isn’t the pet for you. Perhaps there is a better choice for you, according to your likes, wants and current living situation?

Yes, never say a strong and definite ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ before you have 100% clarity in these scenarios. Remember that you’re not buying shoes. You’re adopting a living creature and making the commitment to take care of them 24/7, whenever they need. Thus, you have to be absolutely sure that you’re making the right choice.

Hence the term ‘Cat people’ and ‘Dog people’. One animal type is better suited for one sort of people and vice versa. Cats are great companions and pets for those who want a pet, but don’t want to take long walks outside and aren’t too keen to train them too much. Cats are very homey and cozy pets. They want certain independence when it comes to just roaming around the home, but they’re definitely loyal and committed to you.

With this being said, consider getting a dog, fish, turtle, lizard, bird, a snake, hamster, and some other viable options besides a cat. If any of those intrigue you, try and live with the idea for a little while. Maybe a kitty isn’t the best choice for you. Or maybe they are. Answer these questions, live with the idea for a while and you’ll know for sure!