Smartphones have become an essential part of our life no matter where we go or where we live. We need smartphones for everything from basic communication to entertainment and it wouldn’t be wrong to say they are any individual’s most valuable possession. Thus, it only makes sense that an individual will protect their smartphone as much as physically possible.

The thing is, smartphones are inherently fragile and they are bound to get damaged one way or the other no matter how much we take care of them. After a smartphone gets extensively damaged, people often wonder about one single question – can I repair this myself or should I leave it to the professionals?

According to, one of the leading smartphone repair agencies in Limburg, while some damage can be easily repaired at home, there are many cases in which a smartphone’s repairs should be best left in the hands of a professional. A professional has several years of experience under his belt and is equipped with the knowledge to resolve issues in the best way possible.

Thus, there are many times where a smartphone’s repair option is better left to professionals and professionals alone. Tinkering with your smartphone in such cases may only lead to increasing the amount of damage it has. But what exactly are these cases and when do you know that you need a professional to look at your smartphone?

In this article, we will help you answer that exact question by listing several damage repair options that we strongly recommend you to get checked by a repair professional.

1. Extensive screen damage


One or two scratches on the display is bearable and people even get used to a few cracks in the corner of their display. But what do you do when your entire screen gets damaged and broken beyond repair? Extensive screen damage is more common than you’d think – one fall from an unfortunate height and crack goes your display.

Obviously, such a screen is not usable at all because there will always be cracks on your display that will obstruct everything you see. And while you may think of repairing it yourself, we would like to remind you that it is not as easy as it seems – you will need professional tools, a brand new glass panel for your exact smartphone model, professional glue and hours upon hours of training and research.

In the end, it is not even guaranteed that you will do a perfect job on the first try which is why we strongly recommend hiring a professional smartphone repair agency to do it for you. They will carefully remove your damaged screen and replace it with a brand new one without letting you incur heavy costs.

If you find yourself dealing with extensive screen damage, it’s essential to consider your options. While a few scratches are tolerable, a completely broken screen can be unusable.

Repairing it yourself may seem tempting, but it’s a complex process that requires professional tools, the right glass panel, and expertise. Affordable gadget repair services in Charlottesville can save you time, effort, and the risk of costly mistakes. They’ll expertly replace your damaged screen, ensuring a flawless result.

2. Fried circuits


Circuits are one of the most fragile parts in your smartphone and also the ones prone most to internal damage. Circuits can get fried from a number of reasons such as excess exposure to heat, short circuits while charging or even fall damage. Whatever the reason may be, you can instantly see its effects on your phone when it stops loading properly or freezes for no particular reason.

Now unless you have a professional degree in Mechanical and Software Engineering, we would recommend that you stay 10 feet away from dealing with fried circuits in your smartphone and instead just let a professional handle it. These professionals know which circuits have burnt up, know how to extract them and replace them with newer ones that make your smartphone work as fine as before.

3. Dead or bloated battery


Batteries have a limited lifetime and they die after getting used for a long amount of time. While this problem was easily resolvable in older smartphone models, which had removable back panels and removable batteries, it is not the case anymore with newer smartphones that have a back panel and a battery that is sealed shut.

Only professional smartphone repair men know how to remove the back panel of such smartphones and replace the old battery with new ones. While dead batteries are still reasonably fine, if your smartphone has bloated batteries inside it, we recommend that you take them to a professional as soon as possible as these batteries can explode anytime.

4. Damaged charging port


Charging ports are usually made to be sturdy and resilient. However, using the same smartphone in dusty areas over a prolonged period of time can build a layer of dust inside the port which renders its charging useless. They can also get internally damaged if they are connected to a charger and a short circuit occurs.

Whatever the reason may be, not being able to charge your smartphone is a frustrating experience and one that needs professional hands to solve. If you are looking to repair your damaged charging port, your best bet will be hiring a professional smartphone repair agency.

5. Bricked software


With the amount of malware and viruses present on the internet on today’s date, it has become considerably easier than before to brick your smartphone’s internal software without ever knowing what happened.

Restoring your smartphone’s OS is an extremely tricky thing to do and one that requires precision and care from people that know what they are doing. While in most fortunate cases a restart should do the trick, but if it does not, we recommend that you hand it over to a professional as your tinkering can result in direct data loss of all your files.

6. Environmental damage


Taking your smartphone with you on your vacation, hiking or picnic trip has become a millennial ritual which helps you capture precious moments in the safety of your phones. The problem is, this also means that you risk your smartphone getting permanently damaged if it falls in water, mud or an excess amount of dirt.

If it does, your first priority should be taking it to a professional who can do a thorough cleaning job and, in most cases, give you back your original working device. In cases like these it is essential that you act sooner than later because once the water or dirt corrodes and damages your phone’s internal parts, there is a very slim chance of you getting it back.


There are several smartphone repairs that we recommend you to get checked by actual professionals instead of repairing them yourself at home. We hope this article was helpful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.