It may seem easy to create videos to market the business or explain how clients can use your products. The main reason for this kind of thinking is because the videos are usually short. However, according to professionals in the industry like Spiel, there is a process to follow when creating explainer videos. Even though a video production firm has the essential tools and human resources, it still takes time to make a high-quality video.

There are several things that content creators need to consider in video marketing. For starters, the message the business is putting across should be clear and easily understandable to the audience. It is vital to showcase creativity in the production to appeal to the audience.

Besides you need to include an appealing voice over the graphics that narrates what is happening on the screen. Ensure there are special effects in the transition. The background music playing needs to relate to the message. Also, the characters need to be easily likable, and you can use objects that the audience can connect with.

Understand the Process


Studies show that videos are effective ways for marketers to appeal to online users. They are also essential in hospitals and banks as they aid in explaining complex services offered to individuals visiting their premises. On the other hand, explainer videos effectively ensure the user visiting your platform interacts with it more. The videos are also a way of making the audience aware of your services and products.

There are numerous benefits to using videos in digital marketing campaigns. As such. it is critical to learn about the different production process steps.

Allow me to expound.

1. Preparation


In every project, it is vital to prepare and plan for what you are going to do. Without preparing for the project, it is likely for the marketing department to miss the opportunity of attracting the type of customers you want. On the other hand, investing blindly is not viable as the business will probably not realize any returns. It is because the marketing campaign will not be objective. Think of ways to make video production affordable.

It is vital for the video developers and the person running the digital marketing campaign to analyze their audience and know what to include before starting the actual work.

2. The Script


The content to include in the video will rely on the script. Although the graphics and audio can appeal to potential customers, the script will play a significant role in converting the user into sales. There is little that an explainer video can achieve if it does not have a suitable script. It is vital to consider the phrases that are in the video carefully. Make it engaging and informative to the audience. They will be looking for solutions to particular needs in your line of work.

Most videos take between one to two minutes. This is limited time to relay all relevant information to the audience. As such, it is crucial to analyze every word you choose.

3. Brand Awareness


The best explainer video needs to be easily identifiable and relatable to your brand, which involves devising ways of making the brand visible throughout the video. The color you use should be the official colors for their brand. Also, it is common for video producers to include their client’s logo on the video strategically. However, for effective brand awareness, you need to consider the information you want to put across first as the strategies to use in different videos vary.

4. The Mockup Stage


In this stage, the video production company like The Rusty Cage will help the business mock-up the video to give a good indication of how the script and scenes will come together. It also involves a story board of the characters in the scenes with their script. Remember, the audience needs to relate to the characters and objects in the video.

Some styles to consider include; live-action videos, 3D animations, whiteboard animation, motion pictures, etc. Ensure the video production firm shows you previous work they have done to see the quality of work.

5. The Story


Content creators will use a storyboard to tell a story effectively. It involves having a logical and systematic way of putting the message across. Building a story will make the video easy to understand as the audience follows through. It includes capturing the right shots, the camera movement, and the transition from one scene to another. At this stage, the video developer incorporates creative and innovative ways of making the video entertaining. As the client, it is essential to work closely with the developers to ensure they capture the idea as intended.

6. Animation and Audio Recording


These are the last steps in creating explainer videos. It is the longest stage in the process as it takes skills to animate the characters. The quality of marketing tools that the business gets will depend on the animation and voice of the video. Consider having some background music to set the video’s mood depending on what the firm seeks to achieve with the explainer video. The type of music used for a product description is different from what to select when creating videos about customer satisfaction.

Professional video production companies will have personnel who can do voice-over the video. Select a tone that the audience can identify with your brand in the future. Avoid changing the tone in the future as the audience will be accustomed to the one the company uses in the first explainer videos. However, you can consider tweaking the aspects if you are redoing a promotional video.


There are numerous reasons why companies need to incorporate explainer videos in their marketing campaigns. Explainer videos have the power of appealing to potential clients and initiating a sale. With background information on the process of explainer video production, it is now easy for you to know what to expect when undertaking the initiative. It is a long-term investment with good returns, and you must integrate them into your business processes if success is what you strive for.