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Winter evenings are usually spent enjoying a warm cup of tea along with a plateful of hot snacks. The best snacks are those that won’t leave you hungry and satisfy every craving. Your body demands more during those nippy days to keep warm, and instead of binging on fatty or sugary treats, we suggest you try these filling and wholesome homemade winter snacks that will keep you going. Here are some of our easy winter snack recipes to prepare and dig in while the season lasts.

Winter evenings and afternoons are mostly spent enjoying warm tea with nice comforting snacks. The best snacks are those that satisfy cravings and leave you feeling satiated. Instead of binging on sugary and fatty treats, you will want to satisfy your cravings with healthy yet yummy choices.

Take tacos as an example. Nothing can go wrong with this Mexican dish. You might want to opt for the Tantalizing Taco Experience: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and satisfy our taste buds and get a healthy dose of nutrition. Tacos are an amazing Mexican snack that is excellent for winter afternoons as well. Tacos are also an excellent source of fiber, grains, veggies, and proteins.

When topped with your favorite toppings, you can enjoy the ultimate treat for this winter.

Here are some other snack choices for the cold days.

Oatmeal – But Baked!

baked oatmeal

Nothing can go wrong with oatmeal, but for the colder days, we take things a notch higher. All you need to do is take a single-serving muffin cup and pour instant oatmeal in it. Add some raisins, cinnamon, and other favorite toppings. Place the cups in the oven and bake to perfection. Enjoy the perfect oatmeal muffins on a cold afternoon with a delicious cup of tea.

Speaking of cinnamon, you might as well want to opt for soft cinnamon apples. Only two ingredients are needed, and after thirty minutes in the rice cooker, your soft cinnamon apples are ready. Soft cinnamon apples will taste better than pie. Add a few scoops of Greek yogurt to the warm bite-size pieces, and your cravings will be replaced with satisfaction.

Baked Nuts

baked nuts

Nuts are delicious and healthy and make a great winter snack. However, we aren’t referring to just some ordinary snacks –– you will want to go for the spiced nuts that are best served when warmed in the microwave.

Wholesome Cookies

Cookies – everyone loves them. Even your pets can have a few to nibble. However, if you are looking for cookies that are healthy and packed with nutrition, then oatmeal cookies can be your best option. Oatmeal cookies are delicious and healthy – you can eat as many as you like without feeling guilty.

Oatmeal cookies are usually baked with pumpkin, carrots, oats, apples, and cinnamon. These are best served as a warm snack. Oatmeal cookies are a great option for breakfast as well.

Speaking of cookies, you might want to dip them in warm milk – what is even better – homemade hot chocolate. Who doesn’t love a cop of warm homemade chocolate to dip their cookies in?