Casino games are widely famous all over the world. Several players are making huge money from online gambling websites. These games are extremely fun to play and a good source of income once you get experience in your gambling career. There are plenty of casino games available and deciding which game to play can be a confusing decision sometimes.

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Further in this article, you will get insights into the easiest and hardest skill-based online casino games.

1. Roulette


Roulette is amongst the easiest online casino games for which you require the least skills. It allows you to win a decent amount of money if you are playing it with concentration. If you are a beginner then you can start with roulette. This game is quite famous in both online and land-based casinos.

There are different variants to this game i.e. American, French and European. The European variant is comparatively easy and there aren’t many strategies to apply. You will have to place bets on a single digit or multiple digits and you will get rewarded if the ball stops at any of the predicted digits.

2. Keno


Up next, keno is another casino game that doesn’t require much skills and the rules are pretty easy to understand. It is a game of selecting numbers where players can select 10 random numbers from 1 to 80. The more correct numbers you predict correctly the higher your reward will be.

You don’t require many skills or any strategies that can affect much of your chances of winning. If you are lucky enough then more digits will match with the ones drawn. Keno is often compared with bingo and beginners with not much gambling knowledge can make some good money by playing this game.

3. Slots


Several casino players prefer playing slots over any other game. Unlike table games, slot machines are more popular and are often considered one of the easiest skill-based games. You don’t have to think of any out of the box strategies to win rewards or a jackpot.

Slots machines are ideal for beginners stepping into gambling as they don’t have to face any experienced players. In most gambling platforms both online and land-based, slot machines are very common.

You will find slot machines where you can even get the opportunity to hit the jackpot. Slots can become boring sometimes because it’s not as engaging as table games where you can witness the actual intensity of casino games. Moreover, it’s all about pulling levers and pressing buttons.

4. Blackjack


Blackjack is a bit more challenging than other table games like roulette and keno. The rules of the game are still easy to understand but you have to think of different strategies to play wisely. The game highly depends on your skills and with luck favoring your side you can make huge profits from it.

Even if you are a beginner you can outsmart experienced players with your strategies and skills. Some casinos keep their house edge high, making winning comparatively difficult. If you do not know the game and are not aware of any strategies then you should do your homework first and then start playing.

5. Baccarat


Baccarat is quite hard when it comes to skills-based online casino games. The game can be very confusing for beginners and even skilled players often make mistakes while playing it. Card games are always complicated to understand and players must always have a strategy that can make them win.

Baccarat is similar to blackjack with more intimidating rules. The game allows you to bet on the banker as well as the player which makes it more difficult to select a suitable strategy. Baccarat is not commonly found in every casino platform apart from the reliable and famous gambling website.

6. Poker


Talking about card games, poker is another famous online casino game that demands a lot of self-control. You must always be prepared with different strategies and skills based on the flow of the game.

To win at this, sometimes you must come up with an offensive strategy and if luck isn’t favouring you then try to play defensive so you can even win some money.

Poker is the best skill-based game that is not complicated enough and allows you to win a good amount of money if you have the right skills. This game requires the art of bluffing, you can play high stakes and make others think you have good cards on the table so others might already give up in the beginning.

7. Solitaire


Lastly, solitaire can be pretty confusing if you are not aware of the rules. This game doesn’t require any optimal strategy. The goal of playing solitaire is to place all 52 cards in the foundation piles. This often makes the game too slow so to prevent this you can receive your rewards once you move at least 11 cards to the foundation pile.

You must arrange the cards in an increasing order that makes an ace the first card and king final card in the foundation pile. Solitaire is also available in smartphones and computers that give you the opportunity to practice before playing actual casino games.

The Bottom-line

There are a lot of casino games available on different gambling platforms. Casino games like Roulette, keno, slots are comparatively easy to play and don’t require many skills. On the contrary card games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker demands skills and strategies to win.

If you are a beginner then you must start with the easiest skill-based casino games. These were some easiest and hardest skill-based casino games that are widely played by several players. These games are an ideal option to earn some extra money in your leisure.