In this article, we are set to contrast two sweepstakes casino websites. At a casual glance, they might appear as identical “twins,” but as we journey through this piece, you’ll be adept at discerning the nuances between them.

There are key factors that demand consideration to determine which platform aligns best with your preferences. So, let’s delve in and navigate this exciting comparative exploration.

Introduction to


Launched in 2022, stands out with its innovative focus on cryptocurrency transactions.

While other sweepstakes casinos may offer crypto payments as an additional feature, has made it its primary transactional method, accepting over 18 different types of cryptocurrency. This distinction puts it at the forefront as the most comprehensive Sweepstakes Casino available to US users.

Aside from its unique financial transaction method, also impresses as a Free Social Casino, providing an extensive range of meticulously chosen slot games. Additionally, the platform caters to diverse gaming interests with a commendable assortment of table games and online scratch cards, predominantly sourced from Hacksaw Gaming.

The website interface, both in terms of navigation and functionality, remains impeccable, reminiscent of its predecessor. The smart, yet simple, design has each user interface element strategically placed to convey quality and ease of use.

This suggests the experienced hand of Stake’s team in developing the platform. They have effectively expanded the brand, without compromising its reputation, to cater to US players – given that is unavailable for this demographic.

Thus, the newly developed is not only gaining popularity at a rapid pace but is also the only Stake option dedicated exclusively to US players.

Is Better Than

To determine whether is better than, we must first clarify the parameters and target audience of our comparison. Certainly, for US players, is the preferred choice, given its dedicated focus. However, let’s delve deeper into comparing these two platforms, highlighting their similarities and differences.

At a glance, these two brands might seem identical, like twins, but a closer inspection reveals a unique set of characteristics for each. Edges Over

In the following section, we will delve into the unique advantages of over While each platform presents its distinctive strengths, it’s worthwhile to explore how, specifically tailored for US players, has certain features that give it an edge over its predecessor. Let’s unfold these compelling aspects. Accessibility

Arguably, the most significant advantage has over lies in its accessibility. While is unavailable to users within US territory, has successfully filled this gap, enabling the brand to operate extensively across the country, with a few exceptions.

When compared to other US-based online gambling sites, the accessibility of this social casino receives rich approval. Given the prohibitive gambling laws in most US states, the sweepstakes gaming model offered by offers a broad reach, making it available almost anywhere within the nation.

 No Purchase Necessary

Even with just the title ‘Free Play’, it’s clear that this feature marks a significant advantage for Sweepstakes casinos, in general, tend to be more generous with their free bonus offerings. One of the essential eligibility criteria for sweepstakes casinos is the provision of free play options, allowing players to win real-world prizes.

While traditional casinos occasionally offer no-deposit bonuses, this feature is a daily staple in the sweepstakes casino world. When we consider, it’s not particularly renowned for its no-deposit bonuses, making its sweepstakes counterpart,, a more appealing option for players seeking free play opportunities.

 Virtual Currencies

The utilization of a dual virtual currency (VC) system can prove advantageous for both the platform and its users. These VCs serve specific functions, and once players understand their value, they can enhance the gaming experience. For instance, Gold Coins on can be used to play games for free, similar to demo versions on, but with distinct differences.

Gold Coins can be used site-wide, acting as a stored resource similar to real money within the casino. While these coins don’t have real-world value, they contribute to account progression through various activities. Conversely, on, while demo games can be played, your progress is lost once you leave the game.

This dual system effectively creates two distinct modes within the casino: one non-profitable mode that uses Gold Coins for free play and progression and a potentially profitable mode with Sweepstakes Coins.

Our Thoughts

Both platforms stand out as premier offerings in their respective niches, a fact that’s well-known to those familiar with the brand. Honestly, if both casinos were accessible to US players, our preference would lean towards, primarily due to its broader game variety, number, and expanded range of suppliers. It’s not that 400 slots are inadequate, but games like “Crazy Time” and “Monopoly,” along with the live shows, add to the appeal. also features a dedicated slots library with Enhanced RTP slots, essentially popular slots with a boosted Return to Player rate. Granted, has a few years on its sibling and thus has naturally amassed more features. However, it’s reasonable to anticipate that successful elements from the crypto gambling site will gradually find their way to the sweepstakes version of the brand, as this is typically the progression within the industry.


In concluding our comparison between and, we’ve uncovered a host of distinguishing features that set each platform apart, while also identifying the unique strengths they bring to the online gaming sphere., with its distinctive focus on cryptocurrency transactions and sweepstakes model, presents an innovative approach to online gaming. Its accessibility and broad reach across the US territory give it an edge over its older sibling,, and many other online casinos in the US market. Furthermore, the platform’s commitment to providing daily free play opportunities enhances its appeal, particularly for users seeking a low-risk entry into the world of online casinos.

On the other hand,’s wider game variety and supplier range make it an attractive option, albeit one currently unavailable to US players. Its established presence and the range of offerings, including Enhanced RTP slots and popular live games, demonstrate its continued growth and potential for future expansion.

Overall, both platforms exemplify the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality, engaging gaming experiences tailored to their respective audiences.’s maturity and wider game variety contrast with’s focus on accessibility and free play, highlighting how each platform is uniquely positioned to meet the needs and preferences of different player demographics.

This comparison underscores the dynamic nature of the online gaming industry, where diversity and innovation are key drivers of success.