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Studying abroad is a great experience for students, and if you’re deciding where to go, Glasgow should be top of your list. Packed with plenty of attractions, and brimming with people from all backgrounds, you won’t be disappointed. 

Glasgow is known for being one of the country’s friendliest cities, so international students will feel right at home during their studies. 

World-renowned for higher education, Scotland has several globally recognised universities. So, students choosing Glasgow for university can enjoy a culturally diverse city with the education standards to match. 

While moving to a completely different country can feel like a big leap, our guide will share all you need to know about the city. From the best places to visit, to the top food you have to try, Glasgow will become your home away from home as soon as you arrive. 

Studying in Glasgow 

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Scotland is a great place to study, with a large number of universities to choose from that are well renowned for the high-quality education they offer. The city is a real melting pot of students from different countries and backgrounds – perfect for making friends!

Glasgow has a good mix of green spaces, historic landmarks and brilliant entertainment. You can enjoy sightseeing, shopping or visit an art gallery or museum in your spare time. 

So what’s it like to study in this beautiful city? Well, it’s got everything you could need; from amazing nightlife, if you want to dance the night away, to great cafes and restaurants if food is more your thing. With beautiful university campuses, there’s something for everyone to look forward to. 

As we mentioned above, Glasgow has many universities to choose from, so regardless of which one you plan to attend, the buildings and grounds are super impressive. The University of Strathclyde is architecturally striking, and the University of Glasgow might remind you of the buildings you can find in Harry Potter!

So how will your degree be delivered? You can enjoy a range of different teaching styles during your time here, including group sessions, and of course individual study time too. You might also have placements where you can put your knowledge into practice.  

A top teaching style in Scotland is lectures. Typically, classes will last one or two hours and will be taught by your professor. During lectures you’ll join lots of other students, ranging up to 300 students depending on the course you study. 

Of course, with university life, you can expect learning to be very different to the education you received in school or college. So, you’ll have lots of time to put towards independent study too. 

International students can attend any of the Glasgow universities, so if you need support with your uni or visa application, it’s best to get in touch to get the help you need. 

Things to do

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Travelling abroad for your studies is a great way to embrace a new culture and try different experiences on offer to what you have at home.

Glasgow has been noted as the art and culture centre of Scotland, with museums, art galleries and live music venues making the city a fantastic place to unleash your creativity.

With the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, history-steeped Cathedral and Riverside Museum, there are plenty of attractions in Glasgow. In addition, wider Scotland boasts world-famous attractions such as Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness, Ben Nevis and Arthur’s Seat, all waiting to be explored when you fancy venturing further afield. 

If you’re a music fan, you’ll be glad to know Glasgow is excellent for live gigs at many iconic venues such as the O2 Academy and The Barrowlands.

If comedy is your thing, the city is home to Glasgow International Comedy Festival, which is held annually in March – it’s great fun! 

Eating and drinking in Glasgow

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With a slogan that is ‘People Make Glasgow’, you’ll be in for plenty of socialising as you’ll make new friends from all walks of life. When it comes to eating and drinking, you can rest assured that you’ll be spoiled for choice in the city. 

The West End area is home to lots of quirky, independent cafes and bars such as Revolution, The Sanctuary and SWG3, with The Garage being a popular clubbing spot for students. 

For those days you don’t feel like cooking, you’ll find plenty of restaurants nearby to the university such as TGI Friday’s, Tiffney’s Steakhouse, Bank Street Bar Kitchen, Ashoka and MacTassos. 

If it’s nightlife you love, there’s lots to pick from. Glasgow has a lively nightclub scene full of hot spots for students. One of our top recommendations is Sauchiehall Street – you’ll always remember a night spent here!

Travelling around Glasgow

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With the option to take buses, the Glasgow subway, trains, taxis, cycle or walk around the city, it’s straightforward to get around. 

Students are eligible for travel discounts on specific coach and train services, so it is definitely worth looking. If you plan to use the bus to travel, First Bus is a convenient method, and they offer an Academic Year Ticket for £400. 

As we mentioned earlier, most uni campuses are right in the centre, so lectures will be a stress-free journey away. Bikes and walking is also welcomed across the city, if you’re conscious of your carbon footprint! 

It’s a good opportunity to explore the rest of the UK during your time here, so you can easily take the train across the country in your spare time. There are travel card options available too, check out The Trainline for the latest student deals.

If you’re a football lover, Glasgow is the home of the Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers. Rivalry has gone on between the teams for centuries making it an entertaining day out. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, it’ll be an experience to remember.

Glasgow is a charming place that makes for a fascinating home, thanks to its diversity and culture. Once you’ve settled in, trust us, you won’t want to leave!  

One of the companies providing student accommodation in Glasgow is, which offers fantastic facilities if you’re looking for somewhere to live. With unrivalled wellness amenities, grab and go breakfasts, and so much more, you’ll be set up for success in your degree and beyond.