Thanks to the growth of the online betting industry, betting on sports is way easier than before. You can come across a wide range of guides that will show you everything about sports betting. Nevertheless, the key factors to consider when placing sports bets at Efbet in Bulgaria show that there are several important aspects that punters have to know before they start using a given brand.

You will find tons of betting tips that will help you become more successful while betting. Although some of them are worth it, the majority of the tips have no value, and some of them may lead to losing more money. That’s why it is essential to find a credible source that will give you proven sports betting tips.

Even though it is almost impossible to provide everything in a single article, there are several must-know things that bettors have to do when punting. So, let’s learn more about them in this article.

Choose which sport to focus on

It may seem like a good idea to bet on multiple sports because this increases the range of the options you can punt on. However, this also increases the risk because you have to keep an eye on multiple teams/players to know what you’re doing. Needless to say, most people can’t do that unless they are full-time online bettors, which is why Bulgarians and punters that reside in other countries often focus on a specific sport.

The good news is that sites like Efbet have sportsbooks where users can find all sorts of alternatives and bet on them. In other words, customers can focus on a specific sport they like because these places have a lot of things to offer.

In terms of which sport to bet on, it all comes down to personal preferences. Many people choose football because the sport offers the largest number of events and loads of markets. That said, some bettors are more interested in other options, such as eSports, because they are notorious for having good odds.

Using a proven betting system


Despite the fact that many punters do not believe in the existing betting systems, some of them are popular for a reason. Many punters take advantage of those things and achieve good results, whereas others do not use anything and try to devise their own strats. Both things could work, so it is up to you to decide which is better.

Speaking of betting systems, there are a couple of important ones you should try out. One of them is very interesting, and you can use it while betting on Efbet or other sites because it requires you to double your bet when losing. This might seem strange and risky, but the idea behind it is that once you win, you will get enough money to cover all of your previous losses. The only downside of using this strategy is that you must have many free funds to bet with.

There are other interesting betting systems as well, such as the one where you should always bet on the underdog. It is also risky, but the odds for most underdogs is really impressive, no matter the sport you go for.

Try to bet on sports events that are live-streamed

One of the advantages for bettors in Bulgaria who use Efbet and some of the other top-tier brands in the country is that they have access to a couple of betting features. Of course, Cash Out is the go-to option because it lets punters control the amount they spend. However, some of the best iGaming brands in the business also offer live streaming services. Albeit not available for every match, watching live streaming allows people to make better decisions when betting.

To put it another way, one of the things you can do to maximize your winnings is to bet on events that offer live streaming. Most platforms always have at least a few active In-Play sports betting matches with a live stream. Most of the events you can follow in real-time are football matches, but eSports, tennis, and basketball will also give you access to a couple of live events daily.


Sadly, even some of the best online bookmakers in the business do not offer live streams for some of the sports that don’t have a lot of fans regarding betting. For example, you won’t find a live stream for water polo.

Betting on markets they are familiar with

One of the big pluses of using online betting operators in every country is that they offer more betting markets than standard bookmakers. Bulgarians have noticed this while using Efbet and other sites, but it applies to all top-tier iGaming operators.

Even though some football matches may allow them to pick from thousands of options, this doesn’t mean that users have to bet on all of them. In fact, the majority of those markets are not even worth it because the odds are low or they’re just too difficult to predict.

In other words, experienced online bettors only wager on familiar markets. Every punter has his own preferences, but things like Over/Under, 1×2, and Correct Score are the go-to options for most players.

Those who have more experience and keep track of specific stats can also bet on markets related to corners, throw-ins, and all kinds of other things. Speaking of markets, it is worth mentioning that most bookmakers will offer people special options when they decide to bet on live matches. This is where it gets more interesting because people can experiment with unique short-term markets that expire after a couple of seconds.

Although the short-termed live betting markets are risky, the odds for most of them are way higher than expected. Unsurprisingly, this attracts a lot of people, even those who usually bet on things they’re familiar with.


Don’t forget that betting is always risky, no matter the market you go for, so you need to be responsible and not wager more money than you can afford to lose.